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gnome-bluetooth 3.28.2-4~deb10u1 3.0 (quilt)

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client Disconnect all signal handlers when client is disp.patch | (download)

lib/bluetooth-client.c | 16 8 + 8 - 0 !
1 file changed, 8 insertions(+), 8 deletions(-)

 client: disconnect all signal handlers when client is disposed

I've encountered an intermittent GNOME Shell crash when needrestart[1]
is allowed to restart system services that are using outdated shared
libraries, which sometimes includes BlueZ. The crash seems to involve
signals being delivered to a freed BluetoothClient, which can be avoided
by using g_signal_connect_object(). I haven't encountered the crash
since applying this change, although since it was always intermittent
I cannot be sure that it is fully solved.

This might be caused by using the Bluetooth Quick Connect shell
extension[2], which will create and destroy a BluetoothClient when the
extension is loaded and unloaded, which will in turn happen when the
screen is locked (due to extensions being disabled in the lock screen).


Signed-off-by: Simon McVittie <>