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kdrill 6.5deb2-12
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�� 3026 U611b N2829 B87 C61 S13 G4 H2492 F524 P2-4-9 L737 K436 ZPP2-1-12 ZPP2-6-7 I4i10.1 O2018 Wae Yai4 IN259 V1927 DR2067 Q2024.7 MN10947 MP4.1123 E417 ���� ����.���� T1 �� ���� �� ���� �ޤ� �ᤰ �ᤰ�� �褷 {love} {affection} {favourite} 
�� 302d U60aa N62 B1 C61 S11 G3 H2745 F469 P2-7-4 L1810 K504 I4k7.17 O1483A Wag Wo Ye4 Ye3 Ywu4 XJ05828 IN304 V1873 DR3258 Q1033.1 MN10717 MP4.1065 E222 ���� �� ���.�� ���- ��.�� �ˤ�.�� -�ˤ�.�� ���� �������� �������� �ˤ�.�� {bad} {vice} {rascal} {false} {evil} {wrong} 
�� 3042 U5b89 N1283 B40 S6 G3 H2171 F130 P2-3-3 L190 K128 I3m3.1 O472 Wan Yan1 IN105 V1311 DR769 Q3040.4 MN7072 MP3.0909 E223 ���� �䤹.�� �䤹.�ޤ� �䤹 �䤹.�餫 T1 �� ���� ���� ���� �� {relax} {cheap} {low} {quiet} {rested} {contented} {peaceful} 
�� 3045 U6697 N2154 B72 S13 G3 H1010 F1001 P1-4-9 L480 K1044 I4c9.2 O1883 Wam Yan4 IN348 V2503 DR3878 Q6006.1 MN14065 MP5.0916 E224 ���� ����.�� {darkness} {disappear} {shade} {informal} {grow dark} {be blinded} 
�� 3046 U6848 N1308 B40 C75 S10 G4 H2270 F199 P2-3-7 L214 K218 ZPP2-6-4 I3m7.6 Wan Yan4 IN106 V2667 DR764 Q3090.4 MN14762 MP6.0327 E418 ���� {plan} {suggestion} {draft} {ponder} {fear} {proposition} {idea} {expectation} {bill} {worry} 
�� 304a U4ee5 N348 B9 S5 G4 H41 F139 P1-2-3 L1028 K157 ZPP1-3-2 I0a5.1 O134 Wi Yyi3 IN46 V109 DR1262 Q2810.0 MN388 MP1.0620 E419 �� ���.�� T1 ��� {by means of} {because} {in view of} {compared with} 
�� 304c U4f4d N401 B9 S7 G4 H61 F441 P1-2-5 L955 K482 I2a5.1 O354 Wwi Ywei4 IN122 V162 DR2173 Q2021.8 MN503 MP1.0687 E421 �� ���餤 ���餤 T1 ���� {rank} {grade} {throne} {crown} {about} {some} 
�� 304f U56f2 N1032 B31 S7 G4 H3069 F886 P3-3-4 L1807 K945 I3s4.2 O501A Wwi Ywei2 XJ05423 IN1194 V945 DR1955 XDR3675 Q6055.0 MN4722 MP3.0064 E422 �� ����.�� ����.�� ����.�� {surround} {besiege} {store} {paling} {enclosure} {encircle} {preserve} {keep} 
�� 3051 U59d4 N3267 B115 C38 S8 G3 H2553 F138 P2-5-3 L913 K171 ZPP2-1-7 I5d3.2 O960 Wwi Ywei3 Ywei1 IN466 V1204 DR2269 Q2040.4 MN6181 MP3.0669 E423 �� ���.�ͤ� {committee} {entrust to} {leave to} {devote} {discard} 
�� 3055 U610f N5113 B180 C61 S13 G3 H2136 F98 P2-2-11 L608 K118 ZPP2-5-8 I5b8.2 O2007 Weui Yyi4 IN132 V1926 DR458 Q0033.6 MN10921 MP4.1113 E226 �� T1 ��� �褷 {idea} {mind} {heart} {taste} {thought} {desire} {care} {liking} 
�� 305f U80c3 N3000 B102 C130 S9 G4 H2561 F1563 P2-5-4 L29 K885 I5f4.3 Wwi Ywei4 IN1268 V4793 DR3646 Q6022.7 MN29348 MP9.0268 E424 �� {stomach} {paunch} {crop} {craw} 
�� 3061 U8863 N4214 B145 S6 G4 H2013 F1231 P2-2-4 L396 K1019 ZPP3-3-3 ZPP3-4-2 I5e0.1 O520 Weui Yyi1 Yyi4 IN677 V5420 DR465 Q0073.2 MN34091 MP10.0170 E420 �� �� ����� ���� -�� {garment} {clothes} {dressing} 
�� 3065 U533b N763 B22 C23 S7 G3 H2993 F539 P3-2-5 L1694 K555 I2t5.2 O743 Wye Weui Yyi1 XJ06E50 IN220 V590 DR3475 Q7171.3 MN2680 MP2.0474 E225 �� ��.�䤹 ��.���� ������ {doctor} {medicine} 
�� 3069 U80b2 N296 B8 C130 S8 G3 H2050 F232 P2-2-6 L759 K250 ZPP2-4-4 I2j6.4 O958 Wyug Yyu4 XJ05D5A IN246 V4773 DR446 Q0022.7 MN29318 MP9.0264 E227 ���� ����.�� ����.�� ����.�Ƥ� �Ϥ���.�� T1 �䤹 {bring up} {grow up} {raise} {rear} 
�� 306c U4e00 N1 B1 S1 G1 H3341 F2 P4-1-4 L1 E1 K4 I0a1.1 O3 Wil Yyi1 XJ05021 IN2 V1 DR3072 Q1000.0 MN1 MP1.0001 ���� ���� �Ҥ�- �Ҥ�.�� T1 ���� �� ���� ���� ���� ���� �Ƥ� �Ϥ��� �� �ҤȤ� �ޤ��� {one} 
�� 3075 U5370 N102 B2 C26 S6 G4 H828 F724 P1-4-2 L1425 K720 ZSP1-3-2 I2e4.1 O260 Win Wggeud Yyin4 IN1043 V630 DR2644 Q7772.0 MN2848 MP2.0662 E425 ���� ���뤷 -���뤷 ����.�� {stamp} {seal} {mark} {imprint} {symbol} {emblem} {trademark} {evidence} {souvenir} {India} 
�� 3077 U54e1 N928 B30 S10 G3 H2269 F44 P2-3-7 L56 K47 I3d7.10 O1167 Wweon Yyuan2 Yyun2 Yyun4 IN163 V808 DR3761 Q6080.6 MN3633 MP2.1010 E228 ���� T1 ���� ���� {employee} {member} {number} {the one in charge} 
�� 307a U5f15 N1562 B57 S4 G2 H181 F210 P1-3-1 L1232 K238 I3h1.1 O144 Win Yyin3 IN216 V1681 DR3554 Q1220.0 MN9699 MP4.0684 E77 ���� ��.�� ��.�� ��.��- -��.�� ��.���� T1 ���� �Ҥ� �Ҥ� �Ӥ� {pull} {tug} {jerk} {admit} {install} {quote} {refer to} 
�� 307b U98f2 N5159 B184 S12 G3 H1692 F979 P1-8-4 L1474 K935 I8b4.1 Weum Yyin3 Yyin4 XJ05D3B IN323 V6680 DR2862 Q8778.2 MN44063P MP12.0385 E230 ���� ���� ��.�� -��.�� {drink} {smoke} {take} 
�� 3121 U9662 N4991 B170 S10 G3 H454 F211 P1-3-7 L1304 K236 ZSP1-2-7 I2d7.9 O1055 Wweon Yyuan4 IN614 V6447 DR3657 Q7321.1 MN41665 MP11.0832 E229 ���� {Inst.} {institution} {temple} {mansion} {school} 
�� 3126 U53f3 N878 B30 S5 G1 H2975 F474 P3-2-3 L78 K503 I3d2.15 O171 Wu Yyou4 IN76 V700 DR1477 Q4060.0 MN3250 MP2.0769 E2 �� �楦 �ߤ� T1 ���� ���� {right} 
�� 3129 U7fbd N3673 B124 S6 G2 H226 F725 P1-3-3 L573 K732 I2b4.5 O246 Wu Yyu3 IN590 V4675 DR3553 Q1712.0 MN28614P MP9.0100 E812 �� �� �� �Ϥ� T1 ���夦 �� {feathers} {counter for birds, rabbits} 
�� 312b U96e8 N5042 B173 S8 G1 H3561 F595 P4-8-1 L422 K655 I8d0.1 O759 Wu Yyu3 Yyu4 IN30 V6518 DR3153 Q1022.7 MN42210 MP12.0001 E3 �� ���� ����- -���� {rain} 
�� 313f U904b N4725 B162 S12 S11 G3 H3140 F158 P3-3-9 L303 K179 I2q9.10 O1808 Wun Yyun4 IN439 V6092 DR3655 Q3730.4 MN38998P MP11.0112 E231 ���� �Ϥ�.�� {carry} {luck} {destiny} {fate} {lot} {transport} {progress} {advance} 
�� 3140 U96f2 N5046 B173 S12 G2 H2773 F1119 P2-8-4 L423 K1124 I8d4.1 O2027 Wun Yyun2 IN636 V6522 DR3171 Q1073.1 MN42235 MP12.0015 E78 ���� ���� -���� T1 �� ���� �� {cloud} 
�� 3149 U6804 N2239 B75 S9 G4 H2574 F832 P2-5-4 L326 K745 ZPP2-3-6 I3n6.1 O969 Wyeong Yrong2 XJ05C46 IN723 V2635 DR964 Q3290.4 Q9090.4 MN14687P MP6.0293 E427 ���� �襦 ����.���� ��.�� -��.�� ��.���� �� T1 ������ ���� �Ƥ� �ʤ� �Ҥ� �褷 {flourish} {prosperity} {honor} {glory} {splendor} 
�� 314b U6cf3 N2520 B85 S8 G3 H327 F1088 P1-3-5 L136 K1198 I3a5.14 Wyeong Yyong3 IN1208 V3090 DR342 Q3313.2 MN17328 MP6.1081 E232 ���� ����.�� {swim} 
�� 3151 U82f1 N3927 B140 S8 G4 H2238 F481 P2-3-5 L1741 K449 I3k5.5 O693 Wyeong Yying1 XJ1315F IN353 V5008 DR1963 Q4453.0 MN30808P MP9.0591 E426 ���� �Ϥʤ֤� T1 �� ���� �� ������ �Ϥ� �� �Ҥ� �褷 �� {England} {English} 
�� 3158 U99c5 N5199 B187 S14 G3 H1822 F584 P1-10-4 L1984 K384 I10a4.4 O2172 Wyeog Yyi4 XJ07163 IN284 V6735 DR3462 Q7738.7 MN44633P MP12.0506 E233 ���� {station} 
�� 315f U5186 N617 B13 S4 G1 H2955 F68 P3-2-2 L1811 K2 I2r2.1 O78 Wweon Yyuan2 XJ05424 IN13 V385 DR3645 Q7722.0 MN1513 MP2.0110 E4 ���� �ޤ�.�� �ޤ� �ޤ� �ޤ�.�� �ޤ�.�䤫 T1 �Ĥ֤� �Τ� �ޤɤ� �ߤ� {circle} {yen} {round} 
�� 3160 U5712 N1047 B31 S13 G2 H3156 F424 P3-3-10 L585 K412 I3s10.1 O2046 Wweon Yyuan2 IN447 V962 DR1465 XDR3675 Q6023.2 Q6073.2 MN4818 MP3.0091 E234 ���� ���� T1 ���� ���� {park} {garden} {yard} {farm} 
�� 3173 U9060 N4733 B162 S13 S12 G2 H3150 F777 P3-3-10 L402 K803 I2q10.4 O2043 Wweon Yyuan3 Yyuan4 IN446 V6101 DR1465 Q3430.3 MN39047P MP11.0160 E79 ���� ���� �Ȥ�.�� T1 �� ���� �� �ɤ� {distant} {far} 
�� 3176 U5869 N1125 B32 S13 G4 H631 F1026 P1-3-10 L1458 K1058 I3b10.5 O1846 Wyeom Yyan2 XJ07345 IN1101 V1075 DR1474 Q4811.7 MN5382 MP3.0237 E428 ���� ���� {salt} 
�� 317b U592e N86 B2 C37 S5 G4 H3509 F538 P4-5-4 L1740 K468 I0a5.33 O182 Wang Yyang1 IN351 V1140 DR1663 Q5003.0 MN5840 MP3.0552 E429 ���� T1 ������ �� �� ���� ���� �Ƥ� �ʤ� �Ҥ� �Ҥ� �� {center} {middle} 
�� 3223 U6a2a N2361 B75 S15 G3 H1066 F374 P1-4-11 L1751 K297 I4a11.13 O2301 Whoeng Yheng2 Yheng4 IN781 V2854 DR1861 Q4498.6 MN15484P MP6.0562 E235 ���� �褳 {sideways} {side} {horizontal} {width} {woof} 
�� 3226 U738b N2922 B96 S4 G1 H3439 F544 P4-4-1 L255 K499 I4f0.1 O90 Wwang Ywang2 Ywang4 IN294 V3619 DR3172 Q1010.4 MN20823 MP7.0818 E5 ���� -�� T1 ���� �������� �� {king} {rule} {magnate} 
�� 322b U9ec4 N5399 B201 S11 G2 H2468 F1101 P2-4-7 L1750 K1063 ZPP2-3-8 ZPP2-9-2 I3k8.16 O1499 Whwang Yhuang2 IN780 V7045 DR1961 Q4480.6 MN47926P MP12.0994 E120 ���� ���� �� ��- T1 ���� �줤 {yellow} 
�� 322f U5104 N551 B9 S15 G4 H170 F329 P1-2-13 L983 K389 I2a13.5 O2252 Weog Yyi4 IN382 V321 DR2158 Q2023.6 MN1178 MP1.0944 E430 ���� T1 �� {hundred million} {10**8} 
�� 3230 U5c4b N1392 B44 S9 G3 H3098 F318 P3-3-6 L1058 K270 I3r6.3 O1233 Wog Ywu1 IN167 V1421 DR3772 Q7721.4 MN7684 MP4.0149 E236 ���� �� T1 �� {roof} {house} {shop} {dealer} {seller} 
�� 3239 U6e29 N2634 B85 S12 G3 H608 F800 P1-3-9 L1452 K623 I3a9.21 O1585 Won Ywen1 IN634 V3246 DR374 Q3611.7 MN17774 MP7.0100 E237 ���� ������.�� ������.���� ������.�ޤ� ������.��� �̤� T1 ���� ���Ĥ� �ʤ� �Ϥ� �� �椿�� {warm} 
�� 323b U97f3 N5110 B180 S9 G1 H2070 F459 P2-2-7 L479 K402 ZPP2-5-4 I5b4.3 O962 Weum Yyin1 IN347 V6607 DR478 Q0060.1 MN43265 MP12.0219 E6 ���� -�� ���� ���� �� T1 �� �� {sound} {noise} 
�� 323c U4e0b N9 B1 S3 G1 H3378 F92 P4-3-1 L50 K72 E7 I2m1.2 O46 Wha Yxia4 XJ13023 IN31 V9 DR3154 Q1023.0 MN14 MP1.0220 �� �� ���� ���� ��� ��.���� ��.���� ����.�� ����.�� ����.�� -����.�� ����.���� ��.� ��.��� T1 ���� ���� {below} {down} {descend} {give} {low} {inferior} 
�� 323d U5316 N350 B9 S4 G3 H21 F103 P1-2-2 L1008 K100 I2a2.6 O56 Whwa Yhua4 IN254 V580 DR2156 Q2421.0 Q2121.0 MN2572X MP2.0436 E238 �� �� ��.���� ��.���� ��.���� ��.���� {change} {take the form of} {influence} {enchant} {delude} {-ization} 
�� 323f U4f55 N409 B9 S7 G2 H65 F446 P1-2-5 L1012 K471 ZPP3-4-3 I2a5.21 O513 Wha Yhe2 Yhe4 IN390 V169 DR2149 Q2122.0 MN511 MP1.0694 E80 �� �ʤ� �ʤ� �ʤ�- �ʤ�- T1 ���� {what} 
�� 3243 U52a0 N716 B19 S5 G4 H38 F177 P1-2-3 L867 K187 I2g3.1 O121 Wga Yjia1 IN709 V523 DR1677 Q4600.0 MN2297 MP2.0369 E431 �� ����.���� ����.��� {add} {addition} {increase} {join} {include} {Canada} 
�� 3246 U590f N58 B1 C35 S10 G2 H2113 F658 P2-2-8 L296 K580 ZPP2-7-3 I4i7.5 O1161 Wha Yxia4 Yjia3 XJ13864 IN461 V1120 DR3167 Q1024.7 Q1040.7 MN5720 MP3.0303 E82 �� �� �� �ʤ� {summer} 
�� 3248 U5bb6 N1311 B40 S10 G2 H2273 F94 P2-3-7 L541 K81 I3m7.1 O1185 Wga Yjia1 Ygu1 IN165 V1337 DR751 Q3023.2 MN7169 MP3.1021 E83 �� �� ���� �� ���� T1 ���� �� �� �Ĥ� �� {house} {home} 
�� 324a U79d1 N3272 B115 S9 G2 H1138 F425 P1-5-4 L1179 K350 I5d4.3 O877 Wgwa Yke1 IN320 V4130 DR2255 Q2490.0 MN24950 MP8.0551 E81 �� T1 ���� {department} {course} {section} 
�� 324c U679c N107 B2 S8 G4 H3560 F262 P4-8-1 L1121 K277 I0a8.8 O770 Wgwa Yguo3 IN487 V2594 DR3664 Q6090.4 MN14556 MP6.0242 E627 �� ��.���� �Ϥ�.�� -��.���� ��.�Ƥ� -��.�Ƥ� ��.�� T1 �� {fruit} {reward} {carry out} {achieve} {complete} {end} {finish} {succeed} 
�� 324e U6b4c N2422 B76 S14 G2 H1825 F495 P1-10-4 L469 K478 I4j10.2 O2170 Wga Yge1 IN392 V2945 DR3162 Q1768.2 MN16167 MP6.0639 E84 �� ���� ����.�� {song} {sing} 
�� 3250 U706b N2743 B86 S4 G1 H3463 F414 P4-4-4 L161 K432 ZPP1-1-3 I4d0.1 O52 Whwa Yhuo3 XJ1305C IN20 V3394 DR1162 Q9080.0 MN18850 MP7.0359 E8 �� �� -�� ��- {fire} 
�� 3256 U82b1 N3909 B140 S7 G1 H2211 F574 P2-3-4 L1009 K551 I3k4.7 O481 Whwa Yhua1 XJ15747 IN255 V4980 DR1956 Q4421.4 MN30734P MP9.0537 E9 �� �� �Ϥ� T1 �� {flower} 
�� 3259 U8377 N3956 B140 S10 G3 H2282 F946 P2-3-7 L1013 K1020 S20 ZPP3-7-3 I3k7.11 O1259 Wha Yhe2 Yhe4 IN391 V5059 DR1949 Q4422.1 MN31000P MP9.0666 E239 �� �� T1 �Ϥ� �� {baggage} {shoulder-pole load} {bear (a burden)} {shoulder (a gun)} {load} {cargo} {freight} 
�� 325d U8ab2 N4389 B149 S15 G4 H1573 F509 P1-7-8 L1123 K531 I7a8.2 Wgwa Yke4 IN488 V5644 DR3064 Q0669.4 MN35589 MP10.0498 E433 �� {chapter} {lesson} {section} {department} {division} {counter for chapters (of a book)} 
�� 325f U8ca8 N4493 B154 S11 G4 H2465 F958 P2-4-7 L1010 K911 I7b4.5 Whwa Yhuo4 IN752 V5781 DR2161 Q2480.6 MN36678 MP10.0714 E432 �� {freight} {goods} {property} 
�� 3268 U753b N50 B1 C102 S8 G2 H3000 F176 P3-2-6 L1170 K150 I0a8.7 O991 Whwa Whoeg Yhua4 XJ06141 IN343 V3733 DR3175 XDR1275 Q1077.2 MN21739P MP7.1084 E85 �� ���� �� ���� ����.�� ����.���� ����.�� �Ϥ��ꤴ�� �Ϥ�.�� {brush-stroke} {picture} 
�� 326a U82bd N3920 B140 S8 G4 H2240 F1560 P2-3-5 L1905 K1676 ZPP2-4-4 I3k5.9 O683 Wa Yya2 Ydi2 IN1455 V5002 DR1947 Q4424.1 MN30860P MP9.0616 E434 �� �� T1 �� �ᤰ {bud} {sprout} {spear} {germ} 
�� 3271 U4f1a N381 B9 S6 G2 H2020 F8 P2-2-4 L752 K12 ZPP2-3-3 I2a4.19 O454 Whoe Wgoe Wgwal Yhui4 Ykuai4 XJ05072 IN158 V143 DR2871 Q8073.1 MN460 MP1.0668 E87 ���� �� ��.�� ��.�碌�� ����.�ޤ� T1 ���� �� {meeting} {meet} {party} {association} {interview} {join} 
�� 3273 U56de N1028 B31 S6 G2 H3055 F60 P3-3-3 L586 K64 I3s3.1 O309 Whoe Yhui2 XJ05145 IN90 V941 DR3777 XDR3675 Q6060.0 MN4690 MP3.0050 E86 ���� �� �ޤ�.�� -�ޤ�.�� -�ޤ�.�� �ޤ�.�� -�ޤ�.�� �ޤ�.��- -�ޤ�.�� ��Ȥ�.�� ��.���� {-times} {round} {game} {revolve} {counter for occurrences} 
�� 327e U6539 N1464 B49 S7 G4 H243 F257 P1-3-4 L528 K294 I4i3.1 O379 Wgae Ygai3 IN514 V2332 DR3566 Q1874.0 MN13114 MP5.0470 E435 ���� ���餿.��� ���餿.�ޤ� {reformation} {change} {modify} {mend} {renew} {examine} {inspect} {search} 
�� 3323 U68b0 N2264 B75 S11 G4 H961 F927 P1-4-7 L677 K929 I4a7.23 Wgye Yxie4 IN529 V2685 DR1859 Q4395.0 MN14882 MP6.0381 E436 ���� ���� {contraption} {fetter} {machine} {instrument} 
�� 3324 U6d77 N2553 B85 S9 G2 H384 F144 P1-3-6 L461 K158 I3a6.20 O1071 Whae Yhai3 IN117 V3133 DR347 Q3815.7 MN17450 MP6.1138 E88 ���� ���� T1 �� ���� ���� ���� �� �� �� �Ҥ� �Ҥ �� �ޤ� �ޤ� �� �� �錄�� {sea} {ocean} 
�� 3326 U754c N2998 B102 S9 G3 H2563 F187 P2-5-4 L251 K170 I5f4.7 O967 Wgye Yjie4 IN454 V3739 DR3654 Q6022.8 MN21775 MP7.1086 E240 ���� {world} 
�� 3328 U7d75 N3537 B120 S12 G2 H1346 F990 P1-6-6 L1346 K976 I6a6.8 O2332 Whoe Yhui4 XJ06569 IN345 V4488 DR2771 Q2893.1 MN27464P MP8.1064 E89 ���� �� {picture} {drawing} {painting} {sketch} 
�� 332b U958b N4950 B169 S12 G3 H3321 F73 P3-8-4 L1622 K80 I8e4.6 O1821 Wgae Ykai1 IN396 V6393 DR3855 XDR3853 Q7744.1 MN41233 MP11.0711 E241 ���� �Ҥ�.�� �Ҥ�.�� -�Ӥ�.�� �Ҥ�.���� ��.�� ��.���� T1 �Ϥ� �� {open} {unfold} {unseal} 
�� 332c U968e N5011 B170 S12 G3 H624 F379 P1-3-9 L1309 K253 ZSP1-2-9 I2d9.6 O1840 Wgye Yjie1 XJ13827 IN588 V6469 DR3678 Q7126.1 MN41755 MP11.0948 E242 ���� �����Ϥ� T1 ���� �� �Ϥ� {storey} {stair} {counter for storeys of a building} 
�� 332d U8c9d N4486 B154 S7 G1 H2543 F1520 P2-5-2 L54 K1590 I7b0.1 O498 Wpae Ybei4 XJ15A70 IN240 V5766 DR3961 Q6080.0 MN36656 MP10.0694 E90 �� ���� {shellfish} 
�� 3330 U5916 N1168 B36 S5 G2 H186 F110 P1-3-2 L111 K120 I2m3.1 O139 Woe Ywai4 IN83 V1125 DR2554 Q2320.0 MN5750 MP3.0321 E91 ���� �� ���� �ۤ� �Ϥ�.�� �Ϥ�.��� ��- T1 ���� �� �դ� {outside} 
�� 3332 U5bb3 N1306 B40 S10 G4 H2272 F376 P2-3-7 L1551 K425 I3m7.4 O1181 Whae Whal Yhai4 IN518 V1333 DR777 Q3060.1 MN7165 MP3.1017 E437 ���� {harm} {injury} 
�� 3339 U8857 N1626 B60 C144 S12 G4 H576 F805 P1-3-9 L890 K790 I3i9.2 O1570 Wga Yjie1 IN186 V1759 DR2053 Q2110.4 Q2122.1 MN34051 MP10.0155 E819 ���� ���� �ޤ� T1 �ޤ� {boulevard} {street} {town} 
�� 3346 U5404 N1163 B34 C30 S6 G4 H2168 F213 P2-3-3 L291 K182 ZPP4-6-1 I4i3.3 O277 Wgag Yge4 IN642 V714 DR2577 Q2760.4 MN3281 MP2.0793 E438 ���� ������ T1 ���� ���� {each} {every} {either} 
�� 3350 U899a N4288 B147 S12 G4 H2604 F858 P2-5-7 L325 XN1700 K896 I3n9.3 O1752 Wgag Wgyo Yjue2 Yjiao4 XJ06B34 XJ15D26 IN605 V5529 DR957 Q3221.6 Q9021.6 MN34846 MP10.0328 E439 ���� ����.���� ��.�ޤ� ��.��� ����.�� {memorize} {learn} {remember} {awake} {sober up} 
�� 3351 U89d2 N4301 B148 S7 G2 H2047 F741 P2-2-5 L1812 K714 ZPP3-4-3 I2n5.1 O547 Wgag Wnog Yjiao3 Yjia3 Yjue2 IN473 V5543 DR2545 Q2722.7 MN35003 MP10.0352 E243 ���� ���� �Ĥ� T1 �� �� ���� ���� �դ� {angle} {corner} {square} 
�� 3358 U5b66 N1271 B39 S8 G1 H2555 F23 P2-5-3 L324 K33 ZPP2-3-5 ZSP2-5-2 ZBP2-3-4 I3n4.2 O719 Whag Yxue2 XJ0555C XJ0555D XJ14157 IN109 V1294 DR947 Q3240.7 Q9040.7 MN6974 MP3.0858 E10 ���� �ޤ�.�� T1 ���� �Τ� {study} {learning} {science} 
�� 335a U697d N2324 B75 S13 G2 H2826 F266 P2-9-4 L1735 K232 I4a9.29 O2029 Wag Yle4 Yyue4 XJ05C5B IN358 V2790 DR364 XDR0864 Q3290.4 MN15213 MP6.0477 E218 ���� �饯 ���� ����.���� ����.���� ����.�� T1 �� �� �䤹 �� {music} {comfort} {ease} 
