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aspell 0.60.2%2B20050121-2
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  • in suites: sarge
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  • ctags: 4,781
  • sloc: cpp: 22,068; sh: 9,197; perl: 1,541; ansic: 1,530; makefile: 672; sed: 16
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-,=Z6F@CWHR#7?[5%)$!1F1x/a#<8`$(4%9$_/KQ 1rZ9R0d&.('E8a33Ng.*')+>]!v(&/Of #* ? W ,t 
   % #!5!T!*l! !!!/!/"<"X"v"""%"""#+ #L#+\##### #,$0-$-^$0$1$,$%&&E&v1'F'P'O@(
(((((@(9)7R)@)")1)$ *%E*k**'****2*+2+N+
U+`+q+&+++B+-,<K,,,,,@,<$-1a-$-.---,.A2.=t.A.A.@6/?w/V/!0;006l0(0(0&0516R101h1)#2=M2 2"2"242'3!G3i3,3O3R48V4 4k45'85`53v5525853.6b66@6@6"7'7@7\7)n7 777>7**84U8188*8#9.%9+T99-9 969 :9:V:#k::::/:4:0;K;7g;	;;';.;+<$I<n<'<&<<<7=5F=|===%=!=">/6>f>E>>0>?*?H?
e?0s?C?7?@ @<a@7@4@#l	CAQ1MJyrnFxeXN_G~@>$ZH?d;Euf^PkK0=2&.a4*Vh)"spbt!UW[
ic\D(Y%+}8]L'-ISv,w{RT`:|g5O/6mq<9oz7B3  does not take any parameters."%mode:1" error"%mode:1" error while extend Aspell modes. (out of memory?)"%mode:1": Magic "%magic:2": bad regular expression after location specifier; regexp reports: "%regerr:3"."%mode:1": no magic expression available for magic "%magic:2"."%mode:1": no range for magic search given for magic "%magic:2"."%mode:1": no start for magic search given for magic "%magic:2".%file:1:AbortAddAdd LowerAffix '%aff:1' is corrupt.Affix flags found in word but no affix file given.Aspell version does not match filter's requirement.Aspell version does not match mode's requirement.Can't merge a master word list yet. Sorry.Confused by version control.Could not open the file "%s" for readingDoes not contain any alphabetic characters.Empty extension at char %char:1.Empty option specifier.Empty string.Error setting filter description.Error: Error: %s
ExitExpected language "%lang:1" but got "%prev:2".Expecting "%modekey:1" key.Filter option already exists.IgnoreIgnore allInvalid InputInvalid Option: %sInvalid UTF-8 sequence at position %d.Invalid keymapping: %sMissing magic mode expression.No word lists can be found for the language "%lang:1".Operation Not Supported: %what:1Option "%option:1" possibly specified prior to filter.Option modifier unknown.Possibly incorrect count.ReplaceReplace allSorry "create/merge personal" is currently unimplemented.
Sorry "create/merge repl" is currently unimplemented.
Sorry "filter" is currently unimplemented.
Sorry I won't overwrite "%s"Sorry that is an invalid choice!Suggestion Time: %f
TeX commandsThe Unicode code point U+%04X is unsupported.The affix flag '%aff:1' can not be applied to word "%word:2".The affix flag '%aff:1' is invalid for word "%word:2".The character '%s' (U+%02X) may not appear at the beginning of a word.The character '%s' (U+%02X) may not appear at the end of a word.The character '%s' (U+%02X) may not appear in the middle of a word.The character '%s' (U+%02X) must be followed by an alphabetic character.The condition "%cond:1" does not guarantee that "%strip:2" can always be stripped.The condition "%cond:1" is invalid.The conversion from "%encod:1" to "%encod2:2" is not supported.The directory "%dir:1" can not be opened for reading.The encoding "%encod:1" is not known.The encoding "%encod:1" is not supported.The file "%file:1" can not be openedThe file "%file:1" can not be opened for reading.The file "%file:1" can not be opened for writing.The file "%file:1" is not in the proper format.The file "%file:1" is not in the proper format. Expected the file to be in "%exp:2" not "%got:3".The file name "%file:1" is invalid.The key "%key:1" is not %accepted:2 and is thus invalid.The key "%key:1" is unknown.The language "%lang:1" is not known.The language "%lang:1" is not supported.The method "%what:1" is unimplemented in "%where:2".The required field "name" is missing.The soundslike "%sl:2" is not known.The string "%str:1" is invalid.The total length is larger than 240 characters.The total word length, with soundslike data, is larger than 240 characters.The value "%value:2" is not %accepted:3 and is thus invalid for the key "%key:1".The value for option "%key:1" can not be changed.The word "%word:1" is invalid.This could also mean that the file "%s" could not be opened for reading or does not exist.This is probably because: Time to load word list: Unhandled Error: Unicode normalization form: none, nfd, nfc, compUnknown Action: %sUnknown mode description key "%key:1".Use option modifiers only within named option.Version specifier missing key: "aspell".Warning: %s Skipping string.
