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aspell 0.60.4-4
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  • in suites: etch, etch-m68k
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  • ctags: 4,802
  • sloc: cpp: 22,118; sh: 19,082; perl: 1,541; ansic: 1,535; makefile: 682; sed: 16
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'$'C'H'g'{'!''6' (6((_(x(((((((:(60)+g)) ))),) *-?*=m*6*F*@)+Cj+H++R,#,?,5>-%t-)-$-1-1./M.a}.2.#/&6/J]/W/J08K0"00!0#0
1$*1(O1"x141&1%1%2$C2h2/2K2Q31V33Z344640H4/y44&44!4.5(M5(v5558536F6M6a6{66&666"67,7?7^7.v7*7'77)8*8=8\80u8!8(8(89&49[9x9/9999: ":C:U:f:x:1::#:&:';+G;)s;2;1;<"<71<i<*<<<<<&=.=,N=/{=
====%=# >D>c>*{> >2> >!?3=?%q?#?,?/?)@B@/^@@@/@1@/A DAeAAAAA%A"
N N)N%AN;gN)N=N:OFOOyQ	Q>Q(Q	Q	R	R	R	&R	0R	:R	DR6NRIRR RR"S$9S^SySSS+S	SS#SFSBTAHT*T T%T#T U%U5UMUaU&wUU#UU"U	VV.VFV5`V$VBV VW	8WBWQW%WW#}W?W;W0X3NX)X&XX+X0Y.=YGlYFY9Y=5Z8sZ<ZkZFU[&[>[;\>\)]\'\7\9\*!]eL](]&]+^R.^_^R^C4_*x_#_&_(_!` 9` Z`"{`0`&`,`&#a+Ja$va7aMaV!b.xb"bdb/c'Icqc/c,cc!cd6d>Vd.d3d'd# e8De:}ee'eef+!f3Mfff-fff%g)&g%Pg0vggg&gg+h >h/_h,h*h*h#i26i*iii,ii"ij/j%Bjhjjjj7jk.k"Lk#ok'k%k1k8lLl.Xl;l1ll)m5mLPm
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  %s filter: %s

# Filter: %s
#   %s
# configured as follows:

Aspell %s.  Copyright 2000-2004 by Kevin Atkinson.

    converts from one encoding to another    dumps, creates or merges a master, personal, or replacement dictionary.    lists available dictionaries / filters / filter modes    perform Unicode normalization    reduce the size of a word list via affix compression  -?|usage         display a brief usage message  -a|pipe          "ispell -a" compatibility mode  -c|check <file>  to check a file  -v|version       prints a version line  <norm-form>      normalization form to use, either none, internal, or strict  [dump] config    dumps the current configuration to stdout  [dump] dicts | filters | modes  clean [strict]   cleans a word list so that every line is a valid word  config <key>     prints the current value of an option  conv <from> <to> [<norm-form>]  dump|create|merge master|personal|repl [<name>]  expand [1-4]     expands affix flags  help             display a detailed help message  list             produce a list of misspelled words from standard input  munch            generate possible root words and affixes  munch-list [simple] [single|multi] [keep]
  norm (<norm-map> | <from> <norm-map> <to>) [<norm-form>]  soundslike       returns the sounds like equivalent for each word entered does not take any parameters."%expression:1" is not a valid regular expression."%mode:1" error"%mode:1" error while extend Aspell modes. (out of memory?)"%mode:1": Magic "%magic:2": bad regular expression after location specifier; regexp reports: "%regerr:3"."%mode:1": no magic expression available for magic "%magic:2"."%mode:1": no range for magic search given for magic "%magic:2"."%mode:1": no start for magic search given for magic "%magic:2"."%s" is not a valid flag for the "munch-list" command.# default: %file:1:<command> is one of:ASPELL_CONF env varAbortAbort This OperationAccept ChangesAddAdd LowerAffix '%aff:1' is corrupt.Affix flags found in word but no affix file given.Are you sure you want to abort (y/n)? Aspell version does not match filter's requirement.Aspell version does not match mode's requirement.Available Dictionaries:
    Dictionaries can be selected directly via the "-d" or "master"
    option.  They can also be selected indirectly via the "lang",
    "variety", and "size" options.
Available Filter Modes:
    Filter Modes are reconfigured combinations of filters optimized for
    files of a specific type. A mode is selected via the "mode" option.
    This will happen implicitly if Aspell is able to identify the file
    type from the extension, and possibility the contents, of the file.