�� 3368 U6d3b N2552 B85 S9 G2 H385 F225 P1-3-6 L143 K203 I3a6.16 O819 Whwal Wgwal Yhuo2 IN237 V3132 DR377 Q3216.4 MN17423 MP6.1118 E244 ���� ��.���� ��.���� ��.���� {lively} {resuscitation} {being helped} {living} 
�� 3428 U5bd2 N1322 B40 S12 G3 H2311 F1161 P2-3-9 L1526 K1195 I3m9.3 O1714 Whan Yhan2 IN457 V1350 DR740 Q3030.3 MN7239X MP3.1064 E245 ���� ����.�� T1 �� ���� {cold} 
�� 3430 U5b8c N1288 B40 S7 G4 H2201 F547 P2-3-4 L187 K487 I3m4.6 O471 Wwan Ywan2 IN613 V1315 DR757 Q3021.1 MN7079 MP3.0944 E440 ���� {perfect} {completion} {end} 
�� 3431 U5b98 N1295 B40 S8 G4 H2226 F195 P2-3-5 L1271 K225 I3m5.6 O672 Wgwan Yguan1 IN326 V1322 DR777 Q3077.7 MN7107 MP3.0962 E441 ���� {bureaucrat} {the government} 
�� 3436 U611f N1731 B61 S13 G3 H2835 F267 P2-9-4 L615 K283 I4k9.21 Wgam Ygan3 IN262 V1928 DR1458 Q5333.0 MN10953 MP4.1132 E246 ���� {emotion} {feeling} {sensation} 
�� 3441 U6f22 N2662 B85 S13 G3 H657 F1393 P1-3-10 L1578 K1394 I3a10.17 O1860 Whan Yhan4 IN556 V3281 DR363 Q3413.4 MN18068P MP7.0189 E442 ���� T1 �Ϥ� {Sino-} {China} 
�� 3449 U7ba1 N3416 B118 S14 G4 H2701 F526 P2-6-8 L1273 K519 ZPP2-9-5 I6f8.12 O2212 Wgwan Yguan3 IN328 V4317 DR2377 Q8877.7 MN26162 MP8.0804 E443 ���� ���� T1 ���� {pipe} {tube} {wind instrument} {drunken talk} 
�� 3451 U89b3 N4296 B147 S18 G4 H1880 F450 P1-11-7 L572 K463 I5c13.7 O2765 Wgwan Yguan1 Yguan4 XJ06B37 IN604 V5538 DR2357 Q8621.0 MN34955 MP10.0341 E445 ���� ��.�� ����.�� {outlook} {look} {appearance} {condition} {view} 
�� 3456 U9593 N4949 B169 S12 G2 H3323 F28 P3-8-4 L1620 K27 I8e4.3 O1822 Wgan Yjian1 Yjian4 IN43 V6391 DR3878 XDR3853 Q7760.7 MN41249 MP11.0733 E92 ���� ���� ������ �� ���� {interval} {space} 
�� 3458 U95a2 N4958 B169 S14 G4 H3328 F93 P3-8-6 L2017 K104 I8e6.7 O2245 Wgwan Wwan Yguan1 XJ06F70 IN398 V6402 DR3863 XDR3853 Q7743.0 MN41297 MP11.0738 E444 ���� ���� -���� ����.��� ���餯�� ����̤� {connection} {barrier} {gateway} {involve} {concerning} 
�� 345b U9928 N5174 B184 S16 G3 H1748 F352 P1-8-8 L1478 K319 I8b8.3 O2761 Wgwan Yguan3 XJ0345C IN327 V6701 DR2877 Q8377.7 MN44237P MP12.0417 E247 ���� �䤫�� ���� T1 ���� {building} {mansion} {large building} {palace} 
�� 345d U4e38 N155 B4 C3 S3 G2 H3417 F651 P4-3-4 L44 K567 I0a3.28 O40 Whwan Ywan2 IN644 V34 DR1657 Q5001.7 MN94 MP1.0320 E830 ���� �ޤ� �ޤ�.��� �ޤ�.�� T1 �� �� ��� {round} {full} {month} {perfection} {-ship} {pills} {make round} {roll up} {curl up} {seduce} {explain away} 
�� 345f U5cb8 N1413 B46 S8 G3 H2236 F783 P2-3-5 L1653 K847 I3o5.11 O941 Wan Yan4 IN586 V1459 DR1255 Q2224.1 MN8009 MP4.0242 E248 ���� ���� T1 ���� {beach} 
�� 3464 U5ca9 N1414 B46 S8 G2 H2235 F746 P2-3-5 L770 K744 I3o5.10 O942 Wam Yyan2 IN1345 V1461 DR1277 Q2260.1 MN7985 MP4.0234 E249 ���� ���� {boulder} {rock} {cliff} 
�� 3469 U9854 N5139 B181 S18 G2 H1808 F517 P1-9-9 L1717 K527 I9a9.3 O2754 Wan Yyan2 XJ0707A IN277 V6648 DR461 Q0128.6 MN43591P MP12.0283 E93 ���� ���� {face} {expression} 
�� 346a U9858 N255 B4 C181 S19 G4 H1845 F842 P1-10-9 L135 K869 ZPP3-3-16 I9a10.2 Wweon Yyuan4 IN581 V6653 DR3361 Q7128.6 MN43623 MP12.0293 E446 ���� �ͤ�.�� -�ͤ��� T1 �� {petition} {request} {vow} {wish} {hope} 
�� 346e U559c N1115 B32 C30 S12 G4 H2308 F787 P2-3-9 L1445 K770 I3p9.1 O1709 Wheui Yxi3 IN1143 V858 DR1477 Q4060.1 MN3957 MP2.1089 E450 �� ��.�� ��.�Ф� T1 ���� ���� �Τ� �椭 �褷 {rejoice} {take pleasure in} 
�� 346f U5668 N994 B30 S15 G4 H2713 F543 P2-6-9 L121 K483 ZPP4-15-1 I3d12.13 O2378 Wgi Yqi4 XJ0535A IN527 V898 DR3777 Q6666.3 MN4349P MP2.1154 E452 �� ���Ĥ� {utensil} {vessel} {receptacle} {implement} {instrument} {ability} {container} {tool} {set} 
�� 3475 U5e0c N1470 B50 S7 G4 H2049 F802 P2-2-5 L1489 K798 ZPP3-4-3 ZPP4-7-4 I3f4.1 O445 Wheui Yxi1 IN676 V1553 DR2944 Q4022.7 MN8813 MP4.0414 E447 �� �� �ޤ� T1 �Τ� �Τ��� {hope} {beg} {request} {pray} {beseech} {Greece} {dilute (acid)} {rare} {few} {phenomenal} 
�� 347a U65d7 N2093 B70 S14 G4 H1047 F1100 P1-4-10 L1764 K1174 I4h10.1 O2093 Wgi Yqi2 IN1006 V2402 DR461 Q0828.1 MN13687 MP5.0705 E451 �� �Ϥ� {national flag} {banner} {standard} 
�� 347c U671f N3785 B130 C74 S12 G3 H1704 F120 P1-8-4 L1765 K119 I4b8.11 O1671 Wgi Yji1 Yqi1 Yqi2 XJ05B2E IN449 V4836 DR1946 Q4782.0 MN14378 MP5.1070 E251 �� �� {period} {time} {date} {term} 
�� 3521 U6a5f N2379 B75 S16 G4 H1076 F101 P1-4-12 L1382 K101 I4a12.1 O2869 Wgi Yji1 IN528 V2880 DR1859 Q4295.3 MN15561 MP6.0555 E453 �� �Ϥ� {mechanism} {opportunity} {occasion} {machine} {airplane} 
�� 3522 U5e30 N1582 B58 C18 S10 G2 H130 F399 P1-2-8 L1230 K454 ZPP1-1-9 I2f8.8 O1018 Wgwi Wgwe Ygui1 XJ05D45 XJ06227 IN317 V1564 DR1244 Q2702.7 MN8930 MP4.0443 E96 �� ����.�� ����.�� ����.�� �Ȥ�.�� {homecoming} {arrive at} {lead to} {result in} 
�� 3524 U6c17 N2480 B84 S6 G1 H3194 F69 P3-4-2 L1885 K77 ZPP2-2-4 I0a6.8 O319 Wgi Yqi4 XJ05D66 XJ14949 IN134 V3025 DR2356 Q8041.7 MN17046P MP6.0846 E11 �� �� ���� {spirit} {mind} 
�� 3525 U6c7d N2507 B85 S7 G2 H264 F1641 P1-3-4 L1886 K1732 I3a4.16 Wgi Wheul Yqi4 IN135 V3068 DR356 Q3811.7 MN17177 MP6.0957 E94 �� {vapor} {steam} 
�� 3528 U5b63 N3266 B115 C39 S8 G4 H2554 F920 P2-5-3 L912 K871 ZSP2-5-2 I5d2.3 O725 Wgye Yji4 IN465 V1292 DR2247 Q2040.7 MN6965 MP3.0844 E448 �� T1 ���� �Ȥ� {seasons} 
�� 352a U7d00 N3497 B120 S9 G4 H1276 F968 P1-6-3 L1354 K930 I6a3.5 O1424 Wgi Yji4 IN372 V4439 DR2756 Q2791.7 MN27234 MP8.0935 E449 �� T1 ������ ������ �Ȥ� �Ȥ� �Τ� ��� {chronicle} {account} {narrative} {history} {annals} {geologic period} 
�� 352d U8a18 N4318 B149 S10 G2 H1453 F159 P1-7-3 L529 K147 I7a3.5 O1149 Wgi Yji4 IN371 V5563 DR3056 Q0761.7 MN35244 MP10.0397 E95 �� ����.�� T1 �� {scribe} {account} {narrative} 
�� 352f U8d77 N4541 B156 S10 G3 H3307 F369 P3-7-3 L526 K443 I3b7.11 O1262 Wgi Yqi3 IN373 V5849 DR1470 Q4780.1 MN37048 MP10.0835 E250 �� ��.���� ��.���� ��.���� ����.�� ��.�� {rouse} {wake up} {get up} 
�� 3544 U8b70 N4448 B149 S20 G4 H1647 F41 P1-7-13 L642 K52 I7a13.4 O2876 Weui Yyi4 IN292 V5716 DR3059 Q0865.3 MN36027 MP10.0601 E454 �� T1 ���� �� {deliberation} {consultation} {debate} {consideration} 
�� 3552 U5ba2 N1302 B40 S9 G3 H2250 F528 P2-3-6 L294 K571 I3m6.3 O917 Wgaeg Yke4 IN641 V1329 DR777 Q3060.4 MN7128 MP3.0989 E252 ���㥯 ���� {guest} {visitor} {customer} {client} 
�� 3559 U4f11 N380 B9 S6 G1 H52 F636 P1-2-4 L965 K583 I2a4.2 O233 Whyu Yxiu1 IN60 V142 DR2164 Q2429.0 MN440 MP1.0663 E13 ���奦 �䤹.�� �䤹.�ޤ� �䤹.��� {rest} {day off} {retire} {sleep} 
�� 355c U5bae N1310 B40 S10 G3 H2274 F400 P2-3-7 L1033 K419 I3m7.5 O1184 Wgung Ygong1 IN721 V1336 DR777 Q3060.6 MN7156 MP3.1006 E256 ���奦 ���� �� ���� �ߤ� T1 �� �� {Shinto shrine} {constellations} {palace} {princess} 
�� 355d U5f13 N1560 B57 S3 G2 H3383 F1535 P4-3-1 L1231 K1539 ZSP4-4-1 I3h0.1 O95 Wgung Ygong1 IN212 V1678 DR3552 Q1720.7 Q1772.7 MN9692 MP4.0677 E836 ���奦 ��� T1 �� �� {bow} {bow (archery, violin)} 
�� 355e U6025 N1667 B61 S9 G3 H2092 F263 P2-2-7 L1146 K275 ZPP2-5-4 I2n7.2 Wgeub Yji2 IN303 V1823 DR2558 Q2733.7 MN10475X MP4.1004 E254 ���奦 ����.�� ����.�� {hurry} {emergency} {sudden} {steep} 
�� 355f U6551 N2051 B66 S11 G4 H1497 F811 P1-7-4 L936 K876 I4i7.1 O1406 Wgu Yjiu4 IN725 V2344 DR1466 Q4814.0 MN13221 MP5.0508 E456 ���奦 ����.�� {salvation} {save} {help} {rescue} {reclaim} 
�� 3561 U6c42 N137 B3 C85 S7 G4 H3550 F358 P4-7-3 L934 K332 I2b5.5 O537 Wgu Yqiu2 IN724 V3036 DR1442 Q4313.2 MN17105 MP6.0903 E455 ���奦 �� ���.��� {request} {want} {wish for} {require} {demand} 
�� 3563 U6ce3 N2532 B85 S8 G4 H338 F1117 P1-3-5 L432 K1192 I3a5.1 O590 Weub Yqi4 IN1236 V3104 DR373 Q3011.8 MN17309 MP6.1064 E838 ���奦 ��.�� {cry} {weep} {moan} 
�� 3565 U7403 N2941 B96 S11 G3 H969 F325 P1-4-7 L935 K379 I4f7.2 O1359 Wgu Yqiu2 IN726 V3643 DR3142 Q1313.2 MN21011 MP7.0923 E257 ���奦 ���� T1 �� {ball} {sphere} 
�� 3566 U7a76 N3314 B116 S7 G3 H2203 F428 P2-3-4 L1320 XN2305 K427 ZPP2-5-2 I3m4.5 O492 Wgu Yjiu4 Yjiu1 IN895 V4189 DR757 Q3041.7 MN25409 MP8.0641 E253 ���奦 �� ����.��� T1 ���� {research} {study} 
�� 3569 U7d1a N3496 B120 S9 G3 H1279 F573 P1-6-3 L1353 K505 ZSP1-6-4 I6a3.2 O1680 Wgeub Yji2 IN568 V4437 DR2767 Q2794.7 MN27258P MP8.0959 E255 ���奦 T1 ���� {class} {rank} {grade} 
�� 356b U7d66 N3538 B120 S12 G4 H1350 F546 P1-6-6 L1349 K581 I6a6.7 O2149 Wgeub Ygei3 Yji3 IN346 V4489 DR2777 Q2896.1 MN27432 MP8.1052 E457 ���奦 ����.�� ����.�� -����.�� T1 ���� {salary} {wage} {gift} {allow} {grant} {bestow on} 
�� 356d U725b N2852 B93 S4 G2 H3452 F972 P4-4-3 L245 K909 I4g0.1 O111 Wu Yniu2 IN281 V3532 DR2455 Q2500.0 MN19922 MP7.0610 E97 ���奦 ���� ����- T1 ���� �� {cow} 
�� 356e U53bb N1051 B32 C28 S5 G3 H2156 F567 P2-3-2 L750 K618 I3b2.2 O266 Wgeo Yqu4 XJ13455 IN414 V665 DR1471 Q4073.1 MN3070 MP2.0670 E258 ���� �� ��.�� -��.�� T1 �� {gone} {past} {quit} {leave} {elapse} {eliminate} {divorce} 
�� 3573 U6319 N1902 B64 S10 G4 H2456 F361 P2-4-6 L1938 K439 ZPP2-3-7 ZPP2-6-4 I3n7.1 O1207 Wgeo Yju3 XJ05A29 XJ05A2A IN801 V2150 DR947 Q3250.2 Q9050.2 MN12081P MP5.0229 E458 ���� ��.���� ��.���� ����.�� T1 ���� {raise} {plan} {project} {behavior} {actions} 
�� 3579 U6f01 N2684 B85 S14 G4 H698 F714 P1-3-11 L172 K628 I3a11.1 O2086 Weo Yyu2 IN699 V3309 DR340 Q3713.6 MN18101 MP7.0203 E459 ���� ��祦 ����.�� {fishing} {fishery} 
�� 357b U9b5a N5281 B195 S11 G2 H2127 F961 P2-2-9 L171 K1008 ZPP2-7-4 I11a0.1 O1485 Weo Yyu2 IN290 V6845 DR2540 Q2733.6 MN45956 MP12.0708 E98 ���� ���� ������ -������ T1 �� {fish} 
�� 357e U4eac N295 B8 S8 G2 H2052 F46 P2-2-6 L312 K16 I2j6.3 O663 Wgyeong Yjing1 XJ05037 IN189 V93 DR441 Q0090.6 MN299 MP1.0545 E99 ���祦 ���� ���� �ߤ䤳 T1 ���� {capital} {10**16} 
�� 3625 U7af6 N3364 B117 S20 G4 H1847 F553 P1-10-10 L434 K609 ZPP2-10-10 I5b15.1 O2927 Wgyeong Yjing4 IN852 V4244 DR457 Q0021.6 MN25831 MP8.7280 E463 ���祦 ���� ����.�� ��.�� T1 ���� �錄�ʤ� {emulate} {compete with} {bid} {sell at auction} {bout} {contest} {race} 
�� 3626 U5171 N581 B12 S6 G4 H2393 F140 P2-4-2 L1795 K159 ZPP2-3-3 I3k3.3 O292 Wgong Ygong4 Ygong1 Ygong3 IN196 V373 DR1961 Q4480.1 MN1458 MP2.0080 E460 ���祦 �Ȥ� �Ȥ�.�� -�ɤ� {together} {both} {neither} {all} {and} {alike} {with} 
�� 3628 U5354 N774 B24 S8 G4 H93 F186 P1-2-6 L872 K209 I2k6.1 O548 Whyeob Yxie2 IN234 V617 DR1445 Q4402.7 MN2742 MP2.0559 E461 ���祦 {co-} {cooperation} 
�� 362f U5f37 N1571 B57 S11 G2 H475 F108 P1-3-8 L1235 K112 I3h8.3 O1878 Wgang Yqiang2 Yjiang4 Yqiang3 IN217 V1695 DR3571 Q1323.6 MN9815 MP4.0759 E100 ���祦 ���� �Ĥ�.�� �Ĥ�.�ޤ� �Ĥ�.��� ��.���� ����.�� T1 ���� {strong} 
�� 3635 U6559 N2052 B66 S11 G2 H1493 F97 P1-7-4 L1254 K97 ZSP1-6-4 I4i6.1 O1408 Wgyo Yjiao4 Yjiao1 IN245 V2345 DR1466 Q4844.0 MN13213 MP5.0507 E101 ���祦 ����.���� ����.��� T1 �Τ� �Ҥ� {teach} {faith} {doctrine} 
�� 3636 U6a4b N2378 B75 S16 G3 H1078 F339 P1-4-12 L429 K272 I4a12.8 O2485 Wgyo Yqiao2 XJ14469 IN597 V2879 DR1849 Q4292.7 MN15526 MP6.0547 E259 ���祦 �Ϥ� T1 �Ф� {bridge} 
�� 3640 U93e1 N4912 B167 S19 G4 H1766 F1484 P1-8-11 L483 K1358 I8a11.6 O2817 Wgyeong Yjing4 XJ14B39 IN863 V6341 DR2857 Q8011.6 MN40812 MP11.0623 E462 ���祦 ���� ������ T1 ���� ���� ������ {mirror} {speculum} {barrel-head} {round rice-cake offering} 
�� 3648 U696d N143 B3 C75 S13 G3 H2612 F50 P2-5-8 L1792 K54 I0a13.3 O2024 Weob Yye4 IN279 V2789 DR1064 Q3290.4 MN15170 MP6.0468 E260 ���祦 ���� �虜 T1 �ʤ� �Τ� {business} {vocation} {arts} {performance} 
�� 3649 U5c40 N1384 B44 S7 G3 H3063 F188 P3-3-4 L1066 K194 ZPP3-4-3 I3r4.4 O514 Wgug Yju2 IN170 V1412 DR3749 Q7722.7 MN7653 MP4.0135 E262 ���祯 �Ĥܤ� {bureau} {board} {office} {affair} {conclusion} {court lady} {lady-in-waiting} {her apartment} 
�� 364a U66f2 N103 B2 C73 S6 G3 H3527 F602 P4-6-2 L1172 K604 I0a6.27 O327 Wgog Yqu3 Yqu1 IN366 V2418 DR1976 Q5560.0 MN14280 MP5.0952 E261 ���祯 ��.���� ��.���� T1 �ޤ��� {bend} {music} {melody} {composition} {pleasure} {injustice} {fault} {curve} {crooked} {perverse} {lean} 
�� 364b U6975 N2305 B75 S13 G4 H1017 F597 P1-4-9 L1903 K652 ZSP1-4-8 I4a8.11 O1896 Wgeug Yji2 IN336 V2753 DR1872 Q4191.4 MN15181 MP6.0472 E464 ���祯 ���� ����.��� ����.�ޤ� ����.�ޤ� ����.�� ��.��� -��.�� ��.�ޤ� {poles} {settlement} {conclusion} {end} {highest rank} {electric poles} {very} {extremely} {most} {highly} {10**48} 
�� 364c U7389 N2923 B96 S5 G1 H3477 F618 P4-5-1 L256 K610 I4f0.2 O204 Wog Yyu4 IN295 V3620 DR3172 Q1010.3 MN20821 MP7.0780 E102 ���祯 ���� ����- -���� T1 ���� ���� {jewel} {ball} 
�� 3661 U8fd1 N4671 B162 S7 S6 G2 H3061 F119 P3-3-4 L1129 K127 ZSP3-2-4 I2q4.3 O506 Wgeun Yjin4 IN445 V6021 DR2654 Q3230.2 MN38752P MP11.0013 E103 ���� ���� ����.�� T1 ���� ���� ���� {near} {early} {akin} {tantamount} 
�� 3662 U91d1 N4815 B167 S8 G1 H2057 F71 P2-2-6 L269 K59 I8a0.1 O664 Wgim Wgeum Yjin1 IN23 V6211 DR2872 Q8010.9 MN40152 MP11.0445 E14 ���� ���� ���� ���� ����- -���� T1 ���� ���� �� ���� �� {gold} 
�� 3664 U9280 N4855 B167 S14 G3 H1722 F363 P1-8-6 L1459 K264 I8a6.3 O2345 Weun Yyin2 IN313 V6268 DR2865 Q8713.2 MN40355 MP11.0525 E263 ���� ����� T1 ���� ���� ���� {silver} 
�� 3665 U4e5d N146 B4 C5 S2 G1 H3369 F47 P4-2-4 L9 K58 I0a2.15 O16 Wgu Wgyu Yjiu3 IN11 V57 DR1657 Q4001.7 MN167 MP1.0356 E12 ���奦 �� ������ ������.�� T1 �������� �����Τ� ���� �Ҥ��� {nine} 
�� 3668 U533a N757 B22 C23 S4 G3 H2963 F99 P3-2-2 L1696 K67 I2t2.1 Wgu Wu Yqu1 You1 XJ0523F IN183 V585 DR3475 Q7171.4 MN2674 MP2.0474 E465 �� ���� ���� {ward} {district} 
�� 366c U82e6 N3928 B140 S8 G3 H2243 F548 P2-3-5 L225 K597 I3k5.24 O687 Wgo Yku3 IN545 V5009 DR1977 Q4460.4 MN30797P MP9.0584 E264 �� ����.���� -����.���� ����.���� ����.����� �ˤ�.�� �ˤ�.�� {suffering} {trial} {worry} {hardship} {feel bitter} {scowl} 
�� 3671 U5177 N3128 B109 C12 S8 G3 H2552 F564 P2-5-3 L74 K513 I5c3.1 O718 Wgu Yju4 IN420 V376 DR3961 Q6080.1 MN1473 MP2.0097 E265 �� ����.���� �Ĥ֤�.�� T1 �Ȥ� {tool} {utensil} {means} {possess} {ingredients} {counter for armor, suits, sets of furniture} 
�� 3675 U7a7a N3317 B116 S8 G1 H2227 F224 P2-3-5 L1317 K233 ZPP2-5-3 I3m5.12 O723 Wgong Ykong1 Ykong4 IN140 V4192 DR772 Q3010.1 MN25415 MP8.0643 E15 ���� ���� ��.�� ��.�� ��.���� ���� ��.�� ��.���� ���.���� T1 ���� �� �� {empty} {sky} {void} {vacant} {vacuum} 
�� 372f U541b N899 B30 S7 G3 H3206 F630 P3-4-3 L1162 K700 ZPP4-7-1 I3d4.23 O515 Wgun Yjun1 IN793 V746 DR3577 Q1760.7 MN3323 MP2.0847 E266 ���� ���� -���� T1 �� {old boy} {name-suffix} 
�� 3731 U8a13 N4317 B149 S10 G4 H1454 F976 P1-7-3 L341 K1059 I7a3.6 O1148 Whun Yxun4 IN771 V5562 DR3054 Q0260.0 MN35238 MP10.0393 E656 ���� ���� ����.���� ��.�� ����.���� T1 �� ���� ���� ���Ȥ� �Τ� �դ� {instruction} {Japanese character reading} {explanation} {read} 
�� 3733 U8ecd N628 B14 C159 S9 G4 H2080 F154 P2-2-7 L301 K193 I2i7.1 O906 Wgun Yjun1 IN438 V5943 DR3655 Q3750.6 MN38179 MP10.0990 E466 ���� {army} {force} {troops} {war} {battle} 
�� 3734 U90e1 N4764 B163 S10 S9 G4 H1466 F772 P1-7-3 L1843 K797 ZSP1-7-2 I2d7.12 O1146 Wgun Yjun4 IN193 V6143 DR3544 Q1762.7 MN39436 MP11.0251 E467 ���� ������ {county} {district} 
�� 3738 U4fc2 N449 B9 S9 G3 H97 F241 P1-2-7 L1392 K263 I2a7.8 Wgye Yxi4 IN909 V217 DR2141 Q2229.3 MN663 MP1.0775 E268 ���� ����.�� ������ -������ ����.��� {person in charge} {connection} {duty} {concern oneself} 
�� 373b U5144 N875 B30 C10 S5 G2 H2154 F974 P2-3-2 L103 K1049 I3d2.9 O181 Whyeong Yxiong1 IN406 V344 DR3757 Q6021.0 MN1343 MP1.0996 E267 ���� ���祦 ���� T1 �� �� �褷 {elder brother} {big brother} 
�� 373f U578b N1077 B32 S9 G4 H2638 F462 P2-6-3 L680 K423 I3b6.11 Whyeong Yxing2 IN888 V1010 DR3272 Q1210.4 MN5030 MP3.0171 E468 ���� ���� -���� {mould} {type} {model} 
�� 3741 U5f62 N1589 B59 S7 G2 H846 F404 P1-4-3 L1711 K408 I3j4.1 O414 Whyeong Yxing2 IN395 V1713 DR3260 Q1242.2 MN9969 MP4.0784 E104 ���� ���祦 ���� -���� ������ �ʤ� T1 �� {shape} {form} {style} 
