CVM Credential Definitions


Credentials may have one of two types:


All predefined credential numbers will have values betweehn 1 and 127 inclusive. All other credential numbers (from 128 to 255) are reserved for local or experimental use. Credentials may be given to the module in any order that is convenient to the client, and that order carries no significance. Unless otherwise specified, each fact must be present at most once in the input.

# Name Type Description
1 CVM_CRED_ACCOUNT string The account name. This fact is required by all modules.
2 CVM_CRED_DOMAIN string The (DNS) domain name that may be associated with the account.
3 CVM_CRED_PASSWORD string Plain text password.
4 CVM_CRED_SECRET string This fact contains a secret that is shared between the client and the module, required for authentication to succeed.
5 CVM_CRED_CHALLENGE string For challenge-response mechanisms (such as APOP or CRAM-MD5), the one-time challenge that was issued to the client.
6 CVM_CRED_RESPONSE string For challenge-response mechanisms, the response from the client.
7 CVM_CRED_RESPONSE_TYPE string For challenge-response mechanisms, the name of the type of mechanism that was used to generate the response. Examples: "APOP" or "CRAM-MD5"