Available Filters (and associated options):
    Filters can be added or removed via the "filter" option.
BackspaceCan't merge a master word list yet. Sorry.Confused by version control.Control-AControl-BControl-CControl-DControl-EControl-FControl-HControl-KCould not open the file "%s" for readingCould not open the file "%s" for writing. File not saved.DeleteDelete the next characterDelete the previous characterDoes not contain any alphabetic characters.Empty extension at char %char:1.Empty option specifier.Empty string.EndEnterError setting filter description.Error: Error: %s
Error: Stdin not a terminal.Error: You must specify at least %d parameters for "%s".
ExitExpected language "%lang:1" but got "%prev:2".Expecting "%modekey:1" key.Filter option already exists.HTML attributes to always checkHTML tags to always skip the contents ofHomeIgnoreIgnore allInvalid InputInvalid Option: %sInvalid UTF-8 sequence at position %d.Invalid keymapping: %sKill all characters to the EOLLeftMissing magic mode expression.Move Back one spaceMove Forward one spaceMove to the beginning of the lineMove to the end of the lineNo word lists can be found for the language "%lang:1".Operation Not Supported: %what:1Option "%option:1" possibly specified prior to filter.Option modifier unknown.Possibly incorrect count.ReplaceReplace allRightSGML attributes to always checkSGML tags to always skip the contents ofSorry "create/merge personal" is currently unimplemented.
Sorry "create/merge repl" is currently unimplemented.
Sorry "filter" is currently unimplemented.
Sorry I won't overwrite "%s"Sorry that is an invalid choice!Suggestion Time: %f
TeX commandsTexinfo commands to ignore the parameters ofTexinfo environments to ignoreThe Unicode code point U+%04X is unsupported.The affix flag '%aff:1' can not be applied to word "%word:2".The affix flag '%aff:1' is invalid for word "%word:2".The character '%s' (U+%02X) may not appear at the beginning of a word.The character '%s' (U+%02X) may not appear at the end of a word.The character '%s' (U+%02X) may not appear in the middle of a word.The character '%s' (U+%02X) must be followed by an alphabetic character.The character '\r' (U+0D) may not appear at the end of a word. This probably means means that the file is using MS-DOS EOL instead of Unix EOL.The condition "%cond:1" does not guarantee that "%strip:2" can always be stripped.The condition "%cond:1" is invalid.The conversion from "%encod:1" to "%encod2:2" is not supported.The directory "%dir:1" can not be opened for reading.The encoding "%encod:1" is not known.The encoding "%encod:1" is not supported.The file "%file:1" can not be openedThe file "%file:1" can not be opened for reading.The file "%file:1" can not be opened for writing.The file "%file:1" is not in the proper format.The file "%file:1" is not in the proper format. Expected the file to be in "%exp:2" not "%got:3".The file "%filter:1" does not contain any filters.The file name "%file:1" is invalid.The filter "%filter:1" does not exist.The key "%key:1" does not take any parameters when prefixed by a "clear-".The key "%key:1" does not take any parameters when prefixed by a "dont-" or "disable-".The key "%key:1" does not take any parameters when prefixed by a "reset-".The key "%key:1" is not %accepted:2 and is thus invalid.The key "%key:1" is not a boolean.The key "%key:1" is not a list.The key "%key:1" is not a string.The key "%key:1" is not an integer.The key "%key:1" is unknown.The language "%lang:1" is not known.The language "%lang:1" is not supported.The main word list is unavailable.The method "%what:1" is unimplemented in "%where:2".The personal word list is unavailable.The required field "name" is missing.The session word list is unavailable.The soundslike "%sl:2" is not known.The string "%str:1" is invalid.The total length is larger than 240 characters.The total word length, with soundslike data, is larger than 240 characters.The value "%value:2" is not %accepted:3 and is thus invalid for the key "%key:1".The value for option "%key:1" can not be changed.The word "%word:1" is invalid.This could also mean that the file "%s" could not be opened for reading or does not exist.This is probably because: Time to load word list: Unhandled Error: Unicode normalization form: none, nfd, nfc, compUnicode normalization required for current langUnknown Action: %sUnknown mode description key "%key:1".Unknown mode: "%mode:1".Usage: aspell [options] <command>Use option modifiers only within named option.Version specifier missing key: "aspell".WARNING: Unable to enter Nroff mode: %s
Warning: %s Skipping string.
Warning: %s Skipping word.
Warning: Removing inapplicable affix '%s' from word %s.
Warning: Removing invalid affix '%s' from word %s.