�� 3742 U5f84 N1602 B60 S8 G4 H291 F1382 P1-3-5 L882 K1451 I3i5.5 O576 Wgyeong Yjing4 XJ0574D XJ06D74 IN1475 V1730 DR2072 Q2721.4 MN10080P MP4.0820 E845 ���� �ߤ� ���ߤ� �����錄�� �������� {diameter} {path} {method} 
�� 374a U666f N2142 B72 S12 G4 H2470 F621 P2-4-8 L314 K645 ZPP2-6-6 I4c8.8 O1764 Wgyeong Wyeong Yjing3 Yying3 IN853 V2487 DR3841 Q6090.6 MN13983 MP5.0893 E469 ���� T1 ���� {scenery} {view} 
�� 3757 U8a08 N4312 B149 S9 G2 H1441 F193 P1-7-2 L337 K186 I7a2.1 O895 Wgye Yji4 IN340 V5555 DR3055 Q0460.0 MN35220 MP10.0386 E105 ���� �Ϥ�.�� �Ϥ�.�餦 T1 �� ���� �� {plot} {plan} {scheme} {measure} 
�� 375a U8efd N4620 B159 S12 G3 H1515 F690 P1-7-5 L717 K650 I7c5.3 O1657 Wgyeong Yqing1 XJ06D4B IN547 V5953 DR1572 Q5701.4 MN38281 MP10.1011 E269 ���� ����.�� ����.�䤫 ����.�󤸤� {lightly} {trifling} {unimportant} 
�� 375d U82b8 N3908 B140 S7 G4 H2209 F631 P2-3-4 L421 K588 I3k4.12 O689 Wun Wye Yyun2 XJ0693A XJ15076 IN435 V4978 DR1971 Q4473.1 MN30741P MP9.0558 E470 ���� ���� ��.���� �Τ� �虜 T1 �� �� �ʤ� {technique} {art} {craft} {performance} {acting} {trick} {stunt} 
�� 3767 U6b20 N2412 B76 S4 G4 H1987 F875 P2-2-2 L466 K968 ZPP4-4-4 I4j0.1 Wheum Wgam Wgyeol Yqian4 XJ0657E XJ1546B IN383 V2928 DR2562 Q2780.2 MN15991 MP6.0614 E471 ���� ���� ��.���� ��.�� T2 ������ {lack} {gap} {fail} 
�� 3768 U6c7a N2509 B85 S7 G3 H263 F80 P1-3-4 L1641 K94 I3a4.6 O402 Wgyeol Yjue2 XJ05153 IN356 V3070 DR363 Q3513.0 MN17174 MP6.0953 E271 ���� ��.��� -��.�� ��.�ޤ� ��.�� {decide} {fix} {agree upon} {appoint} 
�� 376b U7d50 N3540 B120 S12 G4 H1348 F143 P1-6-6 L1351 K163 I6a6.5 O2151 Wgyeol Yjie2 Yjie1 IN485 V4492 DR2777 Q2496.1 MN27398 MP8.1032 E472 ���� ���� �ह.�� ��.�� ��.�廊�� T1 �椤 �椦 {tie} {bind} {contract} {join} {organize} {do up hair} {fasten} 
�� 376c U8840 N4205 B143 S6 G3 H3526 F689 P4-6-2 L1448 K637 I5h1.1 O337 Whyeol Yxie3 Yxue4 IN789 V5411 DR874 Q2710.0 MN33964 MP10.0129 E270 ���� �� {blood} 
�� 376e U6708 N2169 B74 S4 G1 H2956 F25 P3-2-2 L13 K26 ZPP4-4-1 I4b0.1 O80 Wweol Yyue4 IN17 V2530 DR3946 Q7722.0 MN14330 MP5.1010 E16 ���� ���� �Ĥ� T1 ���� ���� �� ���� ��� {month} {moon} 
�� 3772 U5065 N512 B9 S11 G4 H134 F614 P1-2-9 L974 K568 ZSP1-2-8 I2a8.34 O1282 Wgeon Wgyeon Yjian4 XJ13D32 IN893 V278 DR2167 Q2524.0 MN875 MP1.0869 E474 ���� ����.�䤫 T1 ���� ���� ������ ���� �Ȥ� �䤹 �䤹�� {healthy} {health} {strength} {persistence} 
�� 377a U5efa N1549 B54 S9 G4 H3090 F235 P3-3-6 L391 K244 ZSP3-2-6 I2q6.2 O995 Wgeon Yjian4 IN892 V1660 DR3567 Q1540.0 MN9574 MP4.0652 E473 ���� ���� ��.�Ƥ� ��.�� -��.�� ��.�� T1 ���� ���� ���� {build} 
�� 3824 U72ac N2868 B94 S4 G1 H3464 F1262 P4-4-4 L238 K1295 I3g0.1 O107 Wgyeon Yquan3 Yquan2 IN280 V3553 DR1463 Q4303.0 MN20234 MP7.0667 E17 ���� ���� ����- {dog} 
�� 3826 U7814 N3180 B112 S9 G3 H1132 F431 P1-5-4 L675 K426 I5a4.1 O875 Wyeon Yyan2 Yyan4 IN896 V3991 DR3355 Q1164.0 MN24080 MP8.0348 E272 ���� ��.�� T1 �� {polish} {study of} {sharpen} 
�� 3829 U770c N1362 B42 C109 S9 G3 H2641 F182 P2-6-3 L513 K195 ZPP2-5-4 ZPP3-4-5 I3n6.3 O1252 Whyeon Yxian4 XJ06551 IN194 V3918 DR1241 XDR3941 Q2690.1 MN23210P MP8.0194 E273 ���� ��.���� T1 ������ ���� {prefecture} 
�� 382b U898b N4284 B147 S7 G1 H2544 F45 P2-5-2 L57 K48 I5c2.1 O518 Wgyeon Whyeon Yjian4 Yxian4 IN63 V5522 DR3957 Q6021.0 MN34796 MP10.0316 E18 ���� ��.�� ��.���� ��.���� {see} {hopes} {chances} {idea} {opinion} {look at} {visible} 
�� 3833 U9a13 N5220 B187 S18 G4 H1833 F402 P1-10-8 L1980 K404 I10a8.4 Wheom Yyan4 XJ07164 XJ1693C IN532 V6758 DR3463 Q7833.6 MN44835 MP12.0534 E475 ���� ���� ������ ���뤷 ����.�� ���ᤷ {verification} {effect} {testing} 
�� 3835 U5143 N275 B7 C10 S4 G2 H1929 F356 P2-1-3 L59 K328 I0a4.5 O60 Wweon Yyuan2 IN137 V343 DR3057 Q1021.1 MN1340 MP1.0973 E106 ���� ���� ��� T1 ���� �Ϥ��� �Ϥ� �椭 �褷 {beginning} {former time} {origin} 
�� 3836 U539f N825 B27 S10 G2 H3009 F141 P3-2-8 L134 K132 I2p8.1 O1231 Wweon Yyuan2 XJ1344B IN136 V652 DR3341 Q7129.6 MN2973 MP2.0653 E107 ���� �Ϥ� T1 �� �Ф� �� �錄 ��� {meadow} {original} {primitive} {field} {plain} {prairie} {tundra} {wilderness} 
�� 3840 U8a00 N4309 B149 S7 G2 H1941 F249 P2-1-6 L335 K279 I7a0.1 O439 Weon Yyan2 IN66 V5552 DR3077 Q0060.1 MN35205 MP10.0380 E274 ���� ���� ��.�� ���� T1 �Ȥ� {say} 
�� 3845 U53e4 N770 B24 C30 S5 G2 H2002 F384 P2-2-3 L16 K373 I2k3.1 O154 Wgo Ygu3 IN172 V702 DR1577 Q4060.0 MN3233 MP2.0724 E109 �� �դ�.�� �դ�- -�դ�.�� T1 �դ� {old} 
�� 3847 U56fa N1036 B31 S8 G4 H3086 F767 P3-3-5 L580 K834 I3s5.2 O744 Wgo Ygu4 IN972 V949 DR1577 XDR3675 Q6060.4 MN4745 MP3.0065 E476 �� ����.��� ����.�ޤ� ����.�ޤ� ����.�� {harden} {set} {clot} {curdle} 
�� 384b U5eab N1512 B53 S10 G3 H3112 F705 P3-3-7 L589 K656 I3q7.1 O1243 Wgo Yku4 IN825 V1617 DR555 Q0025.6 MN9330 MP4.0568 E275 �� �� ���� {warehouse} {storehouse} 
�� 384d U6238 N1817 B63 S4 G2 H1930 F381 P2-1-3 L1076 K342 I4m0.1 O59 Who Yhu4 IN152 V2048 DR3060 Q3027.7 Q3020.7 MN11696X MP5.0055 E108 �� �� T1 �� �� T2 �ȤӤ�Τ� {door} 
�� 3850 U6e56 N2628 B85 S12 G3 H604 F1082 P1-3-9 L148 K1086 I3a9.8 O1584 Who Yhu2 IN467 V3240 DR346 Q3712.0 MN17836 MP7.0126 E276 �� �ߤ����� T1 ���� �� {lake} 
�� 385e U4e94 N15 B1 C7 S4 G1 H3436 F13 P4-4-1 L5 K14 I0a4.27 O91 Wo Ywu3 IN7 V77 DR3173 Q1010.7 MN257 MP1.0460 E19 �� ���� ����.�� T1 �� �� ���� �� �� �� �� {five} 
�� 3861 U5348 N162 B4 C24 S4 G2 H1984 F83 P2-2-2 L568 K98 ZPP4-4-3 I2k2.2 O112 Wo Ywu3 IN49 V604 DR2355 Q8040.0 MN2703 MP2.0538 E110 �� ���� {noon} 
�� 3865 U5f8c N1610 B60 S9 G2 H361 F32 P1-3-6 L1379 K45 I3i6.5 O1300 Whu Yhou4 IN48 V1742 DR2067 Q2224.7 MN10098 MP4.0829 E111 �� ���� �� ����.�� ������ ���� ����.��� T1 ���� �� ���� ���� {behind} {back} {later} 
�� 386c U8a9e N4374 B149 S14 G2 H1543 F265 P1-7-7 L347 K274 I7a7.6 O2136 Weo Yyu3 Yyu4 IN67 V5628 DR3077 Q0166.1 MN35533 MP10.0474 E112 �� ����.�� ����.�餦 {word} {speech} {language} 
�� 3872 U4ea4 N290 B8 S6 G2 H2015 F178 P2-2-4 L1275 K200 ZPP2-4-2 I2j4.3 O293 Wgyo Yjiao1 IN114 V90 DR466 Q0040.8 MN291 MP1.0533 E115 ���� �ޤ�.��� �ޤ�.���� ��.���� �ޤ�.�� ��.���� ��.���� -��.�� ��.�魯 ����.�� ���⤴�� T1 ���� {mingle} {mixing} {association} {coming & going} 
�� 3875 U5019 N481 B9 S10 G4 H119 F737 P1-2-8 L1640 K817 I2a8.10 O1029 Whu Yhou4 IN944 V250 DR2163 Q2723.4 MN775 MP1.0831 E478 ���� ����� {climate} {season} {weather} 
�� 3877 U5149 N1358 B42 C10 S6 G2 H2391 F439 P2-4-2 L119 K417 ZPP2-3-3 I3n3.2 O281 Wgwang Yguang1 XJ14945 XJ1494F IN138 V349 DR1057 Q9021.1 MN1350 MP1.1013 E116 ���� �Ҥ�.�� �Ҥ��� T1 ���� ������ ���� �Ƥ� �Ҥ� �� �ߤ� {ray} {light} 
�� 3878 U516c N579 B12 S4 G2 H1974 F116 P2-2-2 L784 K122 I2o2.2 O156 Wgong Ygong1 IN126 V372 DR2071 Q8073.2 Q8073.0 MN1452 MP2.0026 E277 ���� �� �����䤱 T1 ������ �� ���� ���� ���� ������ �Ȥ� �Ҥ� �ޤ� {public} {prince} {official} {governmental} 
�� 3879 U529f N1454 B48 C19 S5 G4 H189 F702 P1-3-2 L863 K765 I2g3.2 O135 Wgong Ygong1 IN818 V522 DR3145 Q1412.7 MN2295 MP2.0364 E477 ���� �� ������ T1 ���� ���� ���� ���� ���� �ĤȤ� �Ȥ� �Τ� �褷 {achievement} {merits} {success} {honor} {credit} 
�� 387d U53e3 N868 B30 S3 G1 H3382 F244 P4-3-1 L11 K213 ZPP3-3-0 I3d0.1 O29 Wgu Ykou3 IN54 V685 DR3777 Q6000.0 MN3227 MP2.0717 E20 ���� �� ���� {mouth} 
�� 387e U5411 N101 B2 C30 S6 G3 H3052 F190 P3-3-3 L183 K217 I3d3.10 O312 Whyang Wsang Yxiang4 IN199 V712 DR849 Q2722.0 MN3301 MP2.0843 E278 ���� ��.�� ��.�� -��.�� ��.���� -��.�� ��.���� ��.���� ��.���� ��.����- �ळ �फ.�� T1 ���� �� �� �फ �फ�� �ळ�� {yonder} {facing} {beyond} {confront} {defy} {tend toward} {approach} 
�� 3925 U597d N1191 B38 S6 G4 H208 F343 P1-3-3 L99 K308 ZSP1-3-2 I3e2.1 O413 Who Yhao3 Yhao4 IN104 V1180 DR1747 Q4744.7 MN6053 MP3.0627 E859 ���� ����.�� ��.�� ��.�� ��.�� T1 �� ���� �Ȥ� �褷 {fond} {pleasing} {like something} 
�� 3929 U5de5 N1451 B48 S3 G2 H3381 F189 P4-3-1 L76 K169 I0a3.6 O39 Wgong Ygong1 IN139 V1532 DR3172 Q1010.0 MN8714 MP4.0340 E113 ���� �� �� T1 �⤯ T2 ������ {craft} {construction} 
�� 392c U5e78 N1073 B32 C51 S8 G3 H2216 F740 P2-3-5 L1505 K683 I3b5.9 O661 Whaeng Yxing4 IN684 V1595 DR1455 Q4040.1 MN9176 MP4.0522 E279 ���� ������.�� ���� ������.�� T1 �� ���� ���� ���� �Ȥ� �Ҥ� �ߤ椭 �� �椭 �褷 {happiness} {blessing} {fortune} 
�� 392d U5e83 N1499 B53 S5 G2 H3035 F324 P3-3-2 L739 K311 I3q2.1 O316 Wgwang Yguang3 Yan1 XJ05722 IN694 V1604 DR571 Q0023.2 MN9224P MP4.0547 E114 ���� �Ҥ�.�� �Ҥ�.�ޤ� �Ҥ�.��� �Ҥ�.���� �Ҥ�.���� {wide} {broad} {spacious} 
�� 392f U5eb7 N1518 B53 S11 G4 H3124 F880 P3-3-8 L1159 K783 I3q8.1 O1509 Wgang Ykang1 IN894 V1621 DR542 Q0023.2 MN9376 MP4.0581 E480 ���� T1 ���� �� �ߤ� �䤹 �䤹�� {ease} {peace} 
�� 393b U6821 N2260 B75 S10 G1 H929 F168 P1-4-6 L1278 K176 I4a6.24 O1096 Wgyo Whyo Yxiao4 Yjiao4 IN115 V2669 DR1866 Q4094.8 MN14713 MP6.0298 E21 ���� ���祦 T1 ��� {exam} {school} {printing} {proof} {correction} 
�� 3941 U6e2f N2630 B85 S12 G3 H605 F444 P1-3-9 L1800 K445 I3a9.13 O1583 Whang Wgang Ygang3 IN669 V3242 DR356 Q3411.7 MN17783P MP7.0104 E280 ���� �ߤʤ� {harbor} 
�� 394d U8003 N3684 B125 S6 G2 H3196 F170 P3-4-2 L1252 K191 ZPP2-4-2 ZPP4-6-4 ZSP3-4-3 ZBP2-4-3 ZBP4-7-4 I2k4.4 O540 Wgo Ykao3 IN541 V4697 DR1452 Q4420.7 MN28843 MP9.0157 E117 ���� ����.���� ����.�� T1 ���� {consider} {think over} 
�� 3952 U822a N3867 B137 S10 G4 H1318 F456 P1-6-4 L1870 K497 I6c4.2 O1136 Whang Yhang2 IN823 V4933 DR857 Q2041.7 MN30385 MP9.0482 E479 ���� T1 �錄�� {navigate} {sail} {cruise} {fly} 
�� 3954 U884c N4213 B144 S6 G2 H212 F21 P1-3-3 L873 XB60 K31 I3i3.1 O245 Whaeng Whang Yxing2 Yhang2 Yhang4 Yxing4 IN68 V5419 DR2053 Q2122.1 MN34029 MP10.0135 E118 ���� ���祦 ���� ��.�� ��.�� -��.�� -�椭 -��.�� -���� ������.�� ����.�ʤ� T1 ���� �ʤ� �ʤ� �ߤ� �椭 �椯 {going} {journey} 
�� 3962 U9ad8 N5248 B189 S10 G2 H2097 F55 P2-2-8 L307 K49 I2j8.6 O1163 Wgo Ygao1 IN190 V6796 DR449 Q0022.7 MN45313 MP12.0588 E119 ���� ����.�� ���� -���� ����.�ޤ� ����.��� T1 �� �� ���礤 �� �Ϥ� {tall} {high} {expensive} 
�� 3966 U53f7 N882 B30 S5 G3 H2153 F458 P2-3-2 L1242 K368 ZSP2-3-3 I3d2.10 O272 Who Yhao4 Yhao2 XJ0694B IN266 V692 DR3752 Q6020.7 MN3256 MP2.0777 E281 ���� ����.�� ��Ӥ� {nickname} {number} {item} {title} {pseudonym} {name} {call} 
�� 3967 U5408 N383 B9 C30 S6 G2 H2019 F39 P2-2-4 L253 K46 I2a4.18 O270 Whab Yhe2 IN159 V715 DR2877 Q8060.1 MN3287 MP2.0795 E121 ���� ���� ���� ��.�� -��.�� ��.�� ����- -��.�� -���� ��.�魯 ��.�碌�� -��.�碌�� T1 ���� ���� �� �� ���� ���� �� �� �� �� �襤 {fit} {suit} {join} {0.1} 
�� 3970 U544a N900 B30 S7 G4 H2409 F287 P2-4-3 L247 K320 I3d4.18 O490 Wgo Wgog Ygao4 Ygu4 IN690 V744 DR2477 Q2460.1 MN3381P MP2.0911 E481 ���� ��.���� T1 �� {revelation} {tell} {inform} {announce} 
�� 3971 U56fd N1037 B31 S8 G2 H3087 F9 P3-3-5 L581 K8 I3s5.1 O745 Wgug Yguo2 XJ05422 IN40 V950 DR3172 Q6010.3 MN4752 MP3.0068 E123 ���� ���� T1 ���� �� {country} 
�� 3975 U9ed2 N5403 B203 S11 G2 H2740 F302 P2-7-4 L174 K317 I4d7.2 O1486 Wheug Yhei1 IN206 V7052 DR3640 Q6033.1 MN48040 MP12.1017 E124 ���� ���� ����.���� ����.�� {black} 
�� 3a23 U4eca N352 B9 S4 G2 H1968 F135 P2-2-2 L1587 K146 ZPP2-3-1 I2a2.10 O67 Wgeum Yjin1 IN51 V112 DR2860 Q8020.7 MN358 MP1.0588 E125 ���� ���� ���� T1 �� {now} 
�� 3a2c U6839 N2261 B75 S10 G3 H930 F496 P1-4-6 L1461 K535 I4a6.5 O1372 Wgeun Ygen1 IN314 V2670 DR1865 Q4793.2 MN14745 MP6.0305 E282 ���� �� -�� {root} {radical} {head (pimple)} 
�� 3a38 U5de6 N1455 B48 S5 G1 H2974 F452 P3-2-3 L77 K477 I0a5.20 O169 Wjwa Yzuo3 IN75 V1535 DR1472 Q4001.1 MN8720 MP4.0345 E22 �� ���� �Ҥ��� T1 �� {left} 
�� 3a39 U5dee N3662 B123 C48 S10 G4 H3311 F583 P3-7-3 L554 K614 ZPP2-2-8 ZPP2-3-7 ZPP2-6-4 I2o8.4 O1164 Wcha Wchi Ychai1 Ycha1 Ycha4 Yci1 IN658 V1537 DR972 Q8021.1 MN8732 MP4.0377 E482 �� ��.�� ��.�� {distinction} {difference} {variation} {discrepancy} {margin} {balance} 
�� 3a47 U6700 N2146 B72 C73 S12 G4 H2472 F118 P2-4-8 L821 K121 I4c8.10 O1742 Wchoe Yzui4 XJ13277 IN263 V2492 DR3867 Q6014.7 MN14301 MP5.0999 E484 ���� ���� ��ä�.�� �Ĥ� T1 �� {utmost} {most} {extreme} 
�� 3a4d U624d N270 B6 C64 S3 G2 H3410 F718 P4-3-3 L681 K639 I0a3.27 O35 Wjae Ycai2 IN551 V2059 DR1447 Q4020.0 Q5000.0 MN11769 MP5.0087 E126 ���� {genius} {years old} 
�� 3a57 U796d N3247 B113 S11 G3 H2672 F934 P2-6-5 L1102 K899 ZPP2-7-4 I4e6.3 O1467 Wje Wchae Yji4 Yzhai4 IN617 V4092 DR2541 Q2790.1 MN24700 MP8.0470 E283 ���� �ޤ�.�� �ޤ�.�� �ޤĤ� {ritual} {offer prayers} {celebrate} {deify} {enshrine} {worship} 
�� 3a59 U7d30 N3522 B120 S11 G2 H1333 F729 P1-6-5 L1363 K721 I6a5.1 O1958 Wse Yxi4 IN695 V4472 DR2776 Q2690.0 MN27344 MP8.1011 E284 ���� �ۤ�.�� �ۤ�.�� ����.�� ����.���� {dainty} {get thin} {taper} {slender} {narrow} 
�� 3a5a U83dc N3982 B140 S11 G4 H2305 F1075 P2-3-8 L734 K1108 I3k8.25 O1447 Wchae Ycai4 IN931 V5097 DR1964 Q4490.4 MN31184P MP9.0704 E483 ���� �� T1 �褦 {vegetable} {side dish} {greens} 
�� 3a60 U6750 N2189 B75 S7 G4 H836 F599 P1-4-3 L683 K590 I4a3.6 O420 Wjae Ycai2 IN552 V2561 DR1847 Q4490.0 MN14463 MP6.0140 E485 ���� T1 �� ���� {lumber} {log} {timber} {wood} {talent} 
�� 3a64 U5742 N1061 B32 S7 G3 H234 F646 P1-3-4 L723 K595 I3b4.7 O390 Wpan Yban3 XJ03A65 IN443 V985 DR1467 Q4114.7 MN4910 MP3.0146 E372 �ϥ� ���� T1 �� �� {slope} {incline} {hill} 
�� 3a6e U4f5c N407 B9 S7 G2 H68 F112 P1-2-5 L1142 K99 I2a5.10 O362 Wjag Wja Wju Yzuo1 Yzuo4 Yzuo2 IN360 V167 DR2154 Q2821.1 MN518 MP1.0718 E127 ���� �� �Ĥ�.�� �Ĥ�.�� -�Ť�.�� T1 ���� ���� ���� �Ť��� �Ȥ� �ʤ� �Ϥ� �ޤ��� {make} {production} {prepare} {build} 
�� 3a72 U6628 N2119 B72 S9 G4 H893 F288 P1-4-5 L1140 K346 I4c5.3 Wjag Yzuo2 IN361 V2449 DR3854 Q6801.1 MN13847 MP5.0834 E486 ���� {yesterday} {previous} 
�� 3a7e U5237 N210 B4 C18 S8 G4 H1273 F1351 P1-6-2 L1069 K1261 I2f6.9 O655 Wswae Yshua1 Yshua4 IN1044 V479 DR3743 Q7220.0 MN1964 MP2.0257 E487 ���� ��.�� -��.�� -���� ��.�� {printing} {print} 
�� 3b21 U5bdf N1334 B40 S14 G4 H2347 F616 P2-3-11 L1103 K671 I3m11.6 O2180 Wchal Ycha2 IN619 V1360 DR741 Q3090.1 MN7283 MP3.1079 E489 ���� {guess} {presume} {surmise} {judge} {understand} 
�� 3b25 U672d N2171 B75 S5 G4 H817 F803 P1-4-1 L212 K811 I4a1.1 O145 Wchal Yzha2 IN1157 V2533 DR1856 Q4291.0 MN14422 MP6.0035 E1304 ���� �դ� T1 ���� {tag} {paper money} {no. of bonds} {placard} {bid} 
�� 3b26 U6bba N2454 B79 S10 G4 H1324 F541 P1-6-4 L1493 K546 I4a6.35 O1138 Wsal Wsoe Ysha1 Yshai4 XJ1497D IN576 V2994 DR2968 Q4794.7 MN16629 MP6.0775 E488 ���� ���� ���� ����.�� -����.�� ��.�� {kill} {murder} {butcher} {slice off} {split} {diminish} {reduce} {spoil} 
�� 3b2e U76bf N3113 B108 S5 G3 H3474 F1813 P4-5-1 L1447 K1651 ZPP3-3-2 I5h0.1 Wmyeong Ymin3 IN1097 V3885 DR3674 Q7710.0 MN22941 MP8.0103 E1307 �٥� ���� {dish} {a helping} {plate} 
�� 3b30 U4e09 N8 B1 S3 G1 H1924 F6 P2-1-2 L3 K10 I0a3.1 O22 Wsam Ysan1 XJ13C60 IN4 V8 DR3072 Q1010.1 MN12 MP1.0107 E23 ���� ���� �� ��.�� �ߤ�.�� T1 �� �� ���� ���� ���� �� ���� ���� ���� �� ���� �ߤ� �ߤ� �� �� {three} 
�� 3b32 U53c2 N850 B28 S8 G4 H2066 F346 P2-2-6 L1720 K392 I3j5.1 O978 Wsam Wcham Ycan1 Ycen1 Yshen1 XJ05254 XJ13458 IN710 V666 DR2760 Q2320.2 MN3090 MP2.0674 E490 ���� ���� �ޤ�.�� �ޤ�- �ޤ���� �ߤ� T1 �� {nonplussed} {three} {going} {coming} {visiting} {visit} {be defeated} {die} {be madly in love} 
�� 3b33 U5c71 N1407 B46 S3 G1 H2940 F70 P3-2-1 L768 K60 ZPP4-3-2 I3o0.1 O89 Wsan Yshan1 IN34 V1439 DR1276 Q2277.0 MN7869 MP4.0181 E24 ���� ���� ��� T1 �� ��� ��� {mountain} 
�� 3b36 U6563 N2056 B66 S12 G4 H1702 F549 P1-8-4 L1189 K611 I4i8.1 O1689 Wsan Ysan4 Ysan3 IN767 V2352 DR1966 Q4824.0 MN13265 MP5.0523 E492 ���� ��.�� ��.�餹 -��.�餹 ��.�餫�� ��.�餫�� �Ф� T1 ���� {scatter} {disperse} {spend} {squander} 
�� 3b3a U7523 N3354 B117 C100 S11 G4 H3298 F134 P3-6-5 L1560 K142 ZPP2-2-9 ZPP2-4-7 I5b6.4 O1520 Wsan Ychan3 IN278 V3716 DR472 Q0021.4 MN21684P MP7.1041 E491 ���� ��.�� ��.�ޤ�� ����- ��.�� T1 ��� {products} {bear} {give birth} {yield} {childbirth} {native} {property} 
