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coccinella 0.96.20-7
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  • area: main
  • in suites: jessie, jessie-kfreebsd
  • size: 13,108 kB
  • ctags: 5,908
  • sloc: tcl: 124,744; xml: 206; makefile: 66; sh: 62
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(2002-02-15) by Mats Bengtsson  (

Fixes mainly to make the -final 0 option work.
Only for *8.1* files.

 - Added the -statevariable to ::sgml::parseEvent call;
   initialization fix in parseEvent

 - Added the -statevariable to ::sgml::tokenise call to handle cases
   with chopped off xml at arbitrary places; added the 'leftover'
   array element to 'parse'

 - Now also takes the first four elements of tokenised for parsing in
   ::sgml::parseEvent, see comments there

 - Added error checking in xml::tclparser::configure

 - Added call to xml::tclparser::configure from xml::tclparser::parse

 - Added one-word error description to all -errorcommand calls, and
   fixed all list structures

 - Added return -code etc. to ElementClose similar to ElementOpen