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ganeti-instance-debootstrap 0.16-6 3.0 (quilt)

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fix sfdisk BLKRRPART.patch | (download) | 5 5 + 0 - 0 !
1 file changed, 5 insertions(+)

 skip newer sfdisk's check using the blkrrpart ioctl
 Newer sfdisk versions (>= 2.26) issue a BLKRRPART ioctl to check if a device
 is in use prior to partitioning it. However, the BLKRRPART ioctl may fail for
 a number of other reasons, including when a device is allocated as
 non-partitionable using alloc_disk(1). Since DRBD and LVM devices are
 allocated as non-partionable, sfdisk will always think they're busy and fail.
 Since we're dealing with DRBD and LVM devices mostly, we need to work our way
 around this and pass `--no-reread` if sfdisk supports it.