�� 3b3b U7b97 N3415 B118 S14 G2 H2702 F300 P2-6-8 L946 K333 I6f8.7 O2213 Wsan Ysuan4 IN747 V4316 DR2355 Q8844.6 MN26146 MP8.0799 E128 ���� ���� {calculate} {divining} {number} {abacus} {probability} 
�� 3b44 U6b8b N2445 B78 S10 G4 H943 F449 P1-4-6 L808 K492 I0a10.11 Wjan Ycan2 XJ05D4C IN650 V2976 DR3159 Q1325.0 MN16459 MP6.0749 E493 ���� ���� ��.�� ��.�� ������.�� ��.�� {remainder} {leftover} {balance} 
�� 3b45 U4ed5 N362 B9 S5 G3 H34 F472 P1-2-3 L960 K397 I2a3.2 O124 Wsa Yshi4 IN333 V123 DR2172 Q2421.0 MN368 MP1.0596 E285 �� �� �Ĥ�.���� {attend} {doing} {official} {serve} 
�� 3b48 U4f7f N432 B9 S8 G3 H90 F226 P1-2-6 L990 K226 I2a6.2 O556 Wsa Yshi3 Yshi4 IN331 V196 DR2166 Q2520.6 MN573 MP1.0736 E287 �� �Ĥ�.�� �Ĥ�.�� -�Ĥ�.�� -�Ť�.�� {use} 
�� 3b4a U53f8 N877 B30 S5 G4 H2931 F680 P3-1-4 L1863 K712 I3d2.14 O164 Wsa Ysi1 IN842 V698 DR3549 Q1762.0 MN3257 MP2.0777 E497 �� �Ĥ�����.�� T1 �� �Ĥ� �Ĥ��� {director} {official} {govt office} {rule} {administer} 
�� 3b4b U53f2 N91 B2 C30 S5 G4 H3510 F610 P4-5-4 L692 K563 I0a5.38 O183 Wsa Yshi3 IN332 V697 DR1666 Q5000.6 Q5004.6 MN3249 MP2.0760 E496 �� T1 ������ ���� �� �� ���� �Ȥ� �ʤ� �Τ� �Ҥ� �Ҥ� �դ� {history} {chronicle} 
�� 3b4d U56db N1025 B31 S5 G1 H3044 F14 P3-3-2 L4 K18 ZPP4-5-1 I3s2.2 O188 Wsa Ysi4 XJ1303E IN6 V938 DR3675 XDR1257 XDR2057 Q6021.0 MN4682 MP3.0002 E26 �� �� ��.�� ���.�� ��� T1 �� �� ��� {four} 
�� 3b4e U58eb N1160 B33 S3 G4 H3405 F353 P4-3-2 L319 K301 I3p0.1 O41 Wsa Yshi4 IN572 V1117 DR1472 Q4010.0 MN5638 MP3.0279 E494 �� T1 �� �� T2 ����餤 {gentleman} {samurai} 
�� 3b4f U59cb N1208 B38 S8 G3 H281 F437 P1-3-5 L747 K465 I3e5.9 O1092 Wsi Yshi3 XJ13037 XJ1326B IN494 V1203 DR1777 Q4346.0 MN6166 MP3.0661 E288 �� �Ϥ�.��� -�Ϥ�.��� �Ϥ�.�ޤ� T1 ��� {commence} {begin} 
�� 3b50 U59c9 N1207 B38 S8 G2 H280 F1360 P1-3-5 L413 K1329 ZSP1-3-4 I3e5.8 O847 Wja Yzi3 XJ1393D IN407 V1201 DR1744 Q4042.7 MN6165 MP3.0661 E498 �� ���� �Ϥ� {elder sister} 
�� 3b52 U5b50 N1264 B39 S3 G1 H3390 F52 P4-3-1 L95 K56 ZSP4-2-1 I2c0.1 O38 Wja Yzi3 Yzi2 Yzi5 IN103 V1281 DR3547 Q1740.7 MN6930 MP3.0776 E25 �� �� �� �� -�� -��.�� �� T1 �� �� �� �� �� �ͤ� {child} 
�� 3b54 U5e02 N284 B8 C50 S5 G2 H1993 F75 P2-2-3 L412 K78 ZBP4-4-3 I2j3.1 O195 Wsi Yshi4 IN181 V1549 DR444 Q0022.7 MN8775 MP4.0397 E130 �� ���� T1 �� �� {market} {city} {town} 
�� 3b57 U601d N3001 B102 C61 S9 G2 H2564 F121 P2-5-4 L605 K149 I5f4.4 O966 Wsa Ysi1 Ysai1 XJ13D65 IN99 V1824 DR3658 Q6033.0 MN10462 MP4.0994 E131 �� ����.�� ���⤨��.�� ����.�� {think} 
�� 3b58 U6307 N1904 B64 S9 G3 H378 F233 P1-3-6 L659 K241 I3c6.15 O800 Wji Yzhi3 Yzhi1 IN1041 V2152 DR1378 Q5106.1 MN12034 MP5.0216 E289 �� ��� ��.�� -��.�� T1 �� ���� ���� ���� {finger} {point to} {indicate} {put into} {play (chess)} {measure (ruler)} 
�� 3b5f U6b62 N2429 B77 S4 G2 H2941 F331 P3-2-2 L370 K400 ZPP4-4-2 I2m2.2 O87 Wji Yzhi3 IN477 V2954 DR1273 Q2110.0 MN16253 MP6.0655 E129 �� ��.�ޤ� -��.�ޤ� ��.��� -��.��� -��.�� �Ȥ�.��� �Ȥ�.�� �Ȥ�.�ޤ� ��.��� ��.�� -��.�� ��.�� -��.�� -��.�� T1 �ɤ� {stop} {halt} 
�� 3b60 U6b7b N2439 B78 S6 G3 H3521 F221 P4-6-1 L815 K254 I0a6.6 Wsa Ysi3 IN85 V2968 DR3256 Q1021.2 Q1021.1 MN16365 MP6.0733 E286 �� ��.�� ��.��- {death} {die} 
�� 3b61 U6c0f N2478 B83 S4 G4 H2951 F163 P3-2-2 L1828 K177 ZPP4-4-4 I0a4.25 O223 Wssi Wji Yshi4 Yzhi1 IN566 V3020 DR2656 Q7274.0 MN17026 MP6.0835 E495 �� ���� -���� {family name} {surname} {clan} 
�� 3b65 U7cf8 N3492 B120 S6 G1 H2179 F626 P2-3-3 L1333 K699 ZPP4-6-4 I6a0.1 O720 Wsa Ymi4 XJ0652F IN242 V4431 DR2741 Q2290.3 Q2090.3 MN27221 MP8.0932 E27 �� ���� {thread} 
�� 3b66 U7d19 N3510 B120 S10 G2 H1302 F501 P1-6-4 L1829 K501 I6a4.4 O1953 Wji Yzhi3 XJ05663 IN180 V4455 DR2756 Q2294.0 MN27293 MP8.0972 E132 �� ���� {paper} 
�� 3b6d U8a69 N4360 B149 S13 G3 H1524 F1093 P1-7-6 L346 K1094 I7a6.5 O1933 Wsi Yshi1 IN570 V5610 DR3048 Q0464.1 MN35427 MP10.0441 E291 �� T1 ���� {poem} {poetry} 
�� 3b6e U8a66 N4361 B149 S13 G4 H1525 F389 P1-7-6 L354 K409 I7a6.18 O1932 Wsi Yshi4 IN526 V5611 DR3056 Q0364.0 MN35415 MP10.0439 E499 �� ������.�ߤ� ����.�� {test} {try} {attempt} {experiment} {ordeal} 
�� 3b75 U6b6f N5428 B211 S12 G3 H2476 F1157 P2-4-8 L1171 K997 I6b6.11 O2051 Wchi Ychi3 XJ0736F IN478 V2961 DR1275 Q2177.2 MN16323 MP6.0710 E290 �� ��襤 �� ���.�� ��襤.���� {tooth} {cog} 
�� 3b76 U4e8b N272 B6 S8 G3 H3567 F22 P4-8-3 L1156 K32 I0a8.15 O768 Wsa Yshi4 XJ0502F XJ1345B IN80 V71 DR1547 Q5000.7 MN241 MP1.0412 E293 �� �� ���� �Ĥ�.�� �Ĥ�.���� T1 �� {matter} {thing} {fact} {business} {reason} {possibly} 
�� 3b79 U5150 N572 B10 S7 G4 H2546 F561 P2-5-2 L58 K556 ZPP1-1-6 ZPP1-2-5 I4c3.3 O497 Wa Yer2 XJ0513B IN1217 V355 DR1257 Q2621.0 MN1364 MP1.1028 E697 �� �� ���� �� -�� -�ä� T1 �� {newborn babe} {child} {young of animals} 
�� 3b7a U5b57 N1281 B40 C39 S6 G1 H2172 F617 P2-3-3 L185 K612 ZSP2-3-2 I3m2.1 Wja Yzi4 IN110 V1285 DR747 Q3040.7 MN6942 MP3.0816 E28 �� ���� ������ -�� {character} {letter} {word} {section of village} 
�� 3b7b U5bfa N1054 B32 C41 S6 G2 H2164 F744 P2-3-3 L158 K687 I3b3.5 O268 Wsa Wsi Ysi4 IN41 V1373 DR1448 Q4034.1 MN7414 MP4.0004 E133 �� �Ƥ� {Buddhist temple} 
�� 3b7d U6301 N1903 B64 S9 G3 H374 F162 P1-3-6 L660 K184 I3c6.8 O801 Wji Ychi2 IN451 V2151 DR1348 Q5404.1 MN12019 MP5.0211 E294 �� ��.�� -��.�� ��.�Ƥ� T1 ��� ��� {hold} {have} 
�� 3b7e U6642 N2126 B72 S10 G2 H924 F17 P1-4-6 L159 K19 I4c6.2 O1086 Wsi Yshi2 XJ14172 IN42 V2462 DR3848 Q6404.1 MN13890 MP5.0848 E135 �� �Ȥ� -�ɤ� T1 �� �Ȥ� {time} {hour} 
�� 3c21 U6b21 N638 B15 C76 S6 G3 H54 F216 P1-2-4 L471 K235 I2b4.1 O226 Wcha Yci4 IN384 V2929 DR362 Q3718.2 MN15992P MP6.0618 E292 �� �� ��.�� �Ĥ� T1 �� ���� �Ĥ� �褷 {next} {order} {sequence} 
�� 3c23 U6cbb N2528 B85 S8 G4 H335 F180 P1-3-5 L746 K181 I3a5.28 O825 Wchi Yzhi4 IN493 V3100 DR377 Q3316.0 MN17256 MP6.1024 E544 �� �� ����.��� ����.�ޤ� �ʤ�.�� �ʤ�.�� T1 �� �� �Ϥ� �Ϥ� �ߤ� {reign} {be at peace} {calm down} {subdue} {quell} {govt} {cure} {heal} {rule} {conserve} 
�� 3c2a U8033 N3697 B128 S6 G1 H3516 F1269 P4-6-1 L818 K1323 I6e0.1 O331 Wi Yer3 IN56 V4715 DR3255 Q1040.0 Q1012.0 MN28999 MP9.0183 E29 �� �ߤ� T1 ���� {ear} 
�� 3c2b U81ea N3841 B132 S6 G2 H3525 F54 P4-6-2 L36 K53 I5c1.1 O340 Wja Yzi4 IN62 V4900 DR879 Q2600.0 MN30095 MP9.0403 E134 �� �� �ߤ���.�� ����.������ ����.���� T1 ��� {oneself} 
�� 3c2d U8f9e N3860 B135 C160 S13 G4 H1364 F852 P1-6-7 L1497 K868 I5b8.4 O1918 Wsa Yci2 XJ06D66 XJ1612D XJ16130 IN688 V6000 DR2255 Q2064.1 MN38638 MP0.0 E500 �� ��.��� {resign} {word} {term} {expression} 
�� 3c30 U5f0f N1556 B56 S6 G3 H3049 F254 P3-3-3 L353 K185 I4n3.2 O306 Wsig Yshi4 IN525 V1676 DR1456 Q4310.0 MN9663 MP4.0674 E295 ���� T1 �� {style} {ceremony} {rite} {fn} {method} {system} {form} {expr} 
�� 3c37 U4e03 N261 B5 C1 S2 G1 H3362 F51 P4-2-2 L7 K44 ZPP4-2-4 E30 I0a2.13 O17 Wchil Yqi1 IN9 V3 DR1456 XDR1474 Q4071.0 MN6 MP1.0081 ���� �ʤ� �ʤ�.�� �ʤ� T1 �� ���� �� �Ҥ� {seven} 
�� 3c3a U5931 N178 B4 C37 S5 G4 H3511 F479 P4-5-4 L845 K523 I0a5.28 Wsil Yshi1 IN311 V1141 DR2463 Q2503.0 MN5844 MP3.0553 E501 ���� ������.�� ��.���� {lose} {error} {fault} {disadvantage} {loss} 
�� 3c3c U5ba4 N1300 B40 S9 G2 H2254 F461 P2-3-6 L754 K421 I3m6.4 O1183 Wsil Yshi4 IN166 V1327 DR772 Q3010.4 MN7136 MP3.1002 E136 ���� ��� {room} {apartment} {chamber} {greenhouse} {cellar} 
�� 3c42 U5b9f N1297 B40 S8 G3 H2225 F86 P2-3-5 L1572 K89 I3m5.4 O678 Wsil Yshi2 XJ05569 IN203 V1324 DR763 Q3053.0 MN7124 MP3.0989 E296 ���� ���� �� �ߤ�.�� �ޤ��� �ޤ��Ȥ� �ߤ� �ߤ�.�� ���� T1 ���� ���� {reality} {truth} 
�� 3c4c U5199 N626 B14 S5 G3 H2000 F542 P2-2-3 L1247 K489 ZSP2-2-4 I2i3.1 Wsa Yxie3 XJ05150 XJ0556D IN540 V400 DR3647 Q3740.0 MN1570 MP2.0123 E297 ���� ���� ����.�� ����.�� ����- ����.�� {copy} {be photographed} {describe} 
�� 3c52 U793e N3231 B113 S7 G2 H840 F48 P1-4-3 L1092 K30 I4e3.1 O406 Wsa Yshe4 IN308 V4065 DR672 Q3421.0 MN24631P MP8.0419 E137 ���� �䤷�� T1 ���� {company} {firm} {office} {association} {shrine} 
�� 3c54 U8005 N3685 B125 S8 G3 H3211 F26 P3-4-4 L1256 K22 ZPP2-4-4 ZPP4-8-2 I4c4.13 O769 Wja Yzhe3 IN164 V4698 DR1478 Q4460.0 MN28852 MP9.0164 E298 ���� ��� {someone} {person} 
�� 3c56 U8eca N4608 B159 S7 G1 H3552 F181 P4-7-3 L286 K162 I7c0.1 O532 Wcha Wge Yche1 Yju1 IN133 V5939 DR1555 Q5000.6 MN38172 MP10.0977 E31 ���� ����� T1 ���� ����� {car} 
�� 3c5a U501f N490 B9 S10 G4 H122 F888 P1-2-8 L1186 K996 I2a8.22 O1032 Wcha Wjeog Yjie4 IN766 V259 DR2178 Q2426.1 MN781 MP1.0837 E502 ���㥯 ��.��� {borrow} {rent} 
�� 3c65 U5f31 N650 B15 C57 S10 G2 H1167 F769 P1-5-5 L1236 K819 I3h7.2 O1647 Wyag Yruo4 IN218 V1692 DR3553 Q1712.7 MN9791P MP4.0710 E138 ���㥯 ���.�� ���.�� ���.�ޤ� ���.��� {weak} {frail} 
�� 3c67 U4e3b N285 B8 C3 S5 G3 H1938 F87 P2-1-4 L266 K91 ZPP2-2-3 ZPP4-5-2 I4f1.1 O196 Wju Yzhu3 IN155 V38 DR472 Q0010.4 MN100 MP1.0329 E299 ���� �� ���奦 �̤� ���� ���뤸 T1 ���� �� ��� {lord} {chief} {master} {main thing} {principal} 
�� 3c68 U53d6 N3699 B128 C29 S8 G3 H1262 F184 P1-6-2 L819 K190 I6e2.2 O650 Wchwi Yqu3 IN65 V679 DR3267 Q1714.0 MN3158 MP2.0702 E301 ���� ��.�� ��.�� ��.��- �Ȥ� -��.�� T1 �ɤ� {take} {fetch} {take up} 
�� 3c69 U5b88 N1282 B40 S6 G3 H2173 F505 P2-3-3 L186 K564 I3m3.2 O284 Wsu Yshou3 XJ13762 IN490 V1310 DR748 Q3034.2 MN7071 MP3.0902 E300 ���� �� �ޤ�.�� �ޤ�.�� ��� -��� ���� T1 �� �� �� �� {guard} {protect} {defend} {obey} 
�� 3c6a U624b N1827 B64 S4 G1 H3456 F35 P4-4-3 L637 K42 ZPP2-1-3 I3c0.1 O118 Wsu Yshou3 IN57 V2060 DR2247 Q2050.0 MN11768 MP5.0078 E32 ���� �� �� ��- -�� ��- {hand} 
�� 3c6f U7a2e N3295 B115 S14 G4 H1218 F486 P1-5-9 L1679 K435 I5d9.1 O2124 Wjong Yzhong3 Ychong2 Yzhong4 IN228 V4159 DR2272 Q2291.4 MN25174 MP8.0600 E503 ���� ���� -���� T1 ���� ���� �� �� {species} {kind} {class} {variety} {seed} 
�� 3c72 U9152 N2573 B85 S10 G3 H444 F903 P1-3-7 L1428 K781 I3a7.1 O1066 Wju Yjiu3 IN517 V6160 DR375 Q3116.0 MN39776 MP11.0353 E302 ���� ���� ����- T1 �� �� �� {sake} {alcohol} 
�� 3c73 U9996 N5186 B185 S9 G2 H2265 F175 P2-3-6 L70 K208 I2o7.2 O920 Wsu Yshou3 IN148 V6719 DR979 Q8060.1 MN44489 MP12.0438 E139 ���� ���� T1 ���Ӥ� ���� �� {neck} 
�� 3c75 U53d7 N2826 B87 C29 S8 G3 H2421 F223 P2-4-4 L735 K223 ZPP2-1-7 ZPP2-6-2 I2h6.2 O730 Wsu Yshou4 IN260 V678 DR2067 Q2040.7 MN3159 MP2.0706 E303 ���� ��.���� -��.�� ��.���� T1 ���� {accept} {undergo} {answer (phone)} {take} {get} {catch} {receive} 
�� 3c7e U5468 N622 B13 C30 S8 G4 H2998 F678 P3-2-6 L317 K694 I2r6.1 O736 Wju Yzhou1 IN91 V768 DR3649 Q7722.0 MN3441P MP2.0953 E504 ���奦 �ޤ�.�� T1 ���ޤ� ���� �� ���� �Τ� �Ҥ� �Ӥ� �ޤ��� {circumference} {circuit} {lap} 
�� 3d23 U5dde N99 B2 S6 G3 H57 F515 P1-2-4 L128 K542 ZPP1-1-5 I2f4.1 O224 Wju Yzhou1 IN195 V1529 DR1254 XDR0354 Q3200.0 MN8678 MP4.0331 E304 ���奦 �� �� T1 ���� {state} {province} 
�� 3d26 U62fe N1901 B64 S9 G3 H379 F1449 P1-3-6 L667 K1599 I3c6.14 O802 Wseub Wsib Yshi2 Yshe4 IN1445 V2149 DR1377 Q5806.1 MN12014 MP5.0209 E305 ���奦 ���奦 �Ҥ�.�� {pick up} {gather} {find} {go on foot} 
�� 3d29 U79cb N3273 B115 S9 G2 H1139 F585 P1-5-4 L900 K540 I5d4.1 O878 Wchu Yqiu1 XJ0302C XJ06354 IN462 V4131 DR2262 Q2998.0 MN24940 MP8.0537 E140 ���奦 ���� �Ȥ� T1 ���� {autumn} 
�� 3d2a U7d42 N3521 B120 S11 G3 H1336 F291 P1-6-5 L1352 K344 I6a5.9 O1950 Wjong Yzhong1 IN458 V4471 DR2740 Q2793.3 MN27372X MP8.1025 E306 ���奦 ��.��� -��.��� ����.�� ��.���� �Ĥ� �Ĥ�.�� T1 �Ф� {end} {finish} 
�� 3d2c U7fd2 N3675 B124 S11 G3 H2667 F637 P2-6-5 L574 K665 I4c7.11 O1468 Wseub Yxi2 IN591 V4681 DR3578 Q1760.2 MN28672P MP9.0110 E307 ���奦 ���� �ʤ�.�� �ʤ�.�� {learn} 
�� 3d35 U9031 N4707 B162 S11 S10 G2 H3122 F454 P3-3-8 L318 K438 I2q8.7 Wju Yzhou1 IN92 V6070 DR3649 Q3730.2 MN38937P MP11.0090 E308 ���奦 {week} 
�� 3d38 U96c6 N5031 B172 S12 G3 H2771 F219 P2-8-4 L559 K168 I8c4.2 O1779 Wjib Yji2 IN436 V6500 DR2464 Q2090.4 MN41974 MP11.0996 E309 ���奦 ����.�ޤ� ����.��� �Ĥ�.�� T1 ���Ĥޤ� �� {gather} {meet} {congregate} {swarm} {flock} 
�� 3d3b U4f4f N404 B9 S7 G3 H64 F280 P1-2-5 L954 K248 I2a5.19 O355 Wju Yzhu4 IN156 V164 DR2172 Q2021.4 MN505 MP1.0690 E310 ���奦 �¥奦 ���奦 ��.�� ��.�ޤ� -��.�ޤ� T1 �� ���� ���� {dwell} {reside} {live} {inhabit} 
�� 3d3d U5341 N768 B24 S2 G1 H3365 F3 P4-2-3 L10 K5 I2k0.1 O18 Wsib Yshi2 IN12 V598 DR1455 Q4000.0 MN2695 MP2.0479 E33 ���奦 ���� ����� �Ȥ� �� T1 �� �� �� �� �� �� ���� �� �Ȥ� �� �� �� �� {ten} 
�� 3d45 U91cd N224 B4 C166 S9 G3 H3573 F142 P4-9-2 L1675 K155 ZPP2-1-8 I0a9.18 O1017 Wjung Yzhong4 Ychong2 IN227 V6207 DR2272 Q2010.4 MN40132 MP11.0415 E311 ���奦 ���祦 �� ����.�� ����.�� ����.�ʤ� ����.�ͤ� ����.�ʤ� ���� T1 ���� ���� ������ {heavy} {heap up} {pile up} {nest of boxes} {-fold} 
�� 3d49 U5bbf N1317 B40 S11 G3 H2293 F556 P2-3-8 L995 K406 I3m8.3 O1438 Wsug Wsu Ysu4 Yxiu3 Yxiu4 IN179 V1344 DR778 Q3026.1 MN7195 MP3.1038 E505 ���奯 ��� ���.�� ���.�� T1 ���� �֤��� �䤱 {inn} {lodging} {relay station} {dwell} {lodge} {be pregnant} {home} {dwelling} 
�� 3d4b U795d N3244 B113 S9 G4 H913 F991 P1-4-5 L1089 K984 I4e5.5 O851 Wchug Wju Yzhu4 IN851 V4085 DR657 Q3621.0 MN24672P MP8.0443 E706 ���奯 ���奦 ����.�� T1 �Τ� �ۤ� ��襤 {celebrate} {congratulate} 
�� 3d50 U51fa N97 B2 S5 G1 H3498 F15 P4-5-2 L767 K17 I0a5.22 O523 Wchul Wchu Ychu1 IN53 V445 DR1276 Q2277.2 MN1811 MP2.0175 E34 ����� ���� ��.�� -�� ��.�� -��.�� ��.�Ǥ� ��.���� T1 ���� ���� ���� �� ���� ���� �Ƥ� {exit} {leave} 
�� 3d55 U6625 N2122 B72 S9 G2 H2576 F498 P2-5-4 L1568 K461 ZPP4-9-2 I4c5.13 O963 Wchun Ychun1 XJ14173 IN460 V2453 DR1478 Q5060.3 MN13844 MP5.0807 E141 ����� �Ϥ� T1 ������ ���� ���� �� ��� {springtime} {spring (season)} 
�� 3d67 U9806 N1450 B47 S12 G4 H18 F812 P1-1-11 L129 K813 ZPP1-3-9 I9a3.2 O1532 Wsun Yshun4 IN769 V6619 DR1261 Q2108.6 MN43349 MP12.0236 E506 ����� T1 ���� ���� ���� ������ ���� �������� �Ȥ� �ʤ� �Τ� �Τ� �ޤ� ��� ��� �椭 �褷 ��� {obey} {order} {turn} {right} {docility} {occasion} 
�� 3d69 U521d N4215 B145 C18 S7 G4 H1116 F275 P1-5-2 L404 K261 I5e2.1 O427 XO433 Wcho Ychu1 IN679 V469 DR645 Q3722.0 MN1911 MP2.0226 E507 ���� �Ϥ�.�� �Ϥ�.��� �Ϥ� �Ϥ�- ����- -��.��� -��.�� T1 �� �Ϥ� {first time} {beginning} 
�� 3d6a U6240 N1821 B63 S8 G3 H851 F114 P1-4-4 L1127 K107 I4m4.3 O600 Wso Ysuo3 IN153 V2054 DR3054 Q7222.1 Q3222.1 MN11715X MP5.0067 E312 ���� �Ȥ��� -�Ȥ��� �ɤ��� �Ȥ� T1 �� {place} 
�� 3d6b U6691 N2138 B72 S12 G3 H2473 F1201 P2-4-8 L1260 K1254 ZPP3-8-4 I4c8.5 O1738A XO1996 Wseo Yshu3 IN638 V2484 DR3878 Q6060.4 MN14031P MP5.0911 E313 ���� ����.�� {sultry} {hot} {summer heat} 
�� 3d71 U66f8 N3719 B129 C73 S10 G2 H2658 F161 P2-6-4 L327 K130 I4c6.6 O1216 Wseo Yshu1 IN131 V2463 DR1678 Q5060.1 MN14294 MP5.0966 E142 ���� ��.�� -��.�� -���� T1 ���� {write} 
�� 3d75 U52a9 N719 B19 S7 G3 H1121 F364 P1-5-2 L1782 K407 I2g5.1 O431 Wjo Yzhu4 IN623 V530 DR3945 Q7412.7 MN2313 MP2.0376 E314 ���� ����.���� ����.���� ��.���� ���� {help} {rescue} {assist} 
�� 3d77 U5973 N1185 B38 S3 G1 H3418 F201 P4-3-4 L98 K178 I3e0.1 O114 Wnyeo Wyeo Ynu:3 Yru3 IN102 V1173 DR1769 Q4040.0 MN6036 MP3.0612 E35 ���� �˥� �˥祦 ����� �� T1 ���� �� �Ĥ� �� {woman} {female} 
�� 3e21 U52dd N3787 B130 C19 S12 G3 H1005 F167 P1-4-8 L1209 K197 I4b8.4 O1613 Wseung Ysheng4 Ysheng1 IN509 V553 DR3945 Q7922.7 MN2409 MP2.0399 E319 ���祦 ��.�� -��.�� �ޤ�.�� ����.��� ���� T1 ���� �� �褷 {victory} {win} {prevail} {excel} 
�� 3e26 U5546 N321 B8 C30 S11 G3 H2116 F342 P2-2-9 L439 K353 ZPP2-4-7 ZPP3-6-5 ZPP3-8-3 I2j9.7 O1526 Wsang Yshang1 IN412 V832 DR449 Q0022.7 MN3803 MP2.1050 E317 ���祦 ������.�� T1 ���� {make a deal} {selling} {dealing in} {merchant} 
�� 3e27 U5531 N941 B30 S11 G4 H462 F984 P1-3-8 L21 K1062 I3d8.9 O1284 Wchang Ychang4 XJ15D7D IN1646 V829 DR3778 Q6606.0 MN3765 MP2.1044 E508 ���祦 �Ȥ�.���� {chant} {recite} {call upon} {yell} 
�� 3e2e U5c0f N1355 B42 S3 G1 H7 F65 P1-1-2 L105 K63 I3n0.1 O21 Wso Yxiao3 IN27 V1389 DR1141 Q9000.0 MN7473 MP4.0046 E36 ���祦 ����.���� ��- ��- ��- T1 ������ ���� ���� ���㤪 ������ {little} {small} 
