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19.1 Quasi-random number generator initialization

Function: gsl_qrng * gsl_qrng_alloc (const gsl_qrng_type * T, unsigned int d)

This function returns a pointer to a newly-created instance of a quasi-random sequence generator of type T and dimension d. If there is insufficient memory to create the generator then the function returns a null pointer and the error handler is invoked with an error code of GSL_ENOMEM.

Function: void gsl_qrng_free (gsl_qrng * q)

This function frees all the memory associated with the generator q.

Function: void gsl_qrng_init (gsl_qrng * q)

This function reinitializes the generator q to its starting point. Note that quasi-random sequences do not use a seed and always produce the same set of values.