With: Wrong endian order.Wrong soundslike version.Wrong soundslike.You must specify a file name.You must specify a parameter for "%s".You must specify an actionYy[options] is any of the following:a number between 0 and 1a positive integera string of 'o','O','p',or 'P'add or removes a filterattempts to clean words so that they are validavoid lossy conversions when normalizationbase name of the main dictionary to usebooleancharacters to insert when a word is splitcheck TeX commentscheck if affix flags are validcheck if words are validcompute soundslike on demand rather than storingconsider run-together words legalcontext delimiters (separated by spaces)create a backup file by appending ".bak"create dictionary aliasescreate missing root/affix combinationsdeprecated, use lang insteaddlopen returned "%return:1".edit distance to use, override sug-mode defaulteither "true" or "false"email quote charactersenable Unicode normalizationenable warningsencoding to expect data to be inenter Email mode.enter HTML mode.enter Nroff mode.enter TeX mode.experimental filter for hiding delimited contextsextra dictionaries to useextra information for the word listfilter for dealing with HTML documentsfilter for dealing with Nroff documentsfilter for dealing with TeX/LaTeX documentsfilter for dealing with Texinfo documentsfilter for dealing with generic SGML/XML documentsfilter for skipping quoted text in email messagesfilter modefilter to skip URL like constructsignore accents when checking words -- CURRENTLY IGNOREDignore case when checking wordsignore commands to store replacement pairsignore words <= n charsin the form "<name> <value>"indicator for affix flags in word lists -- CURRENTLY IGNOREDintegeris not one of the allowed typeskeyboard definition to use for typo analysiskeymapping for check mode: "aspell" or "ispell"language codelistlocation for personal fileslocation of language data fileslocation of local language data fileslocation of main configuration filelocation of the main word listmain configuration filemaximum number that can be strung togetherminimal length of interior wordsmode for checking C++ comments and string literalsmode for checking HTML documentsmode for checking Nroff documentsmode for checking Perl comments and string literalsmode for checking TeX/LaTeX documentsmode for checking Texinfo documentsmode for checking generic SGML/XML documentsmode for skipping quoted text in email messagesmode to check any lines starting with a #mode to disable all filtersmode to skip URL like constructs (default mode)no longer usednot a version numbernum chars that can appear before the quote charone of ultra, fast, normal, slow, or bad-spellerspartially expand affixes for better suggestionspath(s) aspell looks for filterspersonal configuration filepersonal dictionary file nameprefix directoryremove invalid affix flagsreplacements list file namereverse the order of the suggest listsave replacement pairs on save allsearch order for modulessearch path for word list information filesset module nameset the prefix based on executable locationsize of the word listskip invalid wordsstringsuggest possible replacementssuggestion modeswaps visible and invisible texttime load time and suggest time in pipe modeuse affix compression when creating dictionariesuse byte offsets instead of character offsetsuse personal, replacement & session dictionariesuse replacement tables, override sug-mode defaultuse typo analysis, override sug-mode defaultProject-Id-Version: aspell 0.60.3
POT-Creation-Date: 2005-10-19 02:25-0600
PO-Revision-Date: 2005-06-28 06:24-0500
Last-Translator: Kevin Patrick Scannell <scannell@SLU.EDU>
Language-Team: Irish <>
MIME-Version: 1.0
Content-Type: text/plain; charset=ISO-8859-1
Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit
Plural-Forms: nplurals=4; plural=n==1 ? 0 : (n>1 && n<7) ? 1 : (n>6 && n <11) ? 2 : 3;

  %s filter: %s

# Scagaire: %s
#   %s
# cumraithe mar leanas:

Aspell %s.  Copyright 2000-2004 le Kevin Atkinson.