Warning: %s Skipping word.
Warning: Removing inapplicable affix '%s' from word %s.
Warning: Removing invalid affix '%s' from word %s.
With: Wrong endian order.Wrong soundslike version.Wrong soundslike.You must specify a file name.You must specify an actiona number between 0 and 1add or removes a filterattempts to clean words so that they are validavoid lossy conversions when normalizationbase name of the main dictionary to usecharacters to insert when a word is splitcheck TeX commentscheck if affix flags are validcheck if words are validconsider run-together words legalcreate a backup file by appending ".bak"create dictionary aliasescreate missing root/affix combinationsdeprecated, use lang insteadedit distance to use, override sug-mode defaultemail quote charactersenable Unicode normalizationenable warningsencoding to expect data to be inenter Email mode.enter TeX mode.extra dictionaries to useextra information for the word listignore commands to store replacement pairsignore words <= n charsin the form "<name> <value>"keyboard definition to use for typo analysislanguage codelocation for personal fileslocation of language data fileslocation of local language data fileslocation of main configuration filelocation of the main word listmain configuration filemaximum number that can be strung togetherminimal length of interior wordsno longer usednot a version numbernum chars that can appear before the quote charpartially expand affixes for better suggestionspersonal configuration filepersonal dictionary file nameprefix directoryremove invalid affix flagsreplacements list file namereverse the order of the suggest listsave replacement pairs on save allsearch order for modulessearch path for word list information filesset module nameset the prefix based on executable locationsize of the word listskip invalid wordssuggest possible replacementssuggestion modeswaps visible and invisible texttime load time and suggest time in pipe modeuse affix compression when creating dictionariesuse byte offsets instead of character offsetsuse personal, replacement & session dictionariesuse replacement tables, override sug-mode defaultuse typo analysis, override sug-mode defaultProject-Id-Version: aspell 0.60-b20040608
POT-Creation-Date: 2005-01-21 19:14-0700
PO-Revision-Date: 2004-06-17 12:00-0500
Last-Translator: Laurentiu Buzdugan <>
Language-Team: Romanian <>
MIME-Version: 1.0
Content-Type: text/plain; charset=ISO-8859-2
Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit
Plural-Forms: nplurals=2; plural=(n != 1);
 nu ia nici un parametru.eroare "%mode:1"Eroare "%mode:1" la extinderea opiunilor Aspell. (nu mai e memorie?)"%mode:1": Magic "%magic:2": expresie regular greit dup specificatorul de locaie; regexp raporteaz: "%regerr:3"."%mode:1": nici o expresie magic disponibil pentru magic "%magic:2"."%mode:1": nici un interval pentru cutarea magic dat pentru magic "%magic:2"."%mode:1": nici un nceput pentru cutarea magic dat pentru magic "%magic:2".%fiier:1:RenunAdaugAdaug mai josAffix-ul '%aff:1' este coruptMarcaje affix gsie n cuvnt dar nici un fiier de affix-e dat.Versiunea Aspell nu se potrivete cu cerinele filtrului.Versiunea Aspell nu se potrivete cu cerinele nu pot combina o list de cuvinte principal. mi pare ru.Confuzat de controlul versiunilor.Nu am putut deschide fiierul "%s" pentru citire.Nu conine nici o liter din alfabetExtensie goal la caracterul %char:1.Opiune specificator de caractere gol.Eroare la setarea descrierii filtrului.Eroare: Eroare: %s
TerminLimba ateptat "%lang:1" dat am primit "%prev:2".Ateptam cheia "%modekey:1".Opiunea fitru exist deja.IgnorIgnor totIntrare InvalidOpiune Invalid: %sSecven UTF-8 invalid la poziia %d.Mapare tastatur invalid: %sLipsete expresia de mod magicNu poate fi gsit nici o list de cuvinte pentru limba "%lang:1".Operaie Nesuportat: %what:1Opiunea "%option:1" probabil specificat nainte de filtru.Modificator opiune necunoscut.Mumrtoare posibil incorect.nlocuietenlocuiete totmi pare ru, "create/merge personal" nu este nc implementat.
mi pare ru, "create/merge repl" nu este nc implementat.
mi pare ru, "filter" nu este nc implementat.
