HTML Parser Mailing Lists

HTMLParser Announcement mailing list (very low traffic)
Join this list if you are interested in new releases of HTML Parser. Notifications of releases will be put on this list.
Monitoring of intermediate releases is also possible by clicking on the envelope icon in the Notes / Monitor column of the Latest File Releases list on the project page.

HTMLParser Users mailing list
Join this list if you are using the HTMLParser library and need some help to get started or solve a problem. Feel free to post your questions here.

HTMLParser Developer mailing list
Join this list ONLY if you wish to monitor developer discussion about the htmlparser library. This list is intended for developer collaboration.

HTMLParser cvs commit mailing list
A syncmail script issues messages to this list whenever a CVS commit is performed to the /cvsroot/htmlparser repository. Subscribe to this list only if you want to be notified of code drops as they happen.