    tiontaigh  ionchd go ceann eile    dumpil, cruthaigh, n cumaisc foclir mistir, pearsanta, n athfhocal.    taispein foclir / scagair / mid at ar fil    dan normal Unicode    laghdaigh liosta focal tr chomhbhr foircinn  -?|usage         taispein achoimre den sid  -a|pipe          md comhoirinachta "ispell -a"  -c|check <comhad> seiceil comhad  -v|version       taispein eolas faoin leagan  <foirm-norm>      foirm normalaithe le hsid, none, internal, n strict  [dump] config    taispein an chumraocht reatha go stdout  [dump] dicts | filters | modes  clean [strict]   deimhnigh go bhfuil gach focal i liosta bail  config <eochair> taispein an luach de rogha  conv <> <chuig>  [<foirm-norm>]  dump|create|merge master|personal|repl [<ainm>]  expand [1-4]     leathnaigh bratacha foircinn  help             taispein mioneolas maidir leis an sid  list             taispein focail mhlitrithe n ionchur caighdenach  munch            gin framhfhocail agus foircinn barlacha  munch-list [simple] [single|multi] [keep]
  norm (<mapil> | <> <mapil> <chuig>) [<foirm-norm>]  soundslike       aisfhill leagan `soundslike' do gach focal iontrilte -- n ghlactar aon "%expression:1" ina slonn ionadaochta bhail.Earrid "%mode:1"Earrid "%mode:1" mid Aspell  bhfad. (cuimhne dithe?)"%mode:1": Draocht "%magic:2": slonn ionadaochta neamhbhail i ndiaidh sonraitheoir sumh; teachtaireacht n regexp: "%regerr:3"."%mode:1": nl aon fhil ar slonn draochta le draocht "%magic:2"."%mode:1": nl aon raon don chuardach draochta le draocht "%magic:2"."%mode:1": nl aon tosach ar cuardach draochta le draocht "%magic:2".n bail  "%s" mar bhratach le haghaidh "munch-list".# ramhshocr: %file:1:t <ord> ceann de:ASPELL_CONF athrg thimpTobscoirTobscoir an Oibrocht SeoGlac le hathruitheCoinnighCoinnigh le litir bheagT an foirceann '%aff:1' truaillithe.T bratacha foircinn ann, ach nl aon chomhad foircinn ann.Ar mhaith leat an clr a thobscor (y/n)? Nl an leagan Aspell comhoirinach le riachtanas an scagaire.Nl an leagan Aspell comhoirinach le riachtanas an mhid.Foclir le fil:
    Is fidir foclir a roghn go dreach leis an rogha "-d" n "master"
    Is fidir iad a roghn fosta leis na roghanna "lang", "variety",
    agus "size".
Mid Scagtha le fil:
    Is iad seo cnuasaigh athchumraithe de scagair at optamaithe le haghaidh
    comhaid ar leith.  Roghnaigh mid leis an rogha "mode".
    Roghnaonn Aspell an md go huathoibroch ms fidir an comhad a aithint
    na shnten n (b'fhidir) na bhar.
Scagair le fil (agus roghanna gaolmhara):
    Is fidir scagair a chur isteach n baint amach leis an rogha "filter".
BackspaceT brn orm; n fidir mistirliosta focal a chumasc go fill.Trna chile roimh rialachn leaganacha.Control-AControl-BControl-CControl-DControl-EControl-FControl-HControl-KNorbh fhidir an comhad "%s" a oscailt chun  a lamhNorbh fhidir an comhad "%s" a oscailt chun  a scrobh.  N shbhladh.DeleteScrios an carachtar seo chugainnScrios an carachtar roimhe seoNl aon charachtar aibtreach ann.Snten folamh ag carachtar %char:1.Sonraitheoir rogha folamh.Teaghrn folamh.EndEnterEarrid agus an cur sos scagaire  shocr.Earrid: Earrid: %s
Earrid: nl stdin ina theirminal.Earrid: Caithfidh t %d paraimadar a thabhairt do "%s" ar a laghad.
ScoirBhothas ag sil leis an teanga "%lang:1" ach fuarthas "%prev:2".Bhothas ag sil le heochair "%modekey:1".T an rogha scagaire ann cheana.aitreabid HTML le seiceil i gcnaclibeanna HTML le scipeil i gcnaHomeDan neamhshuimDan neamhshuim ar gachIonchur NeamhbhailRogha Neamhbhail: %sSraith UTF-8 neamhbhail san ionad %d.Eochairmhapil neamhbhail: %sScrios gach carachtar go dt an EOLLeftSlonn mhid draochta ar iarraidh.Claigh aon spsAr aghaidh aon spsTigh go tosach na lneTigh go deireadh na lneNl aon liosta focal le haghaidh na teanga "%lang:1".Nl an t-oibri seo ar fil: %what:1Is fidir go bhfuil an rogha "%option:1" tugtha roimh an scagaire.Bunathraitheoir rogha anaithnid.B'fhidir lon mcheart.IonadaighIonadaigh gachRightaitreabid SGML le seiceil i gcnaclibeanna SGML le scipeil i gcnaT brn orm; nl "create/merge personal" ar fil faoi lthair.
T brn orm; nl "create/merge repl" ar fil faoi lthair.