�� 3e2f U5c11 N166 B4 C42 S4 G2 H3467 F200 P4-4-4 L106 K231 ZPP1-1-3 I3n1.1 O88 Wso Yshao3 Yshao4 IN144 V1390 DR1160 Q9020.0 MN7475 MP4.0089 E143 ���祦 ����.�ʤ� ����.�� {few} {little} 
�� 3e3c U662d N2114 B72 S9 G3 H894 F569 P1-4-5 L87 K549 I4c5.4 O841 Wso Wjo Yzhao1 IN997 V2446 DR3877 Q6706.2 MN13855 MP5.0835 E315 ���祦 T1 ���� ������ ���� ������ �Ƥ� {shining} {bright} 
�� 3e3e U677e N2212 B75 S8 G4 H864 F260 P1-4-4 L785 K215 I4a4.16 O869 Wsong Ysong1 XJ05B40 XJ14340 XJ14375 IN696 V2592 DR1871 Q4893.2 MN14516 MP6.0206 E1394 ���祦 �ޤ� T1 ���� ���� �� �ޤ� {pine tree} 
�� 3e43 U6d88 N2574 B85 S10 G3 H443 F332 P1-3-7 L144 K336 I3a7.16 Wso Yxiao1 IN845 V3158 DR346 Q3912.7 MN17529P MP6.1187 E316 ���祦 ��.���� ��.�� {extinguish} {blow out} {turn off} {neutralize} {cancel} 
�� 3e46 U713c N2772 B86 S12 G4 H997 F672 P1-4-8 L1200 K733 ZPP1-1-11 I4d8.4 O1588 Wso Yshao1 XJ05F76 IN920 V3438 DR1157 Q9481.1 MN19166P MP7.0465 E509 ���祦 ��.�� ��.�� ��.��- -��.�� ��.���� T1 �䤤 �䤭 {bake} {burning} 
�� 3e48 U7167 N2785 B86 S13 G4 H2827 F1066 P2-9-4 L170 K1072 I4d9.12 Wjo Yzhao4 XJ14263 XJ14F3B IN998 V3457 DR3840 Q6733.6 MN19226 MP7.0484 E510 ���祦 ��.�� ��.�餹 ��.��� T1 ���� �Ƥ� {illuminate} {shine} {compare} {bashful} 
�� 3e4a U7701 N218 B4 C109 S9 G4 H2449 F204 P2-4-5 L124 K245 ZPP3-4-5 ZPP4-9-2 I5c4.7 O1013 Wseong Wsaeng Ysheng3 Yxing3 IN145 V3916 DR1179 Q9060.2 MN23179 MP8.0183 E516 ���� ���祦 ������.�ߤ� �Ϥ�.�� T1 ���Ȥ� �� {focus} {government ministry} {conserve} 
�� 3e4f U7ae0 N5112 B180 C117 S11 G3 H2117 F960 P2-2-9 L433 K967 ZPP2-5-6 I5b6.3 O1461 Wjang Yzhang1 IN857 V4235 DR455 Q0040.6 MN25761 MP8.0706 E318 ���祦 T1 ���� ������ ���� �դ� {badge} {chapter} {composition} {poem} {design} 
�� 3e50 U7b11 N3374 B118 S10 G4 H2646 F860 P2-6-4 L938 K889 I6f4.1 O1209 Wso Yxiao4 IN1235 V4256 DR2363 Q8843.2 MN25885 MP8.0748 E900 ���祦 ���.�� ��.�� T1 ���� {laugh} 
�� 3e5d U8c61 N4472 B152 S12 G4 H2134 F503 P2-2-10 L1976 K575 ZPP2-6-6 I2n10.1 O1761 Wsang Yxiang4 IN739 V5744 DR2551 Q2723.2 MN36372 MP10.0657 E533 ���祦 ���� ������.�� T1 ���� {elephant} {pattern after} {imitate} {image} {shape} {sign (of the times)} 
�� 3e5e U8cde N1372 B42 C154 S15 G4 H2618 F607 P2-5-10 L796 K507 ZPP2-3-12 I3n12.1 O2377 Wsang Yshang3 IN500 V5815 DR1061 Q9080.6 MN36813 MP10.0774 E511 ���祦 ��.��� {prize} {reward} {praise} 
�� 3e65 U4e0a N798 B25 C1 S3 G1 H3404 F16 P4-3-2 L49 K21 I2m1.1 O47 Wsang Yshang4 Yshang3 XJ13022 IN32 V10 DR1272 Q2110.0 MN13 MP1.0195 E37 ���祦 ���祦 ����� ���� -���� ����- ���� ��.���� -��.���� ��.���� -��.���� ��.���� -��.���� �Τ�.�� �Τ�.�� �Τ�.���� �Τ�.�� ��.�� T1 ������ ���� �� �� ���� ���� ���� ���� �Τܤ� �ۤ� {above} {up} 
�� 3e68 U4e57 N223 B4 S9 G3 H3576 F333 P4-9-3 L1585 K359 I0a9.19 O1016 Wseung Ycheng2 Ysheng4 XJ0502B XJ14436 IN523 V54 DR2264 Q2090.4 MN153 MP1.0350 E320 ���祦 ���祦 ��.�� -��.�� ��.���� T1 �Τ� {ride} {power} {multiplication} {record} {no. of vehicles} {board} {mount} {join} 
�� 3e6c U5834 N1113 B32 S12 G2 H558 F34 P1-3-9 L545 K34 I3b9.6 Wjang Ychang2 Ychang3 XJ05447 IN154 V1058 DR1451 Q4612.7 MN5278 MP3.0220 E144 ���祦 ���祦 �� {location} {place} 
�� 3f22 U690d N2303 B75 S12 G3 H990 F981 P1-4-8 L205 K1013 I4a8.32 O1902 Wsig Wchi Yzhi2 IN424 V2751 DR1875 Q4491.6 MN15023 MP6.0413 E321 ���祯 ��.���� ��.��� T1 ���� �� �� {plant} 
�� 3f27 U8272 N3889 B139 S6 G2 H2029 F464 P2-2-4 L1753 K326 I2n4.1 O345 Wsaeg Yse4 Yshai3 IN204 V4956 DR2556 Q2771.7 MN30602 MP9.0510 E145 ���祯 ���� ���� T1 ���� ���� {color} 
�� 3f29 U98df N5154 B184 S9 G2 H2075 F289 P2-2-7 L1472 K269 I8b0.1 O1159 Wsig Wsa Yshi2 Ysi4 IN322 V6674 DR2865 Q8073.2 MN44014 MP12.0371 E146 ���祯 ���� ��.�� ��.�餦 ��.�٤� ��.�� T1 ���� {eat} {food} 
�� 3f2e U4fe1 N454 B9 S9 G4 H100 F230 P1-2-7 L969 K198 I2a7.1 O782 Wsin Yxin4 Yshen1 XJ15D50 IN157 V221 DR2177 Q2026.1 MN707 MP1.0798 E513 ���� T1 �� ���� ���� ���� ���� �Ȥ� �Τ� �Τ� �ޤ��� {faith} {truth} {fidelity} {trust} 
�� 3f34 U5fc3 N1645 B61 S4 G2 H11 F133 P1-1-3 L595 K139 ZPP4-4-4 I4k0.1 O49 Wsim Yxin1 XJ13D38 IN97 V1780 DR358 Q3300.0 MN10295 MP4.0937 E147 ���� ������ -������ T2 ��ä���٤� {heart} {mind} {spirit} 
�� 3f37 U65b0 N2080 B69 S13 G2 H1784 F53 P1-9-4 L1502 K36 I5b8.3 O1965 Wsin Yxin1 IN174 V2387 DR454 Q0292.1 MN13572 MP5.0627 E148 ���� ������.���� ����.�� ����- �ˤ�- T1 ���� �����餷 �� �� �ˤ� �ˤ� �褷 {new} 
�� 3f39 U68ee N2301 B75 S12 G1 H2475 F568 P2-4-8 L197 K532 I4a8.39 O1735 Wsam Ysen1 IN128 V2749 DR1864 Q4099.4 MN14974 MP3.0600 E38 ���� ��� T1 ��� {forest} {woods} 
�� 3f3c U6df1 N2606 B85 S11 G3 H524 F507 P1-3-8 L1328 K552 I3a8.21 O1341 Wsim Yshen1 IN536 V3206 DR364 Q3719.4 MN17687 MP7.0038 E325 ���� �դ�.�� -�֤�.�� �դ�.�ޤ� �դ�.��� ��- {deep} {heighten} {intensify} {strengthen} 
�� 3f3d U7533 N93 B2 C102 S5 G3 H3507 F378 P4-5-3 L1117 K347 I0a5.39 O185 Wsin Yshen1 IN309 V3726 DR1655 Q5000.6 MN21726 MP7.1073 E322 ���� �⤦.�� �⤦.��- ���� {speaketh} {have the honor to} 
�� 3f3f U771f N783 B24 C109 S10 G3 H2111 F310 P2-2-8 L75 K278 ZPP2-7-3 I2k8.1 O1228 Wjin Yzhen1 XJ06243 IN422 V3926 DR1561 Q4080.1 MN23236 MP8.0205 E514 ���� �� ��- �ޤ��� T1 ���� ���� ���� ������ �ʤ� �Τ� �ޤ� �ޤ� �ޤ� �ޤ� �ޤ� �ޤ� �ޤ� �ߤ� �� {true} {reality} {Buddhist sect} 
�� 3f40 U795e N3245 B113 S9 G3 H912 F259 P1-4-5 L1119 K229 I4e5.1 O853 Wsin Yshen2 IN310 V4087 DR655 Q3520.6 MN24673P MP8.0463 E324 ���� ���� ���� ����- ����- T1 �� ���� ���� ���� ���� �� ���� ���� �� {gods} {mind} {soul} 
�� 3f43 U81e3 N3837 B131 S7 G4 H3068 F901 P3-3-4 L848 K981 I2t4.3 O527 Wsin Ychen2 IN835 V4894 DR3475 Q7171.7 MN30068 MP9.0386 E512 ���� ���� T1 ���� ���� �� �Ȥ� �� {retainer} {subject} 
�� 3f46 U89aa N4293 B147 S16 G2 H1799 F337 P1-9-7 L1504 K381 I5b11.1 O2544 Wchin Yqin1 Yqing4 IN175 V5534 DR457 Q0691.0 MN34918 MP10.0332 E149 ���� ���� ����- ����.���� ����.���� T1 �� ���� �� {parent} {intimacy} {relative} {familiarity} {dealer (cards)} 
�� 3f48 U8eab N4601 B158 S7 G3 H3553 F305 P4-7-3 L1248 K331 ZPP4-7-4 I0a7.5 O546 Wsin Yshen1 Yjuan1 IN59 V5928 DR847 Q2740.0 MN38034 MP10.0968 E323 ���� �� {somebody} {person} {one's station in life} 
�� 3f4a U9032 N4709 B162 S11 S10 G3 H3121 F169 P3-3-8 L561 K175 ZSP3-2-8 I2q8.1 O1503 Wjin Yjin4 IN437 V6073 DR2475 Q3030.1 MN38943P MP11.0095 E326 ���� ����.�� ����.��� T1 �� {advance} {proceed} {progress} {promote} 
�� 3f4d U4eba N339 B9 S2 G1 H3368 F7 P4-2-4 L951 K9 I2a0.1 O14 Win Yren2 IN1 V99 DR1262 Q8000.0 MN344 MP1.0556 E39 ���� �˥� �Ҥ� -�� -�� T1 �� �� �� �Ҥ� �դ� {person} 
�� 3f5e U56f3 N1034 B31 S7 G2 H3071 F642 P3-3-4 L1180 K631 I3s4.3 O502 Wdo Ytu2 XJ05426 IN339 V947 DR366 XDR3675 Q6040.0 Q6040.3 MN4734P MP3.0064 E150 �� �� �� �Ϥ�.�� T1 �� {map} {drawing} {plan} {unexpected} {accidentally} 
�� 3f65 U6c34 N2482 B85 S4 G1 H10 F145 P1-1-3 L130 K144 ZPP4-4-3 I3a0.1 O54 Wsu Yshui3 IN21 V3030 DR1142 Q1223.0 MN17083 MP6.0854 E40 ���� �ߤ� �ߤ�- T1 ���� ���� �� �� �� �ߤ� �ߤ� �ߤ� �ߤ� {water} 
�� 3f74 U6570 N2057 B66 S13 G2 H1790 F185 P1-9-4 L929 K188 I4i9.1 O2169 Wsu Wchog Yshu4 Yshu3 Yshuo4 XJ05A4B IN225 V2353 DR1066 Q9844.0 MN13319 MP5.0543 E151 ���� �� ���� ���� ���� ���� ����.���� ���Ф��� ��.��� �鷺���.���� T1 ���� {number} {strength} {fate} {law} {figures} 
�� 4024 U4e16 N95 B2 C1 S5 G3 H3496 F172 P4-5-2 L28 K152 ZPP4-5-4 ZSP4-4-2 ZBP4-4-4 I0a5.37 O335 Wse Yshi4 XJ05242 XJ13438 IN252 V20 DR1975 Q4471.7 MN31 MP1.0268 E327 ���� �� ���� �� ���󤸤夦 T1 �Ȥ� �� �椭 {generation} {world} {society} {public} 
�� 402e U6210 N1799 B62 S6 G4 H3537 F109 P4-6-4 L361 K115 ZPP3-5-1 I4n2.1 O322 Wseong Ycheng2 IN261 V2025 DR1459 Q5320.0 MN11542P MP5.0008 E515 ���� ���祦 ��.�� ��.�� -��.�� T1 ���� ������ ���� ���� ���� �ʤ� �ʤ� �ʤ� �Τ� �Ҥ� �ޤ� �褷 �� {turn into} {become} {get} {grow} {elapse} {reach} 
�� 4030 U6574 N2436 B77 C66 S16 G3 H2871 F432 P2-11-5 L1670 XN4392 K452 I4i12.3 O2581 Wjeong Yzheng3 IN503 V2360 DR1573 Q5810.1 MN13394 MP5.0554 E328 ���� �ȤȤ�.���� �ȤȤ�.�� T1 �ҤȤ� {organize} {arranging} {tune} {tone} {meter} {key (music)} 
�� 4031 U661f N2121 B72 S9 G2 H2435 F847 P2-4-5 L1556 K877 I4c5.7 O946 Wseong Yxing1 XJ14E45 IN730 V2452 DR3872 Q6010.4 MN13837 MP5.0796 E154 ���� ���祦 �ۤ� -�ܤ� {star} {spot} {dot} {mark} 
�� 4032 U6674 N2143 B72 S12 G2 H981 F679 P1-4-8 L1538 K739 I4c8.2 O1597 Wcheong Yqing2 XJ14251 IN662 V2488 DR3846 Q6502.7 MN13994P MP5.0902 E155 ���� ��.��� ��.�� ��.��- -��.�� ��.�餹 T1 �Ϥ� �Ϥ� {clear up} 
�� 4035 U6b63 N27 B1 C77 S5 G1 H3484 F122 P4-5-1 L379 K109 I2m3.3 O205 Wjeong Yzheng4 Yzheng1 IN275 V2955 DR3173 Q1010.1 MN16255 MP6.0658 E41 ���� ���祦 ����.���� ����.�� �ޤ� �ޤ�.�� T1 ���� ���� �� �ޤ��� ������ {correct} {justice} {righteous} {10**40} 
�� 4036 U6e05 N2605 B85 S11 G4 H523 F624 P1-3-8 L1539 K509 I3a8.18 O1342 Wcheong Yqing1 IN660 V3205 DR346 Q3512.7 MN17695P MP7.0081 E517 ���� ���祦 ���� ����.�� ����.�ޤ� ����.��� T1 ���� ���� �� ���� ���� �� ���� {pure} {purify} {cleanse} {exorcise} {Manchu dynasty} 
�� 4038 U751f N2991 B100 S5 G1 H3497 F24 P4-5-2 L1555 K29 I0a5.29 O214 Wsaeng Ysheng1 IN44 V3715 DR2472 Q2510.0 MN21670 MP7.1027 E42 ���� ���祦 ��.���� ��.���� ��.���� ��.�ޤ�� ��.�ޤ� ���ޤ� ��.�� ��.�� ��.���� ��.�䤹 �� �ʤ� �ʤ�- ��.�� ��.�� ��.�� -�� T1 ���� ���� ���� ���� ���� ���ޤ� �� ���� ���夦 ����� ���� �� ���礦 ���� �� ���� ���� �ʤ� �ˤ� �ˤ夦 �� �� �⤦ �褤 ��夦 {life} {genuine} {birth} 
�� 403c U58f0 N1066 B32 C33 S7 G2 H2198 F405 P2-3-4 L1896 K467 I3p4.4 O465 Wseong Ysheng1 XJ06661 IN746 V989 DR1460 Q4027.7 MN5645 MP3.0288 E153 ���� ���祦 ���� ����- {voice} 
�� 403e U897f N4273 B146 S6 G2 H3520 F183 P4-6-1 L1602 K167 I0a6.20 O336 Wseo Yxi1 IN72 V5514 DR3275 XDR3257 Q1060.0 MN34763 MP10.0279 E152 ���� ���� �� �ˤ� T1 ���� �Ҥ� ��� {west} {Spain} 
�� 4044 U9752 N5076 B174 S8 G1 H2430 F394 P2-4-4 L1534 K390 I4b4.10 O700 Wcheong Yqing1 IN208 V6557 DR1446 Q5022.7 MN42564P MP12.0123 E43 ���� ���祦 ���� ����- ����.�� T1 �� {blue} {green} 
�� 4045 U9759 N5077 B174 S14 G4 H1728 F685 P1-8-6 L1540 K632 I4b10.9 O2145 Wjeong Yjing4 XJ07050 IN663 V6560 DR1447 Q5725.7 MN42574P MP12.0126 E519 ���� ���祦 ����- ����.�� ����.�ޤ� ����.��� T1 ���� {quiet} 
�� 404a U5e2d N1513 B53 C50 S10 G4 H3113 F338 P3-3-7 L1193 K349 ZSP3-3-6 I3q7.4 O1242 Wseog Yxi2 IN379 V1561 DR544 Q0022.7 MN8926 MP4.0440 E520 ���� �ष�� {seat} {mat} {occasion} {place} 
�� 404e U6614 N2108 B72 S8 G3 H2432 F1146 P2-4-4 L1184 K1200 I3k5.28 O699 Wseog Wchag Yxi2 Yxi1 IN764 V2433 DR1978 Q4460.1 MN13816 MP5.0794 E1481 ���� ���㥯 �फ�� {once upon a time} {antiquity} {old times} 
�� 4050 U77f3 N3176 B112 S5 G1 H2971 F281 P3-2-3 L113 K276 I5a0.1 O172 Wseog Yshi2 Ydan4 IN78 V3985 DR3377 Q1060.0 Q1026.0 MN24024 MP8.0299 E45 ���� ���㥯 ���� ���� T1 ���� ���� ���� �� ���ä� �� {stone} 
�� 4051 U7a4d N3306 B115 S16 G4 H1236 F537 P1-5-11 L1543 K506 I5d11.5 O2493 Wjeog Wja Yji1 IN656 V4176 DR2261 Q2598.6 MN25266 MP8.0623 E521 ���� ��.�� -��.�� ��.��� ��.��� T1 �� ���� ���㤳 ���� �Ĥ� {volume} {product (x*y)} {acreage} {contents} {pile up} {stack} {load} {amass} 
�� 4056 U8d64 N4534 B155 S7 G1 H2193 F510 P2-3-4 L1743 K476 I3b4.10 O443 Wjeog Ychi4 IN207 V5840 DR1441 Q4033.1 Q4023.1 MN36993 MP10.0809 E46 ���� ���㥯 ���� ����- ����.�� ����.��� ����.���� T1 �� ���� ���� {red} 
�� 405a U5207 N667 B18 S4 G2 H27 F197 P1-2-2 L85 K204 I2f2.2 O51 Wjeol Wche Yqie1 Yqie4 IN39 V453 DR1445 Q4772.0 MN1858 MP2.0207 E156 ���� ���� ��.�� -��.�� ��.�� -��.�� -��.�� ��.��� -��.��� ��.�� -��.�� -��.�� T1 ���� ���� ���� {cut} {cutoff} {be sharp} 
�� 405e U6298 N1855 B64 S7 G4 H253 F766 P1-3-4 L1130 K830 I3c4.7 O385 Wjeol Wje Yzhe2 Yshe2 Yzhe1 IN1394 V2094 DR1354 Q5202.1 MN11890 MP5.0142 E522 ���� ��.�� ���� ��.�� -��.�� ��.��� T1 ���� {fold} {break} {fracture} {bend} {yield} {submit} 
�� 4061 U7bc0 N3402 B118 S13 G4 H2691 F763 P2-6-7 L1464 K731 I6f7.3 O2215 Wjeol Yjie2 Yjie1 IN464 V4299 DR2344 Q8872.7 MN26102 MP8.0792 E523 ���� ���� �դ� -�֤� �Τä� T1 ������ {node} {season} {period} {occasion} {verse} {clause} {stanza} {honor} {joint} {knuckle} {knob} {knot} {tune} {melody} 
�� 4062 U8aac N4373 B149 S14 G4 H1547 F334 P1-7-7 L499 K307 I7a7.12 O2143 Wseol Wse Wyeol Yshuo1 Yshui4 Yyue4 IN400 V5627 DR3057 Q0861.6 MN35556P MP10.0469 E524 ���� ���� ��.�� T1 ���Ȥ� �Ȥ� {rumor} {opinion} {theory} 
�� 4063 U96ea N5044 B173 S11 G2 H2759 F883 P2-8-3 L1143 K907 I8d3.2 O1495 Wseol Yxue3 Yxue4 IN949 V6520 DR3175 Q1017.7 MN42216P MP12.0014 E157 ���� �椭 T1 ���� �֤� {snow} 
�� 4068 U5148 N571 B10 S6 G1 H2394 F192 P2-4-2 L248 K201 I3b3.7 O280 Wseon Yxian1 IN50 V350 DR2457 Q2421.1 MN1349 MP1.1003 E49 ���� ���� ��.�� T1 �ݤ� {before} {ahead} {previous} {future} {precedence} 
�� 4069 U5343 N156 B4 C24 S3 G1 H3411 F78 P4-3-3 L40 K79 I2k1.2 O44 Wcheon Yqian1 IN15 V599 DR2255 Q2040.0 MN2697 MP2.0517 E47 ���� �� T1 ���� �椭 {thousand} 
�� 406e U5ddd N1447 B47 S3 G1 H6 F136 P1-1-2 L127 K111 I0a3.2 O20 Wcheon Ychuan1 IN33 V1526 DR1254 Q2200.0 MN8673 MP4.0326 E48 ���� ���� T1 �� �� ���� T2 ����ܤ󤬤� {stream} {river} 
�� 406f U6226 N1810 B62 S13 G4 H1787 F74 P1-9-4 L1929 K88 I4n9.2 Wjeon Yzhan4 XJ05925 IN301 V2037 DR959 Q3355.0 Q9355.0 MN11631P MP5.0035 E526 ���� ������ ������.�� ���Τ�.�� ���褰 ��ʤ�.�� T1 �� {war} {battle} {match} 
�� 4075 U6d45 N2549 B85 S9 G4 H389 F955 P1-3-6 L369 K838 I3a6.4 O827 Wcheon Yqian3 Yjian1 XJ05E49 IN649 V3129 DR359 Q3315.0 MN17452 MP6.1138 E525 ���� ����.�� T1 ���� �� {shallow} {superficial} {frivolous} {wretched} {shameful} 
�� 407e U7dda N3580 B120 S15 G2 H1392 F238 P1-6-9 L1339 K247 I6a9.7 Wseon Yxian4 XJ06540 IN299 V4548 DR2742 Q2693.2 MN27641 MP8.1116 E329 ���� ���� {line} {track} 
�� 4125 U8239 N3873 B137 S11 G2 H1341 F272 P1-6-5 L1874 K313 I6c5.4 O1391 Wseon Ychuan2 XJ06755 IN376 V4939 DR877 Q2846.0 MN30407 MP9.0488 E158 ���� �դ� �դ�- T1 �� {ship} {boat} 
�� 412a U9078 N4744 B162 S15 S14 G4 H3169 F113 P3-3-12 L1804 K105 ZSP3-2-12 I2q12.3 O2419 Wseon Yxuan3 IN800 V6114 DR3561 Q3730.8 MN39127P MP11.0180 E527 ���� ����.�� {elect} {select} {choose} {prefer} 
�� 4130 U524d N595 B12 C18 S9 G2 H2266 F31 P2-3-6 L290 K38 ZPP2-2-7 I2o7.3 O921 Wjeon Yqian2 IN47 V490 DR943 Q8022.1 MN2011X MP2.0272 E159 ���� �ޤ� -�ޤ� T1 ���� ���� �ޤ� {in front} {before} 
�� 4133 U7136 N2770 B86 S12 G4 H2782 F409 P2-8-4 L241 K375 I4d8.10 O1788 Wyeon Yran2 IN651 V3435 DR2540 Q2333.3 MN19149 MP7.0462 E528 ���� �ͥ� ���� ����.�� ����.�� �� {sort of thing} {so} {if so} {in that case} {well} 
�� 4134 U5168 N384 B9 S6 G3 H2022 F67 P2-2-4 L263 K57 I2a4.16 O271 Wjeon Yquan2 IN89 V145 DR2872 Q8010.4 MN1424X MP1.1060 E330 ���� �ޤä�.�� ����.�� T1 ���� �ޤ� {whole} {entire} {all} {complete} {fulfill} 
�� 4148 U7d44 N3520 B120 S11 G2 H1337 F171 P1-6-5 L1776 K189 I6a5.7 O1952 Wjo Yzu3 IN418 V4470 DR2773 Q2791.0 MN27374 MP8.1030 E160 �� ��.�� ���� -���� {association} {braid} {plait} {construct} {assemble} {unite} {cooperate} {grapple} 
�� 4152 U5009 N486 B9 S10 G4 H2104 F738 P2-2-8 L1630 K708 ZPP2-3-7 I2a8.37 O1165 Wchang Ycang1 IN1307 V255 DR2877 Q8060.7 MN756 MP1.0820 E531 ���� ���� {godown} {warehouse} {storehouse} {cellar} {treasury} 
�� 415b U60f3 N1728 B61 S13 G3 H2828 F350 P2-9-4 L609 K352 I4k9.18 Wsang Yxiang3 IN147 V1922 DR1858 Q4633.0 MN10858 MP4.1102 E532 ���� �� ����.�� {concept} {think} {idea} {thought} 
�� 4161 U65e9 N2100 B72 S6 G1 H2390 F246 P2-4-2 L26 K259 I4c2.1 O295 Wjo Yzao3 IN248 V2419 DR3855 Q6040.0 MN13742 MP5.0744 E50 ���� ���� �Ϥ�.�� �Ϥ� �Ϥ�- �Ϥ�.�ޤ� �Ϥ�.��� ��- T1 ���� ���� �� �� {early} {fast} 
�� 4163 U5de3 N141 B3 C47 S11 G4 H2295 F1206 P2-3-8 L1927 K1233 I3n8.1 O1431 Wso Ychao2 IN1538 V2705 DR964 Q3290.4 Q9090.4 MN8696P MP4.0340 E1521 ���� �� ��.���� {nest} {rookery} {hive} {cobweb} {den} 
�� 4168 U4e89 N186 B4 C87 S6 G4 H2030 F229 P2-2-4 L1154 K271 I2n4.2 O344 Wjaeng Yzheng1 XJ06027 IN302 V69 DR2547 Q2750.7 MN236 MP1.0411 E529 ���� ���餽.�� ����.�Ǥ� {contend} {dispute} {argue} 
