Changes in 1.1alpha5

	- License change only...  Added SPL Sun Public License agreement with
	dual licensing under the LGPL

Changes in bsh1.1alpha3

	- Added .field style properties access in addition to the {} style
	- Added anonymous inner class style allocation for interfaces
	- Class browser now reflects changes in class path

Changes in bsh1.1alpha2

	- Added namespace based name completion for console and classbrowser
		completes variables, classes, (coming... bsh methods)

	- Added import * capability to read full classpath.
	- Added overloading of bsh scripted methods
	- Added classpath extension and class reloading
		reloadClasses() reloadClasses(item)

	- improved the class browser - now has tree for packages and reflects
	the extended classpath , other improvements

	- Loose arguments in catch clauses now work.
	- deprecated getVariable/setVariable api.  Moving to get()/set()/eval();
	- internally removed BshVariable - it wasn't doing what it was historically
	intended for.  Replaced with a new bsh.system object which is shared
	across all interpreter instances
	- Added bsh.system.shutdownOnExit variable... set to false to prevent
	exit() command and desktop close from exiting the VM.
	- Loosened grammar to allow import statments in any block scope.
	e.g. you can now import within a bsh method and the import will be local
	to that method
	-Added javap() command...  accepts object, class, or string name and
	prints public fields, methods

	-Added -Doutfile=foo capture output to file (for Windows nightmare)
	- Cleaned up a lot of internal structure in NameSpace, etc.
	-Interpreter now implements ConsoleInterface

Changes in bsh-1.01

	- Modified parse exceptions to print more tersely...   
	Removed the "Was expecting one of..." text *except* when debug is on.
	- Fixed the for statement forinit scope bug.
	- Got rid of remaining deprecation (using Readers vs. InputStreams)
	- Fixed top level expression bug #111342
	- Fixed problems with compiling bsh under limited JDK verions (1.1, 1.2).
	  We now have factories insulating the core from all extended version
	  capabilities (e.g. proxy mechanism stuff, accessibility TBD)
	- Modified browseClass() command to accept string class name, 
		class instance, or arbitrary object 
	- Modified search for constructors to accomodate package and private
	- Added close button to class browser.

Changes in bsh-1.0

Not necessarily in order of importance