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aspell 0.60.4-4
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  • in suites: etch, etch-m68k
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  • ctags: 4,802
  • sloc: cpp: 22,118; sh: 19,082; perl: 1,541; ansic: 1,535; makefile: 682; sed: 16
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  %s filter: %s

# Filter: %s
#   %s
# configured as follows:

Aspell %s.  Copyright 2000-2004 by Kevin Atkinson.

  -?|usage         display a brief usage message  -a|pipe          "ispell -a" compatibility mode  -c|check <file>  to check a file  -v|version       prints a version line  help             display a detailed help message  list             produce a list of misspelled words from standard input# default: %file:1:<command> is one of:ASPELL_CONF env varAbortAccept ChangesAddAdd LowerAffix flags found in word but no affix file given.Are you sure you want to abort (y/n)? Available Dictionaries:
    Dictionaries can be selected directly via the "-d" or "master"
    option.  They can also be selected indirectly via the "lang",
    "variety", and "size" options.
Available Filter Modes:
    Filter Modes are reconfigured combinations of filters optimized for
    files of a specific type. A mode is selected via the "mode" option.
    This will happen implicitly if Aspell is able to identify the file
    type from the extension, and possibility the contents, of the file.
Available Filters (and associated options):
    Filters can be added or removed via the "filter" option.
BackspaceControl-AControl-BControl-CControl-DControl-EControl-FControl-HControl-KDeleteDelete the next characterDelete the previous characterDoes not contain any alphabetic characters.Empty string.EndEnterError: Error: %s
Error: Stdin not a terminal.ExitExpected language "%lang:1" but got "%prev:2".HTML attributes to always checkHTML tags to always skip the contents ofHomeIgnoreIgnore allInvalid Option: %sInvalid UTF-8 sequence at position %d.Kill all characters to the EOLLeftMove Back one spaceMove Forward one spaceMove to the beginning of the lineMove to the end of the lineNo word lists can be found for the language "%lang:1".Operation Not Supported: %what:1ReplaceReplace allRightSGML attributes to always checkSGML tags to always skip the contents ofSorry I won't overwrite "%s"TeX commandsTexinfo commands to ignore the parameters ofTexinfo environments to ignoreThe Unicode code point U+%04X is unsupported.The character '%s' (U+%02X) may not appear at the beginning of a word.The character '%s' (U+%02X) may not appear at the end of a word.The character '%s' (U+%02X) may not appear in the middle of a word.The character '%s' (U+%02X) must be followed by an alphabetic character.The character '\r' (U+0D) may not appear at the end of a word. This probably means means that the file is using MS-DOS EOL instead of Unix EOL.The conversion from "%encod:1" to "%encod2:2" is not supported.The directory "%dir:1" can not be opened for reading.The encoding "%encod:1" is not known.The encoding "%encod:1" is not supported.The file "%file:1" can not be openedThe file "%file:1" can not be opened for reading.The file "%file:1" can not be opened for writing.The file "%file:1" is not in the proper format.The file "%filter:1" does not contain any filters.The file name "%file:1" is invalid.The filter "%filter:1" does not exist.The key "%key:1" is not a boolean.The key "%key:1" is not a list.The key "%key:1" is not a string.The key "%key:1" is not an integer.The key "%key:1" is unknown.The language "%lang:1" is not known.The language "%lang:1" is not supported.The method "%what:1" is unimplemented in "%where:2".The soundslike "%sl:2" is not known.The string "%str:1" is invalid.The total length is larger than 240 characters.The total word length, with soundslike data, is larger than 240 characters.The value for option "%key:1" can not be changed.The word "%word:1" is invalid.Unicode normalization form: none, nfd, nfc, compUnicode normalization required for current langUnknown Action: %sUnknown mode: "%mode:1".Usage: aspell [options] <command>With: Wrong soundslike version.Wrong soundslike.You must specify a file name.You must specify a parameter for "%s".You must specify an actionYy[options] is any of the following:a number between 0 and 1a positive integeradd or removes a filteravoid lossy conversions when normalizationbase name of the main dictionary to usebooleancheck TeX commentscheck if affix flags are validcheck if words are validconsider run-together words legalcreate a backup file by appending ".bak"create dictionary aliasesdeprecated, use lang insteaddlopen returned "%return:1".either "true" or "false"email quote charactersenable Unicode normalizationenable warningsencoding to expect data to be inextra dictionaries to useextra information for the word listfilter for dealing with HTML documentsfilter for dealing with Nroff documentsfilter for dealing with TeX/LaTeX documentsfilter for dealing with Texinfo documentsfilter for dealing with generic SGML/XML documentsfilter for skipping quoted text in email messagesfilter modefilter to skip URL like constructsignore accents when checking words -- CURRENTLY IGNOREDignore case when checking wordsignore commands to store replacement pairsignore words <= n charsin the form "<name> <value>"integerkeyboard definition to use for typo analysislanguage codelistlocation for personal fileslocation of language data fileslocation of local language data fileslocation of main configuration filelocation of the main word listmain configuration filemaximum number that can be strung togetherminimal length of interior wordsmode for checking C++ comments and string literalsmode for checking HTML documentsmode for checking Nroff documentsmode for checking Perl comments and string literalsmode for checking TeX/LaTeX documentsmode for checking Texinfo documentsmode for checking generic SGML/XML documentsmode for skipping quoted text in email messagesmode to check any lines starting with a #mode to disable all filtersmode to skip URL like constructs (default mode)no longer usednot a version numbernum chars that can appear before the quote charpath(s) aspell looks for filterspersonal configuration filepersonal dictionary file nameprefix directoryreplacements list file namesearch order for modulesset module namesize of the word listskip invalid wordsstringswaps visible and invisible textProject-Id-Version: aspell 0.60.2-b20041203
POT-Creation-Date: 2005-10-19 02:25-0600
PO-Revision-Date: 2004-12-06 17:51+0100
Last-Translator: Pablo Saratxaga <>
Language-Team: Walloon <>
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  %s passete: %s