�� 416a U76f8 N2241 B75 C109 S9 G3 H900 F58 P1-4-5 L209 K66 I4a5.3 O868 Wsang Yxiang1 Yxiang4 IN146 V3920 DR1879 Q4690.0 MN23151 MP8.0169 E530 ���� ���祦 ����- T1 �� �� ���� �� ���� ���� {inter-} {mutual} {together} {each other} {minister of state} {councillor} {aspect} {phase} {physiognomy} 
�� 4170 U8349 N3939 B140 S9 G1 H2263 F774 P2-3-6 L224 K705 I3k6.13 O934 Wcho Ycao3 IN249 V5032 DR1955 Q4440.6 MN30945P MP9.0654 E162 ���� ���� ����- -���� T1 �� �� {grass} {weeds} {herbs} {pasture} {write} {draft} 
�� 4176 U8d70 N4539 B156 S7 G2 H2194 F660 P2-3-4 L384 K725 I3b4.9 O441 Wju Yzou3 XJ06C61 IN429 V5845 DR1470 Q4080.1 MN37034 MP10.0830 E161 ���� �Ϥ�.�� T1 �Ϥ��� {run} 
�� 4177 U9001 N4683 B162 S9 S8 G3 H3093 F236 P3-3-6 L2016 K220 ZSP3-2-6 I2q6.9 Wsong Ysong4 IN441 V6039 DR963 Q3830.3 MN38842P MP11.0039 E331 ���� ����.�� {escort} {send} 
¦ 4226 U5074 N509 B9 S11 G4 H137 F198 P1-2-9 L975 K240 I2a9.4 Wcheug Yce4 Yze4 IN609 V275 DR2143 Q2220.0 MN897 MP1.0873 E535 ���� ���� ���� ���� {side} {lean} {oppose} {regret} 
© 4229 U606f N3844 B132 C61 S10 G3 H2647 F855 P2-6-4 L610 K872 I4k6.17 O1224 Wsig Yxi1 Yxi2 IN1242 V1850 DR858 Q2633.0 MN10601 MP4.1045 E332 ���� ���� {breath} {respiration} {son} {interest (on money)} 
« 422b U675f N196 B4 C75 S7 G4 H3554 F906 P4-7-3 L1664 K998 I0a7.8 O536 Wsog Yshu4 IN501 V2559 DR1564 Q5090.6 MN14480 MP6.0165 E1535 ���� ���� ����.�ͤ� �Ĥ� �Ĥ�.�ͤ� {bundle} {sheaf} {ream} {tie in bundles} {govern} {manage} {control} 
­ 422d U8db3 N4546 B157 S7 G1 H2188 F277 P2-3-4 L1279 K305 I7d0.1 O461 Wjog Wju Yzu2 Yju4 IN58 V5856 DR3770 Q6080.1 MN37365 MP10.0896 E51 ���� ���� ��.��� ��.�� ��.�� T1 �� ���� ���� ���餷 {leg} {foot} {be sufficient} 
® 422e U901f N4700 B162 S10 S9 G3 H3105 F681 P3-3-7 L1669 XN2100 K659 I2q7.4 O1237 Wsog Ysu4 IN502 V6060 DR1564 Q3530.9 MN38897P MP11.0071 E534 ���� �Ϥ�.�� �Ϥ�- �Ϥ�.��� ����.�䤫 T1 �� {quick} {fast} 
² 4232 U65cf N2090 B70 S11 G3 H958 F577 P1-4-7 L1222 K599 I4h7.3 O1343 Wjog Wju Yzu2 IN221 V2399 DR463 Q0823.4 MN13661 MP5.0701 E333 ���� T1 �Ĥ� {tribe} {family} 
³ 4233 U7d9a N3544 B120 S13 G4 H1362 F196 P1-6-7 L1345 K214 I6a7.5 O2334 Wsog Yxu4 XJ06574 XJ15F35 IN243 V4500 DR2757 Q2491.2 MN27533 MP8.1082 E536 ���� ���祯 ���� ���祦 �Ĥ�.�� �Ĥ�.���� �Ĥ�.�ʤ� T1 �Ĥ� {continue} {series} {sequel} 
´ 4234 U5352 N294 B8 C24 S8 G4 H2055 F719 P2-2-6 L1025 K738 ZPP2-6-2 I2j6.2 O732 Wjeol Yzu2 Ycu4 XJ05240 IN787 V615 DR455 Q0040.8 MN2740 MP2.0555 E537 ���� ����� ����.���� ��.���� ��.��� �Ĥ��� �ˤ狼 {graduate} {soldier} {private} {die} 
¹ 4239 U5b6b N1273 B39 S10 G4 H410 F1303 P1-3-7 L1393 K1356 ZSP1-2-7 I2c7.1 O1540 Wson Ysun1 IN910 V1296 DR3541 Q1249.3 MN6987 MP3.0860 E538 ���� �ޤ� T1 �� {grandchild} {descendants} 
¼ 423c U6751 N2191 B75 S7 G1 H834 F218 P1-4-3 L208 K210 I4a3.10 O424 Wchon Ycun1 IN191 V2564 DR1848 Q4490.0 MN14464 MP6.0142 E52 ���� ��� T1 �� �ि �� {town} {village} 
¾ 423e U4ed6 N361 B9 S5 G3 H35 F465 P1-2-3 L961 K355 I2a3.4 O129 Wta Yta1 IN120 V122 DR2156 Q2421.2 MN370 MP1.0597 E334 �� �ۤ� {other} {another} {the others} 
¿ 423f U591a N1169 B36 S6 G2 H2170 F150 P2-3-3 L108 K161 ZPP3-3-3 I0a6.5 O347 Wda Yduo1 XJ0546C IN229 V1127 DR2560 Q2720.7 MN5756 MP3.0342 E163 �� ����.�� �ޤ�.�� �ޤ�.�� {many} {frequent} {much} 
�� 4240 U592a N1172 B37 S4 G2 H2152 F395 P2-3-1 L120 K343 ZPP4-4-4 I0a4.18 O105 Wtae Ytai4 IN629 V1137 DR1463 Q4003.0 MN5834 MP3.0520 E164 ���� �� �դ�.�� �դ�.�� T1 ���� ���� �Ҥ� {plump} {thick} {big around} 
�� 4247 U6253 N1829 B64 S5 G3 H193 F146 P1-3-2 L653 K180 I3c2.3 O136 Wta Wjeong Yda3 IN1020 V2063 DR1353 Q5102.0 MN11781 MP5.0092 E335 �� ������ ��.�� ��.��- T1 ���� {strike} {hit} {knock} {pound} {dozen} 
�� 424e U4f53 N405 B9 S7 G2 H71 F107 P1-2-5 L957 K110 I2a5.6 O358 Wche Yti3 Yben4 XJ06D3C XJ06D3D XJ07173 XJ1695C IN61 V165 DR2155 Q2523.0 MN509 MP1.0693 E165 ���� �ƥ� ����� ������ T1 �ʤ� {body} {substance} {object} {reality} {counter for images} 
�� 4250 U5bfe N2067 B67 C41 S7 G3 H831 F49 P1-4-3 L1726 K55 I2j5.5 O405 Wdae Ydui4 XJ05574 IN365 V1375 DR448 Q0440.0 MN7419 MP4.0006 E336 ���� �ĥ� ������ ����.���� ����.�� �Ĥ줢.�� �ʤ�.�� �फ.�� T1 �Ĥ� {vis-a-vis} {opposite} {even} {equal} {versus} {anti-} {compare} 
�� 4253 U5e2f N1474 B50 S10 G4 H2582 F700 P2-5-5 L415 K718 ZSP2-4-5 I3f7.1 O1192 Wdae Ydai4 XJ05668 IN963 V1563 DR1944 Q4422.7 MN8929 MP4.0443 E539 ���� ��.�Ӥ� ���� T1 ���� {sash} {belt} {obi} {zone} {region} 
�� 4254 U5f85 N1609 B60 S9 G3 H364 F370 P1-3-6 L879 K374 I3i6.4 O785 Wdae Ydai4 IN452 V1741 DR2048 Q2424.1 MN10085 MP4.0821 E337 ���� ��.�� -��.�� T1 �ޤ� �ޤ� {wait} {depend on} 
�� 4262 U968a N5010 B170 S12 G4 H625 F396 P1-3-9 L1306 K470 I2d9.7 Wdae Ydui4 IN795 V6468 DR3651 Q7823.2 MN41750X MP11.0945 E540 ���� {regiment} {party} {company} {squad} 
�� 4265 U4ee3 N364 B9 S5 G3 H30 F84 P1-2-3 L1005 K68 I2a3.3 O125 Wdae Ydai4 IN256 V125 DR2156 Q2324.0 MN386 MP1.0611 E338 ���� ���� ��.��� ����.�� ����.�� -����.�� ��.���� �� ���� T1 �� {substitute} {change} {convert} {replace} {period} {age} {generation} {charge} {rate} {fee} 
�� 4266 U53f0 N848 B28 C30 S5 G2 H2005 F228 P2-2-3 L744 K216 I3d2.11 O276 Wtae Wi Ytai2 Ytai1 XJ0674A XJ13747 IN492 V699 DR2777 Q2360.0 MN3246 MP2.0757 E166 ���� ���� ���Ƥ� ��� �Ĥ��� {pedestal} {a stand} {counter for machines and vehicles} 
�� 4267 U5927 N1171 B37 S3 G1 H3416 F5 P4-3-4 L107 K7 I0a3.18 O48 Wdae Wda Wtae Yda4 Ydai4 IN26 V1133 DR1463 Q4003.0 MN5831 MP3.0367 E53 ���� ���� ����- ����.���� -����.���� T1 ���� �� ���� �� ������ �Ȥ� �Ϥ��� �Ҥ� �Ҥ �ޤ� �ޤ��� ��� �� {large} {big} 
�� 4268 U7b2c N3385 B118 S11 G3 H2660 F85 P2-6-5 L1239 K76 I6f5.5 O1768 Wje Ydi4 IN404 V4272 DR2344 Q8822.7 MN25943 MP8.0760 E339 ���� �ƥ� {No.} {residence} 
�� 426a U984c N2164 B72 C181 S18 G3 H3337 F96 P3-9-9 L389 K123 I9a9.7 Wje Yti2 IN354 V6645 DR3870 Q6180.8 MN43584 MP12.0278 E340 ���� {topic} {subject} 
ã 4323 U9054 N4721 B162 S12 S11 G4 H3139 F502 P3-3-9 L552 K525 I2q9.8 O1810 Wdal Yda2 XJ06D7D IN448 V6088 DR1455 Q3430.4 MN39011P MP11.0144 E541 ���� �� -���� T1 ���� ���� �� �Ƥ� �Ȥ��� �ߤ� {accomplished} {reach} {arrive} {attain} 
ë 432b U8c37 N4458 B150 S7 G2 H2043 F290 P2-2-5 L788 K249 I2o5.3 O449 Wgog Wyog Ygu3 Yyu4 IN653 V5730 DR2077 Q8060.8 MN36182 MP10.0628 E122 ���� ���� ����.�ޤ� T1 ���� ���� ���� �� ���� ���� �� {valley} 
ñ 4331 U5358 N139 B3 C30 S9 G4 H2256 F562 P2-3-6 L1928 K593 I3n6.2 O919A Wdan Wseon Ydan1 Ychan2 XJ05345 XJ1363C IN300 V620 DR955 Q3250.6 Q9050.6 MN2752 MP2.0599 E542 ���� �ҤȤ� {simple} {one} {single} {merely} 
ú 433a U70ad N1418 B46 C86 S9 G3 H2257 F924 P2-3-6 L771 K1007 ZPP3-5-4 I3o6.5 O1186 Wtan Ytan4 IN1344 V3413 DR1262 Q2228.9 MN18953 MP7.0388 E341 ���� ���� {charcoal} {coal} 
û 433b U77ed N3172 B111 S12 G3 H1182 F760 P1-5-7 L1442 K789 I3d9.27 O1633 Wdan Yduan3 IN215 V3982 DR2373 Q8141.8 MN23978 MP8.0290 E342 ���� �ߤ���.�� {short} {brevity} {fault} {defect} {weak point} 
�� 434b U7537 N2996 B102 S7 G1 H2542 F237 P2-5-2 L859 K228 I5f2.2 O495 Wnam Ynan2 XJ13134 IN101 V3731 DR3645 Q6042.7 MN21730 MP7.1079 E54 ���� �ʥ� ���Ȥ� �� T1 �� {male} 
�� 434c U8ac7 N4388 B149 S15 G3 H1569 F327 P1-7-8 L350 K303 I7a8.7 O2325 Wdam Ytan2 IN593 V5643 DR3062 Q0968.9 MN35633 MP10.0508 E543 ���� {discuss} {talk} 
�� 434e U77e5 N3169 B111 S8 G2 H1127 F208 P1-5-3 L1223 K207 I3d5.14 O636 Wji Yzhi1 Yzhi4 IN214 V3978 DR2377 Q8640.0 MN23935 MP8.0279 E169 �� ��.�� ��.�餻�� T1 ���� ���Ȥ� ���� ���� �Ȥ� �Τ� {know} {wisdom} 
�� 434f U5730 N1056 B32 S6 G2 H204 F33 P1-3-3 L515 K40 I3b3.1 O241 Wji Ydi4 Yde5 IN118 V976 DR1456 Q4411.2 MN4890 MP3.0128 E167 �� �� T1 �ɤ� {ground} {earth} 
�� 4353 U6c60 N2489 B85 S6 G2 H218 F704 P1-3-3 L516 K548 I3a3.4 O251 Wji Wta Ychi2 IN119 V3042 DR356 Q3411.2 MN17141 MP6.0934 E168 �� ���� {pond} {cistern} {pool} {reservoir} 
�� 4356 U7f6e N3644 B122 S13 G4 H2608 F279 P2-5-8 L832 K322 ZPP3-1-12 I5g8.8 O2232 Wchi Yzhi4 IN426 V4645 DR3675 Q6071.6 MN28298 MP9.0020 E545 �� ��.�� -��.�� T1 ���� ���� �� {placement} {put} {set} {deposit} {leave behind} {keep} {employ} {pawn} 
�� 435d U7af9 N3366 B118 S6 G1 H228 F825 P1-3-3 L937 K719 I6f0.1 O247 Wjug Yzhu2 IN129 V4246 DR2353 Q8822.0 MN25841 MP8.0730 E170 ���� ���� T1 ���� {bamboo} 
�� 4363 U8336 N3940 B140 S9 G2 H2259 F871 P2-3-6 L252 K805 I3k6.19 O931 Wda Wcha Ycha2 IN251 V5033 DR1964 Q4490.4 MN30915P MP9.0623 E171 ���� �� T1 ���� {tea} 
�� 4365 U7740 N3665 B123 S12 G3 H3316 F351 P3-7-5 L555 K314 ZPP2-2-10 ZPP2-3-9 ZPP2-6-6 I2o10.1 Wchag Yzhao2 Yzhao1 Yzhe5 Yzhuo2 IN657 V3938 DR979 Q8060.4 Q8060.1 MN23339 MP8.0223 E343 ���㥯 ���㥯 ��.�� -�� ��.���� -��.�� ��.�� ��.���� {don} {arrive} {wear} {counter for suits of clothing} 
�� 4366 U4e2d N81 B2 S4 G1 H3451 F11 P4-4-3 L39 K13 I0a4.40 O75 Wjung Yzhong1 Yzhong4 IN28 V28 DR1655 Q5000.6 MN73 MP1.0287 E55 ���奦 �ʤ� ���� ����.�� T1 ������ ���ʤ� {in} {inside} {middle} {mean} {center} 
�� 4367 U4ef2 N378 B9 S6 G4 H43 F873 P1-2-4 L956 K892 I2a4.7 O227 Wjung Yzhong4 IN1347 V140 DR2155 Q2520.6 MN403 MP1.0625 E934 ���奦 �ʤ� T1 ����� �ĤŤ� �ʤ��� {go-between} {relationship} 
�� 436b U663c N53 B1 C72 S9 G2 H3097 F890 P3-3-6 L1075 K863 ZPP2-8-1 ZPP3-4-5 I4c5.15 O983 Wju Yzhou4 XJ05A6C IN470 V2450 DR3772 Q7710.6 MN13886 MP0.0 E172 ���奦 �Ҥ� {daytime} {noon} 
�� 436c U67f1 N2236 B75 S9 G3 H896 F1313 P1-4-5 L268 K1385 I4a5.12 O854 Wju Yzhu4 IN598 V2631 DR1872 Q4091.4 MN14660 MP6.0278 E345 ���奦 �Ϥ��� {pillar} {post} {cylinder} {support} 
�� 436d U6ce8 N2531 B85 S8 G3 H325 F392 P1-3-5 L267 K437 I3a5.16 O591 Wju Yzhu4 IN357 V3103 DR372 Q3011.4 MN17316 MP6.1070 E344 ���奦 ����.�� ��.�� ��.�� {pour} {irrigate} {shed (tears)} {flow into} {concentrate on} {notes} {comment} {annotate} 
�� 436e U866b N4115 B142 S6 G1 H3530 F1211 P4-6-3 L517 K1073 ZPP2-4-2 I6d0.1 O324 Whwe Wchung Ychong2 Yhui3 XJ06A35 IN873 V5275 DR1671 Q5013.6 MN32804 MP10.0001 E56 ���奦 �� �ष T1 �� {insect} {bug} {temper} 
�� 4379 U8caf N4502 B154 S12 G4 H1509 F1246 P1-7-5 L194 K1060 I7b5.1 O1651 Wjeo Yzhu3 Yzhu4 IN762 V5791 DR3953 Q6382.1 MN36698 MP10.0724 E546 ���� ��.��� ������.���� {savings} {store} {lay in} {keep} {wear mustache} 
�� 437a U4e01 N2 B1 S2 G3 H3348 F863 P4-2-1 L91 K794 I0a2.4 O8 Wjeong Yding1 Yzheng1 IN184 V2 DR3153 Q1020.0 MN2 MP1.0072 E346 ���祦 �ƥ� ���� �ȥ� �� �ҤΤ� {street} {ward} {town} {counter for guns, tools, leaves or cakes of something} {even number} {4th calendar sign} 
�� 437b U5146 N637 B15 C10 S6 G4 H225 F1322 P1-3-3 L235 K1426 I2b4.4 O244 Wjo Yzhao4 IN1562 V346 DR1257 Q3211.3 Q3221.3 MN1347 MP1.1001 E939 ���祦 ����.�� ����.�� {portent} {10**12} {trillion} {sign} {omen} {symptoms} 
Ģ 4422 U5e33 N1478 B50 S11 G3 H473 F1113 P1-3-8 L1922 K1181 I3f8.2 Wjang Yzhang4 XJ15F37 IN1107 V1568 DR1665 Q4123.2 MN8939 MP4.0444 E347 ���祦 �ȤФ� {notebook} {account book} {album} 
ī 442b U671d N3788 B130 C74 S12 G2 H1695 F248 P1-8-4 L52 K257 I4b8.12 O1672 Wjo Yzhao1 Ychao2 IN469 V4838 DR1546 Q4742.0 MN14374P MP5.1069 E175 ���祦 ���� T1 �� ���� ���� ���� �Ȥ� {morning} {dynasty} {regime} {epoch} {period} {(North) Korea} 
Į 442e U753a N2995 B102 S7 G1 H1113 F148 P1-5-2 L92 K114 I5f2.1 O426 Wjeong Yting3 Yding1 XJ06136 IN182 V3729 DR3653 Q6102.0 MN21735 MP7.1083 E57 ���祦 �ޤ� {village} {town} {block} {street} 
IJ 4432 U8178 N3798 B130 S13 G4 H1033 F1621 P1-4-9 L544 K1087 I4b9.8 Wjang Ychang2 XJ06736 IN1270 V4849 DR3951 Q7622.7 MN29721 MP9.0348 E547 ���祦 �Ϥ�錄 {intestines} {guts} {bowels} {viscera} 
Ĵ 4434 U8abf N4392 B149 S15 G3 H1567 F95 P1-7-8 L349 K108 I7a8.16 O2328 Wjo Wju Ydiao4 Ytiao2 IN342 V5647 DR3049 Q0762.0 MN35609P MP10.0505 E348 ���祦 ����.�٤� ����.�� �ȤȤ�.�� �ȤȤ�.���� T1 �� �Ĥ� {tune} {tone} {meter} {key (music)} {writing style} {prepare} {exorcise} {investigate} 
Ĺ 4439 U9577 N4938 B168 S8 G2 H2556 F19 P2-5-3 L1920 K25 ZPP4-8-1 I0a8.2 O939 Wjang Ychang2 Yzhang3 XJ13267 XJ1657D IN95 V6379 DR3465 Q7173.2 MN41100 MP11.0663 E173 ���祦 �ʤ�.�� ���� T1 �� ������ ������ ���� �� �� �Ҥ� {long} {leader} 
Ļ 443b U9ce5 N5340 B196 S11 G2 H3312 F898 P3-7-4 L1941 K932 ZPP4-11-4 I11b0.1 O1521 Wjo Yniao3 IN285 V6931 DR850 Q2732.7 MN46634 MP12.0779 E174 ���祦 �Ȥ� T1 �� �� �Ȥ� {bird} {chicken} 
ľ 443e U76f4 N775 B24 C109 S8 G2 H2932 F314 P3-1-7 L73 K329 ZPP2-2-6 I2k6.2 O988 Wjig Yzhi2 IN423 V3908 DR1575 Q4071.6 MN23136 MP8.0161 E349 ���祯 ���� ���� ����.���� �ʤ�.�� -�ʤ�.�� �ʤ�.�� �ʤ�.�� ��.�� T1 ���� �ʤ� �Τ� �Τ� {straightaway} {honesty} {frankness} {fix} {repair} 
�� 4449 U8ffd N4686 B162 S9 S8 G3 H3096 F398 P3-3-6 L1268 K398 I2q6.4 O993 Wchu Wtoe Yzhui1 IN1174 V6042 DR877 Q3730.7 MN38836P MP11.0033 E350 �ĥ� ��.�� T1 ���� {chase} {drive away} {follow} {pursue} {meanwhile} 
�� 444c U901a N4703 B162 S10 S9 G2 H3109 F72 P3-3-7 L1408 K71 ZSP3-2-7 I2q7.18 O1239 Wtong Ytong1 Ytong4 IN150 V6063 DR3553 Q3730.2 MN38892P MP11.0069 E176 �ĥ� �� �Ȥ�.�� �Ȥ�.�� -�Ȥ�.�� -�ɤ�.�� �Ȥ�.�� �Ȥ�.�� -�ɤ�.�� ����.�� T1 �Ȥ� �ɤ��� �ɤ��� �ߤ� {traffic} {pass through} {avenue} {commute} {counter for letters} 
�� 4463 U4f4e N406 B9 S7 G4 H73 F477 P1-2-5 L1831 K518 I2a5.15 Wjeo Ydi1 XJ13050 IN561 V166 DR2156 Q2224.0 MN504 MP1.0688 E548 �ƥ� �Ҥ�.�� �Ҥ�.��� �Ҥ�.�ޤ� {lower} {short} {humble} 
�� 4464 U505c N507 B9 S11 G4 H139 F720 P1-2-9 L977 K752 I2a9.14 O1272 Wjeong Yting2 IN1185 V273 DR2153 Q2022.1 MN864 MP1.0867 E550 �ƥ� ��.��� ��.�ޤ� {halt} {stopping} 
�� 446a U5b9a N1296 B40 S8 G3 H2229 F62 P2-3-5 L382 K62 I3m5.8 O677 Wjeong Yding4 IN355 V1323 DR770 Q3080.1 MN7109 MP3.0974 E351 �ƥ� ���祦 ����.��� ����.�ޤ� ����.�� T1 ���� {determine} {fix} {establish} {decide} 
�� 446c U5e95 N1508 B53 S8 G4 H3084 F739 P3-3-5 L1833 K791 I3q5.3 O992 Wji Wjeo Ydi3 Yde5 IN562 V1612 DR556 Q0024.2 MN9262 MP4.0552 E549 �ƥ� ���� {bottom} {sole} {depth} {bottom price} {base} {kind} {sort} 
�� 446d U5ead N1514 B53 S10 G3 H3114 F571 P3-3-7 L590 K560 ZSP3-3-6 I3q6.3 O1244 Wjeong Yting2 IN1112 V1618 DR567 Q0024.1 MN9337X MP4.0571 E352 �ƥ� �ˤ� T1 �� {courtyard} {garden} {yard} 
�� 446f U5f1f N584 B12 C57 S7 G2 H2044 F1016 P2-2-5 L1240 K1090 ZPP4-7-3 I2o5.1 O764 Wje Ydi4 IN405 V1685 DR944 Q8022.7 MN9737 MP4.0698 E177 �ƥ� ���� �� ���Ȥ��� T1 �� {younger brother} {faitherful service to elders} 
Ū 452a U7684 N3097 B106 S8 G4 H1125 F37 P1-5-3 L69 K39 I4c4.12 O635 Wjeog Yde5 Ydi2 Ydi4 IN210 V3867 DR852 Q2762.0 MN22692 MP8.0069 E551 �ƥ� �ޤ� T1 ������ �椯�� {bull's eye} {mark} {target} {object} {adjective ending} 
ū 452b U7b1b N3382 B118 S11 G3 H2664 F1624 P2-6-5 L1111 K1692 I6f5.6 O1471 Wjeog Ydi2 IN1471 V4268 DR2376 Q8860.3 MN25917 MP8.0752 E1624 �ƥ� �դ� T1 �� {flute} {clarinet} {pipe} {whistle} {bagpipe} {piccolo} 
Ŵ 4534 U9244 N4844 B167 S13 G3 H1711 F295 P1-8-5 L846 K327 I8a5.6 O1948 Wcheol Ytie3 XJ06E6E XJ06F44 XJ06F45 XJ1644C IN312 V6253 DR2863 Q8513.0 MN40285 MP11.0511 E353 �ƥ� ����� T1 ���� �Ƥ� {iron} 
ŵ 4535 U5178 N588 B12 S8 G4 H2627 F1105 P2-6-2 L1827 K956 I2o6.5 O733 Wjeon Ydian3 IN367 V375 DR1961 Q5580.1 MN1474 MP2.0099 E552 �ƥ� �ǥ� T1 ���� �Ĥ� �� �Τ� {code} {ceremony} {law} {rule} 
ŷ 4537 U5929 N16 B1 C37 S4 G1 H3442 F422 P4-4-1 L428 K364 I0a4.21 O93 Wcheon Ytian1 IN141 V1138 DR3163 Q1043.0 MN5833 MP3.0463 E58 �ƥ� ���ޤ� ���� ����- T1 ���� ���� �� ������ �� �ʤ� {heavens} {sky} {imperial} 
Ź 4539 U5e97 N1509 B53 S8 G2 H3085 F418 P3-3-5 L588 K211 I3q5.4 Wjeom Ydian4 IN168 V1613 DR577 Q0026.1 MN9267 MP4.0555 E178 �ƥ� �ߤ� ���� {store} {shop} 
ž 453e U8ee2 N4615 B159 S11 G3 H1480 F312 P1-7-4 L420 K339 I7c4.3 O1656 Wjeon Yzhuan3 Yzhuai3 Yzhuan4 XJ06D5B IN433 V5948 DR1571 Q5103.1 MN38234P MP10.1005 E354 �ƥ� ����.���� ����.���� ����.���� ����.�� �ޤ�.�� ������ ����.�� {revolve} {turn around} {change} 
�� 4540 U70b9 N804 B25 C86 S9 G2 H2084 F129 P2-2-7 L169 K141 ZPP2-5-4 I2m7.2 Wjeom Ydian3 XJ0735A IN169 V3412 DR1240 Q2133.6 MN18980 MP7.0393 E179 �ƥ� ��.���� ��.�� ��.�Ƥ� ��.�� �Ȥ�.�� �Ȥ�.�� �ܤ� {spot} {point} {mark} {speck} {decimal point} 