T brn orm; nl "filter" ar fil faoi lthair.
T brn orm; n fidir an comhad "%s" a fhorscrobhT brn orm; is neamhbhail an rogha sin!Fad ama chun na molta a ghineadh: %f
orduithe TeXDan neamhaird de na horduithe Texinfo seo:Dan neamhaird de na timpeallachta Texinfo seo:N ghlactar leis an gcarachtar Unicode U+%04X.N fidir an bratach fhoircinn '%aff:1' a chur i bhfeidhm ar "%word:2".T an bratach fhoircinn '%aff:1' neamhbhail leis an fhocal "%word:2".N cheadatear an carachtar '%s' (U+%02X) ar dts focail.N cheadatear an carachtar '%s' (U+%02X) ag deireadh focail.N cheadatear an carachtar '%s' (U+%02X) sa lr focail.N folir carachtar aibtreach a chur tar is '%s' (U+%02X).N cheadatear '\r' (U+0D) ag deireadh focail.  Is dcha go bhfuil EOL MS-DOS sa chomhad in ionad EOL Unix.N rthaocht sa choinnoll "%cond:1" go bhfuil "%strip:2" inscriosta.T an coinnoll "%cond:1" neamhbhail.Nl aon fhil ar tiont n ionchd "%encod:1" go "%encod2:2".N fidir an chomhadlann "%dir:1" a oscailt chun  a lamh.Ionchd anaithnid "%encod:1".N ghlactar leis an bprtacal "%encod:1".N fidir an comhad "%file:1" a oscailtN fidir an comhad "%file:1" a oscailt chun  a lamh.N fidir an comhad "%file:1" a oscailt chun scrobh air.Nl an comhad "%file:1" san fhormid chu.Nl an comhad "%file:1" san fhormid chu.  Rabhthas ag sil leis an bhformid "%exp:2", n "%got:3".Nl aon scagaire sa chomhad "%filter:1".Nl an t-ainm comhaid "%file:1" bail.Nl a leithid de scagaire "%filter:1" ann.N ghlacann an eochair "%key:1" aon pharaimadar nuair at rimr "clear-" uirthi.N ghlacann an eochair "%key:1" aon pharaimadar nuair at rimr "dont-" n "disable-" uirthi.N ghlacann an eochair "%key:1" aon pharaimadar nuair at rimr "reset-" uirthi.N ghlactar leis an eochair "%key:1" agus is neamhbhail  mar sin.Nl an eochair "%key:1" ina hathrg Boole.Nl an eochair "%key:1" ina liosta.Nl an eochair "%key:1" ina theaghrn.Nl an eochair "%key:1" ina shlnuimhir.T an eochair "%key:1" anaithnid.Nl an teanga "%lang:1" ar fil.Nl an teanga "%lang:1" ar fil.Nl an promhliosta focal le fil.Nl an fheidhm "%what:1" i ngnomh i "%where:2".Nl an liosta focal pearsanta le fil.T an rimse riachtanach "name" ar iarraidh.Nl liosta focal an tseisiin le fil.Nl an comhad `soundslike' "%sl:2" ar fil.T an teaghrn "%str:1" neamhbhail.T an fad focail nos m n 240 carachtar ina iomline.T an fad focail, le sonra soundslike san ireamh, nos m n 240 carachtar.N ghlactar leis an luach "%value:2"; mar sin, is neamhbhail  don eochair "%.key:1".N fidir an luach den rogha "%key:1" a athr.T an focal "%word:1" neamhbhail.Is fidir fosta nach bhfuil an comhad "%s" ar fil le haghaidh lamh, n nl s ann ar chor ar bith.Is dcha  seo de bharr: Fad ama chun an liosta focal a lucht: Earrid Gan Riteach: Foirm normalaithe Unicode: none, nfd, nfc, compT g le normal Unicode leis an dteanga seoGnomh Anaithnid: %sEochair mhid "%key:1" anaithnid: "%mode:1".sid: aspell [roghanna] <ord>N bain sid as bunathraitheoir rogha ach le rogha cheaptha.Sonraitheoir leaganacha gan eochair: "aspell".RABHADH: N fidir md Nroff a chur i bhfeidhm: %s
Rabhadh: %s Ag gabhil thar theaghrn.
Rabhadh: %s Ag gabhil thar focal.
Rabhadh: Ag ceal foircinn '%s' gan sid n fhocal %s.
Rabhadh: Ag ceal foircinn neamhbhail '%s' n fhocal %s.
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