# Passete: %s
#   %s
# apontieye come shût:

Aspell %s.  © 2000-2004 pa Kevin Atkinson.

  -?|usage         håynêye on rascourti messaedje d' aidance  -a|pipe          môde copatibe avou «ispell -a»  -c|check <fitchî>  po verifyî on fitchî  -v|version       mostere li modêye do programe  help             håynêye on longou messaedje d' aidance  list             fwait-st ene djivêye di mots avou des flotches so l' intrêye standård# prémetou: %file:1:<comande> c' est ene di:variåve d' evironmint ASPELL_CONFRinoncîAccepter les candjmintsRadjouterRadjouter e ptitès letesDes drapeas trovés dins l' djivêye di mots, mins pont d' fitchî d' definixha des drapeas.Estoz vs seur di voleur rinoncî (o/n)?  Motîs k' i gn a:
    Les motîs polèt esse tchoezi directumint avou l' tchuze «-d» ou «master».
    I polèt eto esse tchoezi indirectumint avou l' tchuze «lang» (lingaedje),
    «variety» (variyante) ou co «size» (grandeu).
Môdes passet k' i gn a:
    Les môdes passete sont des rarindjmints des passetes optimijhîs po
    des fitchîs d' en sôre dinêye. On môde est tchoezi avou l' tchuze «mode».
    Aspell tchoezixh tot seu li bon môde s' il arive a ricnoxhe li sôre do
    fitchî a pårti di s' cawete, ou di çou k' i gn a-st å dvins.
Passetes k' i gn a (eyet leus tchuzes):
    Les passetes polèt esse radjoutêyes ou oistêyes avou l' tchuze «filter».
BackspaceControl-AControl-BControl-CControl-DControl-EControl-FControl-HControl-KDeleteDisfacer l' caractere shuvantDisfacer l' caractere di dvantI n' a nou caractere alfabetike.Tchinne vude.EndEnterAroke: Aroke: %s
Aroke: l' intrêye sitandård (stdin) n' est nén on terminå.Moussî foûLingaedje «%lang:1» ratindou, mins c' est «%prev:2» ki dj' a-st avou.atributs HTML a tofer verifyîetiketes HTML a tofer passer houte leu contnouHomePasser houtePasser houte totavåTchuze nén valide: %sSecwince UTF-8 nén valide al pôzucion %d.Diusfacer ttafwait disk' al fén del royeLeftPotchî å caractere vude di dvantPotchî å caractere vude shuvantPotchî al comince del royePotchî al fén del royeNole djivêye di mots d' trovêye pol lingaedje «%lang:1».Operåcion nén sopoirtêye: %what:1ReplaecîReplaecî totavåRightatributs SGML a tofer verifyîetiketes SGML a tofer passer houte leu contnouMande escuzes, mins dji n' sipotchrè nén «%s»comandes TeXcomandes Texinfo a passer houte di leus parametesevironmints Texinfo a passer houteLi caractere unicôde U+%04X n' est nén sopoirté.Li caractere «%s» (U+%04X) èn pout nén esse al comince d' on mot.Li caractere «%s» (U+%04X) èn pout nén esse al fén d' on mot.Li caractere «%s» (U+%04X) èn pout nén esse å mitan d' on mot.Li caractere «%s» (U+%04X) doet esse shuvou d' on caractere alfabetike.Li caractere «\r» (U+000D) èn pout nén esse al fén d' on mot. Probåblumint ki c' est paski l' fitchî eploye des féns d' roye MS-DOS el plaece di féns d' roye Unix.Li cviersaedje di «%encod:1» viè «%encod2:2» n' est nén sopoirté.Li ridant «%dir:1» èn pout nén esse drovou po-z î lére.L' ecôdaedje «%encod:1» n' est nén cnoxhou.L' ecôdaedje «%encod:1» n' est nén sopoirté.Li fitchî «%file:1» èn pout nén esse drovouLi fitchî «%file:1» èn pout nén esse drovou po lére.Li fitchî «%file:1» èn pout nén esse drovou po scrire.Li fitchî «%file:1» n' est nén dins l' boune cogne.Li fitchî «%filter:1» n' a nole passete å dvins.Li fitchî «%file:1» n' est nén valide.Li passete «%filter:1» n' egzistêye nén.Li clé «%key:1» n' est nén on bouleyin.Li clé «%key:1» n' est nén ene djivêye.Li clé «%key:1» n' est nén ene tchinne.Li clé «%key:1» n' est