�� 4541 U4f1d N379 B9 S6 G4 H44 F482 P1-2-4 L963 K494 I2a4.14 O359 Wjeon Yyun2 XJ05123 IN434 V141 DR2171 Q2123.1 MN462P MP1.0668 E553 �ǥ� �Ĥ�.��� �Ĥ�.���� �Ĥ�.�� -�Ť�.�� �Ĥ� T1 �Ĥ��� {transmit} {go along} {walk along} {follow} {report} {communicate} {legend} {tradition} 
�� 4544 U7530 N2994 B102 S5 G1 H3041 F43 P3-3-2 L14 K24 ZPP4-5-1 I5f0.1 O189 Wjeon Ytian2 IN35 V3727 DR3676 Q6040.0 MN21723 MP7.1052 E59 �ǥ� �� T1 ���ʤ� ���� ���� �� �Ȥ� �� {rice field} {rice paddy} 
�� 4545 U96fb N5050 B173 S13 G2 H2790 F205 P2-8-5 L535 K125 I8d5.2 O2025 Wjeon Ydian4 IN108 V6526 DR3156 Q1071.6 MN42253 MP12.0045 E180 �ǥ� {electricity} 
�� 454c U5f92 N1614 B60 S10 G4 H416 F747 P1-3-7 L878 K768 I3i7.1 O1048 Wdo Ytu2 IN430 V1746 DR2070 Q2428.1 Q7726.3 MN10121 MP4.0869 E554 �� �������� ���� T1 ���� {junior} {emptiness} {vanity} {futility} {uselessness} {ephemeral thing} {gang} {set} {party} {people} 
�� 4550 U767b N3094 B105 S12 G3 H2595 F566 P2-5-7 L1703 XN798 K572 ZPP2-6-6 I3d9.26 O1744 Wdeung Ydeng1 XJ1323C IN960 V3862 DR3573 Q1210.8 MN22668 MP7.1213 E360 �ȥ� �� �ɥ� ���祦 ���祦 �Τ�.�� ��.���� T1 ���� �Τܤ� �Τܤ� �Τ� {ascend} {climb up} 
�� 4554 U90fd N4769 B163 S11 S10 G3 H1686 F111 P1-8-3 L1846 K92 ZSP1-8-2 I2d8.13 O1419 Wdo Ydu1 Ydou1 IN188 V6148 DR1444 Q4762.7 MN39497P MP11.0276 E355 �� �� �ߤ䤳 T1 ���� �� �� �Ť� �ߤ� {metropolis} {capital} 
�� 4558 U52aa N717 B19 S7 G4 H2547 F694 P2-5-2 L865 XN732 K795 I2g5.6 O728 Wno Ynu3 Ynao2 XJ1305D IN1595 V527 DR1745 Q4742.7 MN2314 MP2.0378 E555 �� �Ĥ�.��� {toil} {diligent} {as much as possible} 
�� 4559 U5ea6 N1511 B53 S9 G3 H3100 F59 P3-3-6 L1194 K83 ZSP3-3-5 I3q6.1 O1009 Wdo Wtag Ydu4 Yduo2 Yduo4 IN377 V1616 DR567 Q0024.7 MN9313 MP4.0562 E356 �� �� ���� ���� -��.�� T1 �� {degrees} {occurrence} {time} {counter for occurrences} 
�� 455a U571f N1050 B32 S3 G1 H3403 F382 P4-3-2 L150 K316 I3b0.1 O42 Wto Wdu Ytu3 IN24 V966 DR1472 Q4010.0 MN4867 MP3.0108 E60 �� �� �Ĥ� T1 �� �Ĥ� �� �Ҥ� {soil} {earth} {ground} {Turkey} 
�� 455f U51ac N1161 B34 C15 S5 G2 H2157 F913 P2-3-2 L427 K903 ZPP4-5-1 I4i2.1 O161 Wdong Ydong1 IN459 V410 DR2540 Q2730.3 MN1610X MP2.0134 E182 �ȥ� �դ� {winter} 
�� 4561 U5200 N665 B18 S2 G2 H2926 F1417 P3-1-1 L83 K1494 ZPP4-2-1 I2f0.1 O12 Wdo Ydao1 XJ06E5B XJ13331 IN37 V448 DR3545 Q1722.0 MN1845 MP2.0188 E181 �ȥ� ������ ���� T1 �� �� �� �來 {sword} {saber} {knife} 
�� 4567 U5cf6 N230 B4 C46 S10 G3 H3310 F179 P3-7-3 L1948 K173 ZPP4-10-4 I3o7.9 O1522 Wdo Ydao3 XJ04568 XJ0563A XJ13B75 IN286 V1476 DR852 Q2772.7 MN8108 MP4.0252 E358 �ȥ� ���� {island} 
�� 456a U6295 N1856 B64 S7 G3 H256 F227 P1-3-4 L706 K273 I3c4.18 Wtu Ytou2 IN1021 V2095 DR1368 Q5704.7 MN11887 MP5.0134 E357 �ȥ� ��.���� -��.�� {throw} {discard} {abandon} {launch into} {join} {invest in} {hurl} {give up} {sell at a loss} 
�� 456c U6771 N213 B4 C75 S8 G2 H3568 F20 P4-8-3 L504 K11 I0a8.9 O771 Wdong Ydong1 IN71 V2596 DR1564 Q5090.6 MN14499 MP6.0172 E184 �ȥ� �Ҥ��� T1 ���� ������ ������ ���Ť� �� ���� ���� �Ȥ� �Ϥ� �Ҥ� ��� {east} 
�� 4572 U6e6f N2633 B85 S12 G3 H612 F1131 P1-3-9 L546 K1022 I3a9.23 O1587 Wtang Wsang Ytang1 Yshang1 IN632 V3245 DR351 Q3612.7 MN17874 MP7.0138 E359 �ȥ� �� {hot water} {bath} {hot spring} 
�� 4574 U706f N2745 B86 S6 G4 H825 F1261 P1-4-2 L165 K1290 ZPP1-1-5 I4d2.1 Wdeung Ydeng1 XJ04575 IN1333 V3395 DR1153 Q9182.0 MN18855 MP7.0373 E556 �ȥ� �� ��- �Ȥ⤷�� �Ȥ�.�� ������ {lamp} {a light} {light} {no. of lights} 
�� 4576 U5f53 N1359 B42 S6 G2 H2177 F91 P2-3-3 L1153 K93 I3n3.3 O282 Wdang Ydang1 Ydang4 XJ06144 IN77 V1706 DR1075 Q9017.7 MN9913 MP4.0779 E183 �ȥ� ��.���� ��.���� ��.�Ƥ� ��.�� �ޤ�.�� �ޤ�.�ˤ٤� T1 ���� {hit} {right} {appropriate} {himself} 
�� 4579 U7b49 N3396 B118 S12 G3 H2682 F652 P2-6-6 L945 K601 I6f6.9 O1770 Wdeung Ydeng3 IN569 V4287 DR2348 Q8834.1 MN25992 MP8.0772 E361 �ȥ� �Ҥ�.���� �ʤ� -�� T1 �� �� {etc.} {and so forth} {class (1st)} {quality} {equal} {similar} 
�� 457a U7b54 N3394 B118 S12 G2 H2681 F391 P2-6-6 L947 K434 I6f6.12 O1765 Wdab Yda2 Yda1 IN160 V4285 DR2377 Q8860.1 MN26006 MP8.0780 E185 �ȥ� ����.���� ����.�� T1 �ɤ� {solution} {answer} 
Ʀ 4626 U8c46 N4465 B151 S7 G3 H1943 F938 P2-1-6 L1440 K988 I3d4.22 O438 Wdu Ydou4 IN958 V5735 DR3073 Q1010.8 MN36245 MP10.0637 E1640 �ȥ� �� �ޤ� �ޤ�- T1 �� �� {beans} {pea} {midget} 
Ƭ 462c U982d N4469 B151 C181 S16 G2 H1604 F390 P1-7-9 L1441 K386 I9a7.6 O2504 Wdu Ytou2 Ytou5 IN276 V6639 DR3061 Q1118.6 MN43490 MP12.0264 E186 �ȥ� �� �� ������ ������ -������ ���֤� T1 ���� ���� ����� �Ĥ�� �� {head} {counter for large animals} 
Ư 462f U50cd N532 B9 S13 G4 H153 F423 P1-2-11 L1678 K444 I2a11.1 Wdong Ydong4 XJ0503E IN232 V297 DR2145 Q2422.7 MN1079 MP1.0920 E558 �ɥ� ��奯 �ꥭ � ��祯 �Ϥ���.�� {work} 
ư 4630 U52d5 N730 B19 S11 G3 H1778 F88 P1-9-2 L1676 K86 I2g9.1 Wdong Ydong4 IN231 V549 DR2245 Q2412.7 MN2390 MP2.0392 E362 �ɥ� ����.�� ����.���� T1 �뤮 {move} {motion} {change} {confusion} {shift} {shake} 
Ʊ 4631 U540c N619 B13 C30 S6 G2 H2987 F18 P3-2-4 L180 K23 I2r4.2 O298 Wdong Ytong2 Ytong4 IN198 V717 DR3649 Q7722.0 MN3294 MP2.0811 E187 �ɥ� ����.�� {same} {agree} {equal} 
Ʋ 4632 U5802 N1365 B42 C32 S11 G4 H2589 F768 P2-5-6 L798 K662 I3n8.4 O1462 Wdang Ytang2 IN496 V1037 DR1072 Q9010.4 MN5207 MP3.0200 E557 �ɥ� {public chamber} {hall} 
Ƹ 4638 U7ae5 N3357 B117 S12 G3 H2130 F1067 P2-2-10 L436 K1111 ZPP2-5-7 I5b7.3 O1743 Wdong Ytong2 IN410 V4239 DR472 Q0010.4 MN25775 MP8.0715 E363 �ɥ� ���� T1 �� {juvenile} {child} 
ƻ 463b U9053 N4724 B162 S12 S11 G2 H3134 F124 P3-3-9 L277 K129 ZSP3-2-9 I2q9.14 O1811 Wdo Ydao4 XJ13653 XJ15C30 XJ15C31 IN149 V6091 DR979 Q3830.6 MN39010P MP11.0138 E188 �ɥ� �ȥ� �ߤ� T1 �� �� �� �ߤ� {road-way} {street} {district} {journey} {course} {moral} {teachings} 
�� 4640 U5f97 N1622 B60 S11 G4 H477 F321 P1-3-8 L876 K358 I3i8.4 O1299 Wdeug Yde2 Yde5 Ydei3 IN374 V1755 DR2048 Q2624.1 MN10137 MP4.0873 E761 �ȥ� ��.�� ��.�� T1 ���� �Ƥ� {gain} {get} {find} {earn} {acquire} {can} {may} {able to} {profit} {advantage} {benefit} 
�� 4643 U7279 N2860 B93 S10 G4 H945 F215 P1-4-6 L246 K153 I4g6.1 Wteug Yte4 IN282 V3541 DR2448 Q2454.1 MN20013 MP7.0644 E760 �ȥ� {special} 
�� 4647 U6bd2 N2468 B80 S8 G4 H2428 F1127 P2-4-4 L1531 K1165 I0a8.14 Wdog Ydu2 IN522 V3007 DR1447 Q5050.7 MN16730 MP6.0797 E559 �ɥ� {poison} {virus} {venom} {germ} {harm} {injury} {spite} 
�� 4649 U8aad N4375 B149 S14 G2 H1541 F513 P1-7-7 L348 K484 I7a7.9 O2142 Wdog Wdu Ydu2 Ydou4 XJ06C26 IN244 V5629 DR3057 Q0461.2 MN35580P MP10.0496 E189 �ɥ� �ȥ� �ȥ� ��.�� -��.�� T1 ��� {read} 
�� 4662 U5185 N82 B2 C11 S4 G2 H3466 F56 P4-4-4 L1019 K51 I0a4.23 O81 Wnae Wnab Ynei4 IN84 V386 DR1653 Q4022.7 MN1512 MP2.0110 E364 �ʥ� ���� ���� T1 ���� ���� �� �Τ� {inside} {within} {between} {among} {house} {home} 
�� 466e U5357 N778 B24 S9 G2 H2082 F194 P2-2-7 L1613 K205 ZPP3-4-5 I2k7.1 O912 Wnam Ynan2 Yna1 IN74 V619 DR1553 Q4022.7 MN2750 MP2.0562 E190 �ʥ� �� �ߤʤ� T1 �ʤ� �� �ߤ� �ߤޤ� {south} 
�� 4673 U4e8c N273 B7 S2 G1 H1922 F4 P2-1-1 L2 K6 I0a2.1 O4 Wi Yer4 XJ05031 IN3 V72 DR3072 Q1010.0 MN247 MP1.0416 E61 �� �� �դ� �դ�.�� �դ���.�� T1 ���� �Ĥ� �ˤ� �� �� �դ��� �դ� �� {two} 
�� 4679 U8089 N3724 B130 S6 G2 H3200 F775 P3-4-2 L1022 K779 ZPP3-2-4 ZPP4-6-4 I2a4.20 Wyug Wyu Yrou4 IN223 V4753 DR1653 Q4022.7 MN29236 MP9.0246 E365 �˥� {meat} 
�� 467c U65e5 N2097 B72 S4 G1 H3027 F1 P3-3-1 L12 K1 ZPP4-4-1 I4c0.1 O77 Wil Yri4 IN5 V2410 DR3878 Q6010.0 MN13733 MP5.0714 E62 �˥� ���� �� -�� -�� T1 �� ���� ���� �� ���� ���� �� ���� �� �ˤ� �ˤ� �� {day} {sun} {Japan} 
�� 467e U5165 N574 B11 S2 G1 H3370 F82 P4-2-4 L779 K74 ZPP3-1-1 I0a2.3 O15 Wib Yru4 IN52 V366 DR3562 Q8000.0 MN1415 MP1.1037 E63 �˥奦 �˥� ��.�� -��.�� -��.�� ��.��� -��.�� �Ϥ�.�� �Ϥ�.�� T1 ���� ���� �� �� ��� {enter} {insert} 
Ǯ 472e U71b1 N2797 B86 S15 G4 H2866 F644 P2-11-4 L1516 K629 I4d11.4 O2408 Wyeol Yre4 IN645 V3473 DR1440 Q4533.1 Q4433.1 MN19360 MP7.0510 E560 �ͥ� ����.�� T1 ���� {heat} {temperature} {fever} {mania} {passion} 
ǯ 472f U5e74 N188 B4 C51 S6 G1 H2035 F10 P2-2-4 L1036 K3 ZPP4-6-3 I0a6.16 O342 Wnyeon Ynian2 XJ15078 IN45 V1593 DR2355 Q8050.0 MN9168 MP4.0512 E64 �ͥ� �Ȥ� T1 �� {year} 
ǰ 4730 U5ff5 N424 B9 C61 S8 G4 H2059 F473 P2-2-6 L1590 K469 ZPP2-4-4 I2a6.24 O670 Wnyeom Ynian4 IN579 V1800 DR2858 Q8033.2 MN10390 MP4.0981 E561 �ͥ� {wish} {sense} {idea} {thought} {feeling} {desire} {attention} 
�� 4740 U8fb2 N4658 B161 S13 G3 H2698 F309 P2-6-7 L2014 K362 I2p11.1 O2205 Wnong Ynong2 IN369 V6008 DR1965 Q5523.2 MN38688 MP10.1096 E366 �� T1 �� �� �� {agriculture} {farmers} 
�� 4748 U6ce2 N2529 B85 S8 G3 H330 F579 P1-3-5 L803 K606 I3a5.9 O596 Wpa Ybo1 Ypo1 IN666 V3101 DR366 Q3414.7 MN17308 MP6.1060 E367 �� �ʤ� T1 �Ҥ� �ߤ� �ߤʤ� �� {waves} {billows} {Poland} 
�� 474f U99ac N5191 B187 S10 G2 H3296 F531 P3-6-4 L1978 K512 ZPP4-10-1 I10a0.1 O1257 Wma Yma3 IN283 V6725 DR3450 Q7132.7 MN44572 MP12.0458 E191 �� ���� ����- �� T1 �� �� �� �� {horse} 
�� 4754 U6557 N4494 B154 C66 S11 G4 H1476 F491 P1-7-4 L331 K562 I7b4.1 Wpae Ybai4 XJ15F40 IN511 V2343 DR3966 Q6884.0 MN13227 MP5.0515 E562 �ϥ� ���.��� {failure} {defeat} {reversal} 
�� 475b U914d N4779 B164 S10 G3 H1460 F319 P1-7-3 L1436 K304 I7e3.2 O1141 Wbae Ypei4 IN515 V6163 DR3256 Q1761.7 MN39771 MP11.0350 E368 �ϥ� ����.�� {distribute} {spouse} {exile} {rationing} 
�� 475c U500d N483 B9 S10 G3 H108 F810 P1-2-8 L992 K809 I2a8.14 O1025 Wbae Wpae Ybei4 IN87 V252 DR2177 Q2026.1 MN760 MP1.0824 E563 �Х� T1 �� �ޤ� {double} {twice} {times} {fold} 
�� 475f U6885 N2258 B75 S10 G4 H925 F1018 P1-4-6 L460 K1009 I4a6.27 O1374 Wmae Ymei2 XJ04760 XJ14467 IN1734 V2666 DR1847 Q4895.7 MN14795P MP6.0342 E1686 �� ���� {plum} 
�� 4763 U8cb7 N3637 B122 C154 S12 G2 H2598 F316 P2-5-7 L831 K330 I5g7.2 O1753 Wmae Ymai3 IN241 V5793 DR3661 Q6080.6 MN36708 MP10.0733 E193 �� ��.�� {buy} 
�� 4764 U58f2 N1067 B32 C33 S7 G2 H2196 F207 P2-3-4 L323 K131 I3p4.3 O466 Wmae Ymai4 XJ06C4E IN239 V990 DR1457 Q4021.2 MN5647P MP3.0288 E192 �� ��.�� ��.��� T1 ���� ���� �� {sell} 
�� 476e U535a N787 B24 S12 G4 H151 F788 P1-2-10 L47 K802 I2k10.1 O1534 Wbag Ybo2 IN601 V621 DR1448 Q4304.6 MN2761P MP2.0599 E564 �ϥ� �Х� T1 ���� �� �Ϥ� �Ҥ� {Dr.} {command} {esteem} {win acclaim} {Ph.D.} {exposition} {fair} 
�� 4772 U767d N3095 B106 S5 G1 H3493 F298 P4-5-2 L37 K266 I4c1.3 O216 Wbaeg Wbae Ybai2 IN205 V3863 DR878 Q2600.0 MN22678 MP8.0001 E65 �ϥ� �ӥ㥯 ���� ����- ����.�� T1 ���� �� �Ϥ� {white} 
�� 477e U9ea6 N5385 B199 S7 G2 H2408 F1306 P2-4-3 L1533 K1411 I4i4.2 O456 Wmaeg Ymai4 XJ0734E IN270 V7030 DR1467 Q5024.7 MN47718 MP12.0930 E194 �Х� �म {barley} {wheat} 
Ȣ 4822 U7bb1 N3425 B118 S15 G3 H2711 F1078 P2-6-9 L942 K944 I6f9.4 O2383 Wsang Yxiang1 IN1091 V4331 DR2379 Q8896.3 MN26209 MP8.0813 E1703 ���� �Ϥ� {box} {chest} {case} {bin} {railway car} 
Ȫ 482a U7551 N2757 B86 C102 S9 G3 H905 F1141 P1-4-5 L166 K1216 ZPP1-1-8 I4d5.1 O838 Wjeon Ytian2 IN36 V3741 DR1176 Q9680.0 MN21797 MP7.1090 E369 �Ϥ� �Ϥ��� -�Ф��� T1 ���� �ޤ� {farm} {field} {garden} {one's specialty} {(kokuji)} 
Ȭ 482c U516b N577 B12 S2 G1 H3 F40 P1-1-1 L8 K41 I2o0.1 O19 Wpal Yba1 Yba2 IN10 V369 DR2062 Q8000.0 MN1450 MP2.0001 E66 �ϥ� �� ��.�� ���.�� �褦 T1 �� �� �Ϥ� �Ϥ� ��� ��� T2 �Ϥ������� {eight} 
ȯ 482f U767a N3092 B105 S9 G3 H2565 F38 P2-5-4 L1705 K43 I0a9.5 O953 Wbal Yfa1 XJ06224 IN96 V3860 DR3557 Q1241.5 MN22662P MP7.1213 E370 �ϥ� �ۥ� ��.�� ����.�� ����.�� �Ĥ�.�魯 �Ϥ�.�� T1 �� �� {discharge} {departure} {publish} {emit} {start from} {disclose} 
Ⱦ 483e U534a N132 B3 C24 S5 G2 H3501 F212 P4-5-3 L1202 K224 I0a5.24 O213 Wban Yban4 IN88 V608 DR1055 Q9050.0 MN2707X MP2.0540 E195 �ϥ� �ʤ�.�� T1 �� {half} {middle} {odd number} {semi-} {part-} 
ȿ 483f U53cd N817 B27 C29 S4 G3 H2945 F156 P3-2-2 L722 K183 ZPP4-4-1 I2p2.2 O69 Wban Wbeon Yfan3 IN324 V674 DR3367 Q7124.7 MN3127 MP2.0687 E371 �ϥ� �ۥ� ���� �� ��.�� ��.�餹 ����.�� ����.�� -����.�� T1 ���� �� {anti-} 
�� 4844 U677f N2213 B75 S8 G3 H858 F712 P1-4-4 L724 K709 I4a4.21 O632 Wpan Yban3 IN1047 V2595 DR1867 Q4194.7 MN14518 MP6.0217 E373 �ϥ� �Х� ���� {plank} {board} {plate} {stage} 
�� 4853 U98ef N5158 B184 S12 G4 H1691 F1086 P1-8-4 L1473 K1083 I8b4.5 O1964 Wban Yfan4 IN325 V6679 DR2867 Q8174.7 MN44064P MP12.0387 E565 �ϥ� �ᤷ T1 �� ���� ���� �� {meal} {boiled rice} 
�� 4856 U756a N4811 B165 C102 S12 G2 H2748 F328 P2-7-5 L1909 K323 ZPP2-1-11 ZBP4-11-3 I5f7.4 O1773 Wbeon Wban Yfan1 Ypan1 IN185 V3762 DR2276 Q2060.9 MN21858 MP7.1111 E196 �Х� �Ĥ�.�� T1 �� �� {turn} {number in a series} 
�� 4861 U60b2 N5082 B175 C61 S12 G3 H2775 F1025 P2-8-4 L1635 K1032 I4k8.18 O1782 Wbi Ybei1 IN1034 V1897 DR1258 Q1133.1 MN10720 MP4.1065 E375 �� ����.���� ����.���� {jail cell} {grieve} {sad} {deplore} {regret} 
�� 4869 U76ae N3109 B107 S5 G3 H3037 F989 P3-3-2 L802 K939 ZPP4-5-4 I2h3.1 Wpi Ypi2 IN975 V3878 DR1667 Q4024.7 MN22823 MP8.0093 E374 �� ���� T2 ������ {pelt} {skin} {hide} {leather} 
�� 4871 U8cbb N4497 B154 S12 G4 H2607 F304 P2-5-7 L1238 K337 I7b5.4 Wbi Yfei4 IN749 V5786 DR1961 Q5580.6 MN36717 MP10.0736 E567 �� �Ĥ�.�䤹 �Ĥ�.���� {expense} {cost} {spend} {consume} {waste} 
�� 4874 U98db N5152 B183 S9 G4 H3572 F373 P4-9-1 L1887 K440 ZPP3-3-6 I0a9.4 O1014 Wbi Yfei1 IN530 V6672 DR3556 Q1241.3 MN44000 MP12.0360 E566 �� ��.�� ��.�Ф� -��.�Ф� T1 ���� �Ȥ� {fly} {skip (pages} {scatter} 
�� 487e U7f8e N3658 B123 S9 G3 H2264 F407 P2-3-6 L548 K289 ZPP2-6-3 ZPP4-9-4 I2o7.4 O923 Wmi Ymei3 IN401 V4660 DR963 Q8043.1 MN28435 MP9.0057 E376 �� �� ���Ĥ�.���� T1 �Ϥ� �褷 �褷�� �� {beauty} {beautiful} 
ɡ 4921 U9f3b N5421 B209 S14 G3 H2706 F1403 P2-6-8 L678 K1459 I5f9.3 O2206 Wbi Ybi2 IN813 V7082 DR855 Q2644.6 MN48498P MP12.1075 E377 �� �Ϥ� {nose} {snout} 
ɬ 492c U5fc5 N129 B3 S5 G4 H15 F264 P1-1-4 L635 K292 ZPP4-5-4 I0a5.16 O120 Wpil Ybi4 IN520 V1781 DR359 Q3300.0 MN10299 MP4.0951 E568 �ҥ� ���ʤ�.�� {invariably} {certain} {inevitable} 
ɮ 492e U7b46 N3397 B118 S12 G3 H2677 F956 P2-6-6 L943 K940 I6f6.1 O1769 Wpil Ybi3 XJ15174 IN130 V4288 DR2355 Q8850.7 MN25987 MP8.0766 E569 �ҥ� �դ� T1 ���� {writing brush} {writing} {painting brush} {handwriting} 
ɴ 4934 U767e N33 B1 C106 S6 G1 H2026 F63 P2-2-4 L38 K73 ZPP4-6-1 I4c2.3 O265 Wbaeg Wmaeg Ybai3 Ybo2 IN14 V3864 DR3178 Q1060.0 MN22679 MP8.0046 E67 �ҥ㥯 �ӥ㥯 ��� T1 �� �� �ɤ� �ʤ� �Ҥ�� �Ҥ夯 �� ���� �� {hundred} 
ɸ 4938 U6a19 N2359 B75 S15 G4 H1064 F742 P1-4-11 L1608 K776 I4a11.8 O2298 Wpyo Ybiao1 IN923 V2852 DR1841 Q4199.1 MN15442 MP6.0527 E571 �ҥ祦 ����� ���뤷 T1 ���� {signpost} {seal} {mark} {stamp} {imprint} {symbol} {emblem} {trademark} {evidence} {souvenir} {target} 
ɹ 4939 U6c37 N131 B3 S5 G3 H39 F1213 P1-2-3 L131 K1222 ZPP4-5-3 I3a1.2 O140 Wbing Ybing1 XJ05156 IN1206 V3032 DR1142 Q3223.0 MN17087 MP6.0887 E378 �ҥ祦 ������ �� ����.�� T1 ���� {icicle} {ice} {hail} {freeze} {congeal} 
ɼ 493c U7968 N4276 B146 C113 S11 G4 H2669 F790 P2-6-5 L1606 K866 I4e6.2 Wpyo Ypiao4 IN922 V4089 DR3241 Q1090.1 MN24694 MP8.0468 E570 �ҥ祦 {ballot} {label} {ticket} {sign} 
ɽ 493d U8868 N108 B2 C145 S8 G3 H2429 F117 P2-4-4 L1546 K124 I0a8.6 O914 Wpyo Ybiao3 IN272 V5422 DR1465 Q5073.2 MN34105 MP10.0176 E379 �ҥ祦 ����� -����� �����.�� �����.��� ����.�魯 {surface} {table} {chart} {diagram} 
�� 4942 U75c5 N3042 B104 S10 G3 H3277 F426 P3-5-5 L1682 K441 I5i5.3 O1250 Wbyeong Ybing4 IN380 V3798 DR553 Q0012.7 MN22127 MP7.1168 E381 �ӥ祦 �إ� ��.�� -��.�� ��ޤ� {ill} {sick} 
�� 4943 U79d2 N3271 B115 S9 G3 H1137 F826 P1-5-4 L899 K831 I5d4.2 Wcho Wmyo Ymiao3 IN1152 V4129 DR2260 Q2992.0 MN24952 MP8.0554 E380 �ӥ祦 {second (1/60 minute)} 
�� 494a U54c1 N923 B30 S9 G3 H2248 F206 P2-3-6 L23 K138 I3d6.15 O916 Wpum Ypin3 IN230 V792 DR3777 Q6066.0 MN3581 MP2.1001 E382 �ҥ� �ۥ� ���� {goods} {refinement} {dignity} {article} {counter for meal courses} 
�� 4954 U4e0d N17 B1 S4 G4 H3434 F131 P4-4-1 L1217 K134 ZPP3-2-2 ZPP3-3-1 I0a4.2 O94 Wbu Wbul Ybu4 Ybu2 IN94 V13 DR3154 Q1090.0 MN19 MP1.0236 E572 �� �� {negative} {non-} {bad} {ugly} {clumsy} 
