Literki config file howto

layout_filename /etc/literki_layout.confPath to the keys layout for portrait mode.
landscape_layout_filename /etc/literki_layout2.confPath to the keys layout for landscape mode.
fonts_png_path /usr/share/literki/png/Path to the directory with png images for keys.
move_up_down 100Number of pixels by which you can move the keyboard up and down the screen
vib_time 50Vibration time in milliseconds
vib_power 100Vibration power [0,255]
window_width 440Width of the keyboard in portrait mode.
window_height 250Height of the keyboard in portrait mode.
slider_width 80Slider is the area where you start sliding your finger to bring up the keyboard.
slider_height 80
landscape_slider_width 80
landscape_slider_height 80
slider_dist 50Number of pixels by which you need to slide your finger.
background_color 0 0 0Background color in non-transparent mode.
logo_color 255 0 0Color of the top right logo (RGB).
key_color color 200 200 200Set of key colors for non-transparent mode.
trans_key_color color 0 255 0
color 255 0 0
color 0 0 255
Set of key colors for transparent mode.
font_path /usr/share/fonts/truetype/DejaVuSans-Bold.ttfFont used for the keys.
font_size 20Size of the font used for the keys.