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tilix 1.8.9-1 3.0 (quilt)

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01_move vte config warning.patch | (download)

source/gx/tilix/application.d | 25 22 + 3 - 0 !
source/gx/tilix/terminal/terminal.d | 4 2 + 2 - 0 !
2 files changed, 24 insertions(+), 5 deletions(-)

 [patch] only show vte config warning dialog when opening preferences

Since Tilix is the default terminal emulator on a couple of
Debian derivatives, throwing a warning message into the user's face is not a
great initial experience.
So, those distributions would disable the warning message, which is also
not great, because it hides an issue.

This patch implements a middle-ground by only showing the configuration
error when the user opens the preferences dialog.

Background is that issue
still remains unfixed in Debian, giving VTE (which Tilix is based on) no easy way
to source it's shell script snippet by default, which causes the warning in Tilix.
Other terminal emulators like GNOME Terminal work around that via a Debian-specific
patch, something Tilix upstream wants to avoid.

This patch makes the warning message nag less (we as distributors are aware of the issue)
while not hiding it completely, as a temporary measure until issue #675008 is fixed.
This patch should be dropped as soon as that issue is resolved in some way.