mi pare ru, nu pot suprascrie "%s"mi pare ru, aceasta este o alegere invalid!Timp sugerat: %f
Comenzi TeXCodul Unicode punct U+%04X nu este suportat.Marcajul affix '%aff:1' nu poate fi aplicat cuvntului "%word:2".Marcaju affix %aff:1' este invalid pentru cuvntul "%word:2".Caracterul '%s' (U+%02X) nu poate apare la nceputul unui cuvnt.Caracterul '%s' (U+%02X) nu poate apare la sfritul unui cuvnt.Caracterul '%s' (U+%02X) nu poate apare la mijlocul unui cuvnt.Caracterul '%s' (U+%02X) trebuie urmat de o liter din alfabet.Condiia "%cond:1" nu garanteaz c "%strip:2" poate fi ntotdeauna redus (stripped).Condiia "%cond:1" este invalid.Conversia de la "%encod:1" la "%encod2:2" nu este suportat.Directorul "%dir:1" nu poate fi deschis pentru citire.Encoding-ul "%encod:1" nu este cunoscut.Encoding-ul "%encod:1" nu este suportat.Fiierul "%file:1" nu poate fi deschisFiierul "%file:1" nu poate fi deschis pentru citire.Fiierul "%file:1" nu poate fi deschis pentru scriere.Fiierul "%file:1" nu este n formatul potrivit.Fiierul "%file:1" nu este n formatul potrivit. Ateptam ca fiierul s fie n "%exp:2" nu n "%got:3".Numele fiierului "%file:1" este invalid.Cheia "%key:1" nu este %accepted:2 i de aceea este invalid.Cheia "%key:1" este necunoscut.Limba "%lang:1" nu este cunoscut.Limba "%lang:1" nu este suportat.Metoda "%what:1" nu este implementat n "%where:2".Cmpul necesar "name" lipsete.Sun-ca "%sl:2" nu este cunoscut.irul "%str:1" este invalid.Lungimea total e mai mare de 240 caractere.Lungimea total a cuvntului, cu datele "sun ca", e mai mare de 240 caractere.Valoarea "%value:2" nu este %accepted:3 i de aceea este invalid pentru "%key:1".Valoarea pentru opiunea "%key:1" nu poate fi schimbat.Cuvntul "%word:1" este invalid.Aceasta ar putea de asemenea nsemna c fiierul "%s" nu a putut fi deschis pentru citire sau c nu exist.Aceasta probabil deoarece: Timp de ncrcare a listei de cuvinte: Eroare neprelucrat: Tipuri de normalizare Unicode: none, nfd, nfc, compAciune necunoscut: %sCheie de descriere a modului necunoscut "%key:1".Folosete modificatori opiune numai n opiunea numit.Specificator de versiune cu cheie lips : "aspell".Avertisment: %s Sr peste ir.
Avertisment: %s sare cuvnt.
Avertisment: ndeprtez affix-ul incorect '%s' din cuvntul %s.
Avertisment: ndeprtez affix-ul incorect '%s' din cuvntul %s.
Cu: Ordine endian- greit.Versiune "Sun ca" greit."Sun ca" greit.Trebuie s specificai un nume de fiier.Trebuie s specificai o aciuneun numr ntre 0 i 1adaug sau terge un filtruncarc s curee cuvintele astfel nct acestea s fie valideevit conversii cu pierderi la normalizarenumele de baz al dicionarului principal de folositliterele de inserat cnd un cuvnt este despritverific comentariile TeXverific dac marcajele affix sunt valide verific dac cuvintele sunt valideconsider cuvintele puse ntr-un cuvnt legalecreaz un fiier de rezerv adugnd ".bak"creaz director alias-uricreaz combinaiile rdcin/affix ce lipsescdepsit, folosii lang n schimbediteaz distana de folosit, ignor sug-mode implicitcaracter citare n emailpermite normalizarea Unicodepermite avertismenteencoding n care se ateapt dateleintr mod Email.intr mod TeX.extra dicionare de folositinformaie suplimentar pentru lista de cuvinteignor comenzi de pstrare a perechilor de nlocuiriignor cuvinte <= n literen forma "<nume> <valoare>"definiia tastaturii de folosit pentru analiza tastriicod limblocaia fiierelor personalelocaia fiierelor de date pentru limbilocaia fiierelor locale de date pentru limbilocaia fiierului principal de configurarelocaia listei de cuvinte principalfiier principal de configurarenumr maxim care pot fi legate mpreunlungime minim a cuvintelor interioarenu mai este folositnu este un numr de versiunenum caractere ce pot apare nainte de caracterul citareexpandeaz parial affix-ele pentru sugestii mai bunefiiere de configurare personalnume fiier dicionar personaldirector prefixndeprteaz marcajele affix invalidenume fiier cu lista de nlocuirischimb ordinea listei de sugestiisalveaz perechile de nlocuiri la salveaz totaaut ordinea pentru modulecale cutare pentru fisierele cu informaii despre listele de cuvinteseteaz nume modulseteaz prefixul bazat pe locaia executabiluluidimensiunea listei de cuvintesri peste cuvintele invalidesugereaz nlocuiri posibilemod suggestieschimb ntre ele textele vizibile i invizibilecronometreaz timpul de ncrcare i sugereaz timpul n modul pipefolosete compresia affix-elor la crearea dicionarelorFolosete offset-uri n octei n loc de offset-uri n caracterefolosete dicionarele personale, de nlocuire i de sesiunefolosete tabele de nlocuiri, ignor sug-mode implicitfolosete analiza tastrii, ignor sug-mode implicit