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You currently downloaded the ICC profile "ECI-RGB.1.0.icc" from the European Color Initiative's web page ( 

This RGB color space defined by ECI can be used for saving and archival of device independent color data in RGB mode to avoid the problems currently combined with Lab mode. ECI-RGB covers the color spaces used by the printing industry; additionally it is only a bit smaller than the gamut of the IRIS digital proofers.
Detailed informations on how this particular color space was elected from a series of different color spaces are stored within the PDF file "RGB-Test.pdf" (as to now, only German version) which can be found on ECI's FTP site (

Technical specifications:

- RGB primaries: NTSC-1953 video standard (National Television Standard Commitee)
- Lighting conditions/White point: D50/5000�K
- Gamma: 1.8
- Transformation model used in the profile: TRC/Matrix
- Colorimetric Reference system (profile connection space, PCS): CIEXYZ

Some words on ICC compatibility...

ECI-RGB meets the International Color Consortium's standard for color profiles and can be used with every ICC compatible application and CMM (Color Matching Method) on evry hardware platform.

Remark: In general one can acheive consistent transformations with profiles based on any lighting conditions/white points. The ICC compatible workflows used today make sure that the "white point transportation" from source to destionation works faultlessly with every rendering intent.

The ICC standard defines D50-based CIEXYZ as reference system. In some cases (which we consider to be theoretical) a white point different from this standard may lead to a white point deviation. The ECI-RGB profile replaces in this case the function of the device independant PCS. The choice of D50 lighting leads on one side to a maximum of security, on the other side there are no "forbidden" transformations. So we urge anyone not to manipulate this ECI-RGB profile.

...and on compatibility with Photoshop 5.0.x

The ECI-RGB profile can be used as RGB working space in Photoshop 5.0.x by loading it in the menu "File:Colro setup:RGB setup".

Remark: The ECI-RGB profile is write-protected. The parameters such as lighting conditions, gamma and primaries may be modified (we do not recommed this) but they cannot be saved in the original file.

German version: ECI, 22.02.1999
Liane May,

Translation: ECI, 17 Apr 1999
Joachim Euler,