There is a (very) introductory tutorial to Seed, covering the creation of a small GTK+ WebKit browser, here.


There is a document covering at a broad level, how things in a namespace are mapped to Seed when importing, here.

Reference Manual

The C API, some of the modules, and a small (but expanding) portion of the runtime API is documented here.


Documentation on the Seed builtins and runtime is here.


Seed has a wide variety of examples in git. A partial index of some of the more useful examples is below:

Large Examples

Small Examples

Native Modules

Seed has several C extension modules, to bind libraries not available from GObject-introspection.

readline, sqlite, GtkBuilder, and sandbox

Documented in the main manual (html pdf)


A reimplementation of HTML5 canvas, with some Cairo integration. Documented here


A module similar (nearly identical) to python's os module. Not yet documented, python os module documentation is useful.


A module which allows usage of DBus. Not yet documented, but see the dbus-banshee or dbus-consolekit examples.


A module which allows basic usage of libxml. Not yet documented, or complete, however very similar to the libxml2 python module.