nén on nombe etir.Li clé «%key:1» n' est nén cnoxhowe.Li lingaedje «%lang:1» n' est nén cnoxhou.Li lingaedje «%lang:1» n' est nén sopoirté.Li metôde «%what:1» n' est nén eplemintêye dins «%where:2».L' informåcion fonetike «%sl:2» n' est nén cnoxhowe.Li tchinne «%str:1» n' est nén valide.Li longueur totåle est di pus d' 240 caracteres.Li longueur totåle doi mot, avou les dnêyes fonetikes, est di pus d' 240 caracteres.Li valixhance pol tchuze «%key:1» èn pout nén esse candjeye.Li mot «%word:1» n' est nén valide.sôre di normålijhaedje unicôde: none, nfd, nfc, compci lingaedje a mezåjhe do normålijhaedje unicôdeAccion nén cnoxhowe: %sMôde nén cnoxhou: «%mode:1»Po s' è siervi: aspell [tchuzes] <comande>Avou: Mwaijhe modêye des dnêyes fonetikes (soundslike).Mwais soundslike.Vos dvoz dner on no d' fitchî.Vos dvoz specifyî on paramete po «%s».Vos dvoz specifyî ene accionOoAaYyWw[tchuzes] c' est ene des tchuzes ki shuvèt:on nombe inte 0 eyet 1on nombe etir pôzitifradjouter ou bodjî ene passeteeviter di cviersser avou pietes tot normålijhantno d' båze pol mwaisse motî a-z eployîbouleyinverifyî les comintaires TeXverifyî si les drapeas sont validesverifyî si les mots sont validesaccepter les mots a loyeuresfé ene copeye di såvrité avou l' cawete «.bak»fé des alias di motîsobsolete, eployîz lang puradedlopen() a rtourné «%return:1».soeye-t i «true» (vraiy) soeye-t i «false» (fås)caracteres pol citåcion dins les emileseployî l' normålijhaedje unicôdemete en alaedje les adviertixhmintsecôdaedje k' on ratind les dnêyesdiccionaires di rawete a-z eployîinformåcion di rawete pol djivêye di motspassete po les documints HTMLpassete po les documints Nroffpassete po les documints TeX/LaTeXpassete po les documints Texinfopassete po les documints SGML/XML djenerikespassete po n' nén verifyî li tecse cité dins les emilesmôde passetepassete po passer houte des mots rshonnant a des hårdêyes (URLs)èn nén tni conte des accints po verifyî les mots -- ÈN ROTE NÉN POL MOUMINTèn nén tni conte des grandès/ptitès letesèn nén wårder les pwaires di replaeçmintpasser houte des mots di moens di n caracteresdins l' cogne «<no> <valixhance>»nombe etirtaprece po l' analijhe des flotches di tapaedjecôde do lingaedjedjivêyeeplaeçmint po les fitchîs da vosseeplaeçmint des fitchîs di dnêyes des lingaedjeseplaeçmint des fitchîs locås pol lingaedjeeplaeçmint do mwaisse fitchî d' apontiaedjeeplaeçmint del mwaisse djivêye di motsmwaisse fitchî d' apontiaedjelongueur macsimom d' on mot a loyeureslongueur minimom des dvintrins motsmôde pol verifiaedje des comintaires eyet tchinnes di tecse des fitchîs C++môde pol verifiaedje des documints HTMLmôde pol verifiaedje des documints Nroffmôde pol verifiaedje des comintaires eyet tchinnes di tecse dins des fitchîs perlmôde pol verifiaedje des documints TeX/LaTeXmôde pol verifiaedje des documints Texinfomôde pol verifiaedje des documints SGML/XML djenerikesmôde po n' nén verifyî li tecse cité dins les emilesmôde po verifyî les royes ki cmincèt avou « # »môde po dismete totes les passetesmôde po passer houte des mots ki rshonnèt des hårdêyes (prémetou môde)pupont eployînén on limero d' modêyecaracteres macs. divant l' caractere di citåciontchimin(s) k' aspell louke après des passetesfitchî d' apontiaedje da vosseno d' fitchî do motî da vossebetchete po les ridantsno d' fitchî del djivêye di replaeçmintsôre di cweraedje po les modulesdefini no do modulegrandeu del djivêye di motspasser houte des mots nén validestchinnediscandjî li tecse veyåve/nén veyåve