�� 4955 U4ed8 N363 B9 S5 G4 H31 F326 P1-2-3 L1000 K251 I2a3.6 O126 Wbu Yfu4 IN192 V124 DR2148 Q2420.0 MN373 MP1.0601 E574 �� ��.���� -��.���� -��.���� ��.�� ��.��- -��.�� -��.�� -�Ť� ��.�� -��.�� ��.�� -��.�� -�Ĥ� -��.�� -�Ť� T1 �Ĥ� {adhere} {attach} {refer to} {append} 
�� 4957 U592b N164 B4 C37 S4 G3 H3460 F296 P4-4-4 L838 K265 I0a4.31 O104 Wbu Yfu1 Yfu2 IN315 V1136 DR1463 Q5003.0 MN5835 MP3.0546 E573 �� �ե� �� ���ä� ��.�� T1 �� �� �椦 �� {husband} {man} 
�� 495c U5e9c N1507 B53 S8 G4 H3082 F125 P3-3-5 L1002 K156 I3q5.2 O740 Wbu Yfu3 IN504 V1611 DR548 Q0024.0 MN9283 MP4.0558 E575 �� T1 �� �� �� �Ϥ� {borough} {urban prefecture} {govt office} {representative body} {storehouse} 
�� 4963 U7236 N2832 B88 S4 G2 H1973 F662 P2-2-2 L1274 K742 I2o2.3 O65 Wbu Wbo Yfu4 Yfu3 IN113 V3516 DR2066 Q8040.0 MN19721 MP7.0578 E197 �� ���� {father} 
�� 4969 U8ca0 N4488 B154 S9 G3 H2091 F412 P2-2-7 L63 K473 ZPP2-7-2 I2n7.1 O981 Wbu Yfu4 IN510 V5769 DR2561 Q2780.6 MN36660X MP10.0701 E383 �� ��.���� ��.���� ��.�� {defeat} {negative} {-} {minus} {bear} {owe} {assume a responsibility} 
�� 4974 U90e8 N4767 B163 S11 S10 G3 H1676 F42 P1-8-3 L1845 K37 ZSP1-8-2 I2d8.15 O1418 Wbu Ybu4 XJ1622E IN86 V6146 DR444 Q0762.7 MN39460 MP11.0256 E384 �� -�� T1 �Ȥ� �� �� �� {section} {bureau} {dept} {class} {copy} {part} {portion} {counter for copies of a newspaper or magazine} 
�� 4977 U98a8 N5148 B182 S9 G2 H3007 F240 P3-2-7 L524 K246 I2s7.1 O986 Wpung Yfeng1 XJ1332B XJ16847 IN29 V6663 DR3656 Q7721.0 MN43756 MP12.0324 E198 �ե� �� ���� ����- -���� T1 �� �� {wind} {air} {style} {manner} 
�� 497b U526f N699 B18 S11 G4 H1776 F592 P1-9-2 L89 K681 I2f9.2 O1428 Wbu Wbog Yfu4 IN714 V503 DR3043 Q1260.0 MN2097 MP2.0296 E576 �ե� T1 ���� ���� {vice-} {duplicate} {copy} 
�� 497e U670d N3741 B130 C74 S8 G3 H878 F733 P1-4-4 L1399 K534 I4b4.6 O618 Wbog Yfu2 Yfu4 IN683 V4775 DR3967 Q7724.7 MN14345P MP5.1043 E385 �ե� T1 �Ϥ� �Ϥ� �Ϥ� {clothing} {admit} {obey} {discharge} 
ʡ 4a21 U798f N3256 B113 S13 G3 H1029 F466 P1-4-9 L1090 K450 I4e9.1 O1888 Wbog Yfu2 IN1379 V4105 DR676 Q3126.6 MN24768P MP8.0492 E386 �ե� T1 �Ȥ� �Ȥ� �� �դ� �դ� �ܤ� �褷 {blessing} {fortune} {luck} {wealth} 
ʪ 4a2a U7269 N2857 B93 S8 G3 H874 F123 P1-4-4 L1050 K126 I4g4.2 O611 Wmul Ywu4 IN79 V3538 DR2451 Q2752.0 MN19959 MP7.0635 E387 �֥� ��� ��� ���- {thing} {object} {matter} 
ʬ 4a2c U5206 N578 B12 C18 S4 G2 H1972 F30 P2-2-2 L781 K35 I2o2.1 O64 Wbun Wpun Yfen1 Yfen4 IN38 V454 DR2045 Q8022.7 MN1853 MP2.0195 E199 �֥� �ե� �� ��.���� ��.�� ��.����� ��.���� ��.���� T1 ���� �櫓 {part} {minute of time} {segment} {share} {degree} {one's lot} {duty} {understand} {know} {rate} {1%} {chances} {shaku/10} 
ʴ 4a34 U7c89 N3469 B119 S10 G4 H1291 F1097 P1-6-4 L920 K1152 I6b4.6 O1133 Wbun Yfen3 IN1701 V4390 DR1045 Q9892.7 MN26872 MP8.0888 E577 �ե� �ǥ��᡼�ȥ� �� ���� {flour} {powder} {dust} 
ʸ 4a38 U6587 N2064 B67 S4 G1 H1962 F164 P2-2-2 L1725 K136 I2j2.4 O86 Wmun Ywen2 Ywen4 IN111 V2364 DR466 Q0040.0 MN13450 MP5.0560 E68 �֥� ��� �դ� ���� T1 ������ �� �� T2 �֤�ˤ礦 {sentence} {literature} {style} {art} {decoration} {figures} {plan} 
ʹ 4a39 U805e N4959 B169 S14 G2 H3326 F247 P3-8-6 L1626 K262 I8e6.1 O2244 Wmun Ywen2 Ywen4 IN64 V4732 DR3854 XDR3853 Q7740.1 Q7712.1 MN29104 MP9.0215 E200 �֥� ��� ��.�� ��.������ {hear} {ask} {listen} 
ʼ 4a3c U5175 N201 B4 C12 S7 G4 H2551 F386 P2-5-2 L1331 K447 I2o5.6 O499 Wbyeong Ybing1 IN784 V374 DR2661 Q7280.1 MN1462 MP2.0085 E578 �إ� �ҥ祦 �Ĥ��� T1 �� {soldier} {private} {troops} {army} {warfare} {strategy} {tactics} 
ʿ 4a3f U5e73 N26 B1 C51 S5 G3 H3478 F160 P4-5-1 L1484 K143 I2k3.4 O203 Wpyeong Wpyeon Yping2 IN202 V1590 DR3155 Q1040.9 MN9167X MP4.0487 E388 �إ� �ӥ祦 �ҥ祦 ����.�� -������ �Ҥ� �Ҥ�- T1 ������ ���� �Ϥ� �� �ҤȤ� �� �ؤ� {even} {flat} {peace} 
�� 4a46 U7c73 N3461 B119 S6 G2 H3529 F76 P4-6-3 L919 K90 I6b0.1 O343 Wmi Ymi3 IN224 V4380 DR1064 Q9090.4 MN26832 MP8.0883 E201 �٥� �ޥ� �ᥨ�ȥ� ���� ��� T1 �� �� �ޤ� �� �� ��� ��� ��� {rice} {USA} 
�� 4a4c U5225 N674 B18 S7 G4 H1117 F278 P1-5-2 L90 K255 I2f5.3 O435 Wbyeol Ybie2 IN267 V467 DR3743 Q6220.0 MN1924 MP2.0235 E579 �٥� �狼.��� ��.���� T1 �٤� {separate} {branch off} {diverge} {fork} {another} {extra} {specially} 
�� 4a51 U5909 N306 B8 C34 S9 G4 H2069 F303 P2-2-7 L1745 K324 ZPP2-6-3 I2j7.3 O970 Wbyeon Ybian4 XJ05A4E IN257 V1119 DR467 Q0024.7 Q0040.7 MN5703 MP3.0302 E581 �إ� ��.��� ��.��� ��.���� {unusual} {change} {strange} 
�� 4a55 U8fba N4661 B162 S5 S4 G4 H3029 F640 P3-3-2 L284 K696 I2q2.1 O179 Wbyeon Ybian1 XJ06E34 XJ06E35 IN775 V6011 DR3545 Q3730.2 MN38710P MP11.0001 E580 �إ� ����.�� �ۤ�.�� -�� T1 �ʤ� {environs} {boundary} {border} {vicinity} {(kokuji)} 
�� 4a56 U8fd4 N4670 B162 S7 S6 G3 H3060 F529 P3-3-4 L725 K586 I2q4.5 Wban Yfan3 IN442 V6020 DR3367 Q3130.4 MN38758P MP11.0015 E389 �إ� ����.�� -����.�� ����.�� -����.�� {return} {answer} {fade} {repay} 
�� 4a58 U4fbf N450 B9 S9 G4 H95 F792 P1-2-7 L991 K578 I2a7.5 Wpyeon Wbyeon Ybian4 Ypian2 IN330 V219 DR2166 Q2124.6 MN659 MP1.0772 E582 �٥� �ӥ� ����.�� {convenience} 
�� 4a59 U52c9 N228 B4 C19 S10 G3 H3318 F957 P3-8-2 L1975 K946 I2n8.1 O1263 Wmyeon Ymian3 IN735 V543 DR2557 Q2421.2 MN2384P MP2.0390 E390 �٥� �Ĥ�.��� T1 �Ҥ� ��� {exertion} 
�� 4a62 U6b69 N2433 B77 S8 G2 H2416 F299 P2-4-4 L371 K312 I3n5.3 O694 Wbo Ybu4 IN431 V2958 DR1260 Q2120.9 MN16284 MP6.0681 E202 �� �� �� ����.�� ����.�� T1 �� �椭 ��� {walk} 
�� 4a6c U6bcd N2466 B80 S5 G2 H3475 F514 P4-5-1 L101 K554 I0a5.36 O326 Wmo Ymu3 IN112 V3005 DR3647 Q7750.0 MN16723 MP6.0793 E203 �� �Ϥ� �� {mama} {mother} 
�� 4a71 U5305 N176 B4 C20 S5 G4 H2966 F1094 P3-2-3 L530 K1112 ZPP4-5-2 I0a5.9 O218 Wpo Ybao1 IN804 V572 DR2556 Q2771.2 MN2506P MP2.0431 E583 �ۥ� �Ĥ�.�� ����.�� T1 �� ���� {wrap} {pack up} {cover} {conceal} 
�� 4a7c U653e N2084 B70 C66 S8 G3 H853 F250 P1-4-4 L496 K282 I4h4.1 O606 Wbang Yfang4 IN512 V2333 DR466 Q0824.0 MN13133 MP5.0477 E391 �ۥ� �Ϥ�.�� -�äѤ�.�� �Ϥ�.�� �Ϥ�.��� �ۤ�.�� T1 �Ϥʤ� {set free} {release} {fire} {shoot} {emit} {banish} {liberate} 
�� 4a7d U65b9 N2082 B70 S4 G2 H1963 F29 P2-2-2 L490 K28 ZPP3-3-1 I4h0.1 O85 Wbang Yfang1 IN70 V2389 DR445 Q0022.7 MN13620 MP5.0654 E204 �ۥ� ���� -���� -���� T1 ���� �� �ʤ� �դ� �ޤ� �ߤ� �� �� {direction} {person} {alternative} 
ˡ 4b21 U6cd5 N2535 B85 S8 G4 H333 F126 P1-3-5 L751 K145 I3a5.20 O824 Wbeob Yfa3 Yfa4 XJ13075 XJ1493C IN123 V3107 DR371 Q3413.1 MN17290 MP6.1043 E584 �ۥ� �ϥ� �ۥ� �ե�� �Τ� T1 �� {method} {law} {rule} {principle} {model} {system} 
˾ 4b3e U671b N2940 B96 C74 S11 G4 H2742 F340 P2-7-4 L489 K361 I4f7.6 O1777 Wmang Ywang4 IN673 V4819 DR472 Q0710.4 MN14368P MP5.1054 E585 �ܥ� �⥦ �Τ�.�� ��� T1 �� �� {ambition} {full moon} {hope} {desire} {aspire to} {expect} 
�� 4b4c U5317 N751 B21 S5 G2 H197 F100 P1-3-2 L445 K103 I0a5.5 O138 Wbug Wbae Ybei3 IN73 V581 DR1256 Q1111.0 MN2574 MP2.0442 E205 �ۥ� ���� T1 ���� �ۤ� �ۤ� �ۤ� {north} 
�� 4b52 U7267 N2856 B93 S8 G4 H873 F1187 P1-4-4 L329 K1243 I4g4.1 O610 Wmog Ymu4 IN731 V3537 DR2466 Q2854.0 MN19950 MP7.0632 E586 �ܥ� �ޤ� T1 �� �ޤ� �⤯ {breed} {care for} {shepherd} {feed} {pasture} 
�� 4b5c U672c N96 B2 C75 S5 G1 H3502 F12 P4-5-3 L211 K15 I0a5.25 O212 Wbon Yben3 XJ05471 IN25 V2536 DR1855 Q5023.0 MN14421 MP6.0026 E70 �ۥ� ��� T1 �ޤ� {book} {present} {main} {true} {real} {no. of long things} 
�� 4b65 U59b9 N1204 B38 S8 G2 H278 F1204 P1-3-5 L220 K1204 I3e5.4 O848 Wmae Ymei4 IN408 V1199 DR1764 Q4549.0 MN6138 MP3.0657 E207 �ޥ� ���⤦�� T1 �� �� �� {younger sister} 
�� 4b68 U6bce N2467 B80 S6 G2 H2034 F508 P2-2-4 L458 K396 I0a6.25 O444 Wmae Ymei3 IN116 V3006 DR2347 Q8050.7 MN16724P MP6.0795 E206 �ޥ� ���� -����.�� T1 �Ĥ� {every} 
�� 4b76 U672b N177 B4 C75 S5 G4 H3505 F485 P4-5-3 L217 K528 I0a5.26 O211 Wmal Ymo4 IN305 V2534 DR1464 Q5090.0 MN14420 MP6.0021 E587 �ޥ� �Х� ���� {not yet} {end} {close} {tip} {powder} {posterity} 
�� 4b7c U4e07 N7 B1 S3 G2 H2936 F115 P3-2-1 L64 K96 ZPP4-3-1 I0a3.8 O43 Wman Wmug Ywan4 Ymo4 XJ0685F IN16 V7 DR3145 Q1022.7 MN10 MP1.0104 E392 �ޥ� �Х� �� T1 ���� �� ��� {ten thousand} 
�� 4b7e U6e80 N2636 B85 S12 G4 H607 F557 P1-3-9 L1169 K579 I3a9.25 O1861 Wman Yman3 XJ05E60 IN201 V3248 DR353 Q3412.7 MN17921P MP7.0147 E588 �ޥ� �Х� ��.���� ��.�� ��.���� T1 �� �ߤ� �ߤ� �ߤĤ� {full} {enough} {pride} {satisfy} 
̣ 4c23 U5473 N913 B30 S8 G3 H274 F341 P1-3-5 L219 K295 I3d5.3 O572 Wmi Ywei4 IN307 V766 DR3764 Q6509.0 MN3456 MP2.0955 E393 �� ���� ����.�臘 {flavor} {taste} 
̤ 4c24 U672a N179 B4 C75 S5 G4 H3506 F771 P4-5-3 L216 K801 I0a5.27 O210 Wmi Ywei4 IN306 V2535 DR1464 Q5090.0 MN14419 MP6.0017 E794 �� �� ����.�� ��.�� �ҤĤ� {un-} {not yet} {hitherto} {still} {even now} 
̮ 4c2e U8108 N3764 B130 S10 G4 H953 F1468 P1-4-6 L1856 K1454 I4b6.8 Wmaeg Ymo4 Ymai4 XJ06677 IN913 V4805 DR3965 Q7223.2 MN29470 MP9.0314 E589 �ߥ㥯 ���� {vein} {pulse} {hope} 
̱ 4c31 U6c11 N25 B1 C83 S5 G4 H3036 F77 P3-3-2 L1834 K70 ZPP4-5-1 I0a5.23 O333 Wmin Ymin2 IN177 V3021 DR3756 Q7774.7 MN17028 MP6.0837 E590 �ߥ� ���� T1 �Ҥ� �� {people} {nation} {subjects} 
̵ 4c35 U7121 N2773 B86 S12 G4 H2135 F231 P2-2-10 L1775 K227 ZPP2-8-4 I4d8.8 O1789 Wmu Ywu2 Ymo2 IN93 V3439 DR2340 Q8033.1 MN19113 MP7.0426 E796 �� �� ��.�� {nothingness} {none} {ain't} {nothing} {nil} {not} 
̾ 4c3e U540d N1170 B36 C30 S6 G1 H2169 F147 P2-3-3 L112 K116 ZPP3-3-3 ZPP4-6-1 I3d3.12 O346 Wmyeong Yming2 IN82 V716 DR2577 Q2760.0 MN3297 MP2.0825 E71 �ᥤ �ߥ祦 �� -�� T1 �� {name} {noted} {distinguished} {reputation} 
̿ 4c3f U547d N430 B9 C30 S8 G3 H2058 F393 P2-2-6 L1400 K388 ZPP2-3-5 I2a6.26 O671 Wmyeong Yming4 IN578 V767 DR2844 Q8062.7 MN3473 MP2.0962 E394 �ᥤ �ߥ祦 ���Τ� {fate} {command} {decree} {destiny} {life} {appoint} 
�� 4c40 U660e N2110 B72 S8 G2 H855 F89 P1-4-4 L20 K84 I4c4.1 O623 Wmyeong Yming2 XJ14272 IN18 V2435 DR3846 Q6702.0 MN13805 MP5.0763 E208 �ᥤ �ߥ祦 �ߥ� ��.���� ����.�뤤 ����.��� ����.��� ����.�餫 ��.���� -��.�� ��.�� ��.���� ��.���� T1 ������ ���� ���� ���� �� ���� ���䤫 �Ȥ� �Ϥ� �� �� {bright} {light} 
�� 4c44 U9cf4 N983 B30 S14 G2 H674 F1133 P1-3-11 L1942 K1186 I3d11.1 O2065 Wmyeong Yming2 IN925 V6939 DR3750 Q6702.7 MN46672 MP12.0799 E209 �ᥤ ��.�� ��.�� ��.�餹 T1 �ʤ� �ʤ� {chirp} {cry} {bark} {sound} {ring} {echo} {honk} 
�� 4c4c U9762 N5087 B176 S9 G3 H2087 F155 P2-2-7 L1892 K165 ZPP3-5-4 I3s6.1 O904 Wmyeon Ymian4 XJ16737 IN274 V6566 DR3176 Q1060.0 MN42618 MP12.0140 E395 ��� �٥� ���� ����� �Ĥ� T1 �� ���� �ۤ��Ĥ� �� {mask} {face} {features} {surface} 
�� 4c53 U6bdb N2473 B82 S4 G2 H3453 F676 P4-4-3 L1913 K521 ZPP2-1-3 ZPP4-4-4 I0a4.33 O117 Wmo Ymao2 IN287 V3013 DR2256 Q2071.4 MN16772 MP6.0809 E210 �⥦ �� T1 ��� �� {fur} {hair} {feather} {down} 
�� 4c5a U6728 N2170 B75 S4 G1 H3450 F157 P4-4-3 L195 K148 I4a0.1 O109 Wmog Wmo Ymu4 IN22 V2531 DR1864 Q4090.0 MN14415 MP6.0001 E69 �ܥ� �⥯ �� ��- T1 �� �� ��� {tree} {wood} 
�� 4c5c U76ee N3127 B109 S5 G1 H3043 F64 P3-3-2 L15 K65 ZPP4-5-1 I5c0.1 O191 Wmog Ymu4 IN55 V3906 DR3979 Q6010.1 MN23105 MP8.0153 E72 �⥯ �ܥ� �� -�� ��- T1 ������ ������ ���ä� ���Ĥ� {eye} {class} {look} {insight} {experience} {care} {favor} 
�� 4c64 U554f N4944 B169 S11 G3 H3320 F61 P3-8-3 L1617 K75 I8e3.1 O1524 Wmun Ywen4 IN162 V830 DR3877 XDR3849 Q7760.7 MN3814 MP2.1058 E396 ��� ��.�� ��.�� �Ȥ� T1 �Ϥ� {question} {ask} {problem} 
�� 4c67 U9580 N4940 B169 S8 G2 H888 F435 P1-4-4 L1616 K385 ZPP3-8-0 I8e0.1 O601 Wmun Ymen2 IN161 V6381 DR3853 Q7777.7 Q7777.0 MN41208 MP11.0698 E211 ��� ���� �� T1 ���礦 �� {gates} 
�� 4c6b U591c N298 B8 C36 S8 G2 H2056 F255 P2-2-6 L1037 K258 ZPP3-3-5 ZPP3-4-4 I2j6.1 O766 Wya Yye4 IN471 V1129 DR467 Q0024.7 MN5763 MP3.0349 E212 �� �� ��� {night} {evening} 
�� 4c6e U91ce N4814 B166 S11 G2 H1485 F104 P1-7-4 L1596 K85 I0a11.5 O1398 Wya Yye3 XJ04738 XJ1384F IN236 V6208 DR3653 Q6712.2 MN40133 MP11.0431 E213 �� ���� �� ��- T1 ���� �Ĥ� �� {plains} {field} {rustic} {civilian life} 
�� 4c70 U77e2 N3168 B111 S5 G2 H2009 F1124 P2-2-3 L1220 K1092 ZPP4-5-4 I0a5.19 O215 Wsi Yshi3 IN213 V3976 DR2363 Q8043.0 MN23929 MP8.0276 E981 �� �� {dart} {arrow} 
�� 4c72 U5f79 N1598 B60 S7 G3 H244 F294 P1-3-4 L884 K315 I3i4.2 O368 Wyeog Yyi4 IN375 V1726 DR2068 Q2724.7 MN10057 MP4.0809 E397 �䥯 ���� T1 ���㤯 {duty} {war} {campaign} {drafted labor} {office} {service} {role} 
�� 4c73 U7d04 N3499 B120 S9 G4 H1280 F127 P1-6-3 L1362 K137 I6a3.7 Wyag Wyo Yyue1 Yyao1 IN211 V4440 DR2752 Q2792.0 MN27242X MP8.0939 E591 �䥯 {promise} {approximately} {shrink} 
�� 4c74 U85ac N4074 B140 S16 G3 H2375 F911 P2-3-13 L1736 K541 I3k13.15 O2568 Wyag Yyao4 XJ0693B IN359 V5224 DR1964 Q4490.4 MN32188PX MP9.0964 E398 �䥯 ������ T1 �� {medicine} {chemical} {enamel} {gunpowder} {benefit} 
�� 4c7d U6cb9 N2534 B85 S8 G3 H341 F638 P1-3-5 L1107 K689 I3a5.6 O593 Wyu Yyou2 IN364 V3106 DR376 Q3516.0 MN17253 MP6.1021 E400 �� �楦 ���֤� {oil} {fat} 
ͦ 4d26 U52c7 N726 B19 S9 G4 H2089 F1126 P2-2-7 L1407 K1167 ZPP2-7-2 I2g7.3 O908 Wyong Yyong3 XJ13368 IN1386 V541 DR3545 Q1742.7 MN2360P MP2.0385 E592 �楦 ����.�� T1 �� �Ϥ� {courage} {cheer up} {be in high spirits} {bravery} {heroism} 
ͧ 4d27 U53cb N858 B29 S4 G2 H2952 F560 P3-2-2 L704 K543 ZPP4-4-4 I2h2.3 O70 Wu Yyou3 IN264 V672 DR1467 Q4004.7 MN3119 MP2.0685 E214 �楦 �Ȥ� T1 �� �� �� {friend} 
ͭ 4d2d U6709 N3727 B130 C74 S6 G3 H2983 F283 P3-2-4 L79 K268 I4b2.3 O303 Wyu Yyou3 Yyou4 IN265 V4756 DR1446 Q4022.7 MN14332 MP5.1024 E401 �楦 �� ��.�� T1 �� ���� ���� ���� ���� �ʤ� �� {possess} {have} {exist} {happen} {occur} {approx} 
ͳ 4d33 U7531 N89 B2 C102 S5 G3 H3499 F367 P4-5-2 L1105 K376 I0a5.35 O186 Wyu Yyou2 IN363 V3724 DR1676 Q5060.0 MN21724 MP7.1066 E399 �� �楦 �楤 �褷 ��.�� {wherefore} {a reason} 
ͷ 4d37 U904a N4726 B162 S12 S11 G3 H3142 F665 P3-3-9 L1047 K728 ZSP3-2-8 ZSP3-3-8 I2q8.3 O1809 Wyu Yyou2 IN1003 V6093 DR447 Q3830.4 MN38994P MP11.0109 E402 �楦 �� ����.�� ����.�Ф� T1 ���� �� {play} 
ͼ 4d3c U5915 N1167 B36 S3 G1 H3387 F751 P4-3-1 L109 K627 ZPP4-3-4 I0a3.14 O33 Wseog Wsa Yxi1 Yxi4 IN81 V1123 DR2560 Q2720.0 MN5749 MP3.0317 E44 ���� �椦 T1 �� {evening} 
ͽ 4d3d U4e88 N271 B6 S4 G3 H1983 F149 P2-2-2 L1593 K160 ZPP2-3-1 I0a4.12 O62 Wyeo Yyu2 Yyu3 XJ0502E IN393 V68 DR3553 Q1720.2 MN231 MP1.0410 E403 �� ���� ���餫��.�� {beforehand} {previous} {myself} {I} 
�� 4d4b U66dc N2162 B72 S18 G2 H1096 F818 P1-4-14 L576 K514 I4c14.1 O2720 Wyo Yyao4 Yyue4 IN19 V2522 DR3875 Q6701.4 MN14227P MP5.0945 E216 �襦 T1 �Ƥ� {weekday} 
�� 4d4d U69d8 N2341 B75 S14 G3 H1052 F550 P1-4-10 L933 K472 I4a10.25 O2099 Wyang Yyang4 XJ05C6B IN403 V2821 DR1842 Q4893.2 MN15352P MP6.0500 E407 �襦 ���祦 ���� {Esq.} {way} {manner} {situation} {polite suffix} 
�� 4d4e U6d0b N2550 B85 S9 G3 H392 F427 P1-3-6 L549 K366 I3a6.19 O822 Wyang Yyang2 IN289 V3130 DR355 Q3815.1 MN17363 MP6.1083 E404 �襦 T1 �ʤ� �Ҥ� �Ҥ �� �褷 {ocean} {western style} 
�� 4d51 U7528 N2993 B101 S5 G2 H2976 F128 P3-2-3 L1181 K102 ZPP4-5-1 I2r3.1 O193 Wyong Yyong4 IN107 V3721 DR3653 Q7722.0 MN21703 MP7.1044 E215 �襦 ���.���� T1 ������ {utilize} {business} {service} {use} {employ} 
�� 4d53 U7f8a N3656 B123 S6 G3 H2183 F1688 P2-3-3 L547 K1703 ZPP2-2-4 ZPP4-6-3 I2o4.1 O273 Wyang Yyang2 IN288 V4658 DR955 Q8050.1 MN28425 MP9.0049 E986 �襦 �ҤĤ� T1 �� {sheep} 
�� 4d55 U8449 N4001 B140 S12 G3 H2321 F451 P2-3-9 L228 K405 ZSP2-3-8 I3k9.21 O1991 Wyeob Wseob Yxie2 Yye4 Yshe4 IN253 V5129 DR1964 Q4490.4 MN31387P MP9.0770 E405 �襦 �� T1 �� �� {leaf} {plane} {lobe} {needle} {blade} {spear} {no. of flat things} 
�� 4d57 U8981 N4274 B146 S9 G4 H2635 F102 P2-6-3 L1604 K117 I3e6.11 O1218 Wyo Yyao4 Yyao1 IN419 V5515 DR3269 Q1040.4 MN34768P MP10.0310 E593 �襦 ��.�� T1 ���ʤ� �Ȥ� {need} {main point} {essence} {pivot} {key to} 
�� 4d5b U967d N5012 B170 S12 G3 H626 F1042 P1-3-9 L1300 K990 I2d9.5 O1567 Wyang Yyang2 XJ16649 XJ1664C IN630 V6470 DR3651 Q7622.7 MN41725 MP11.0926 E406 �襦 �� T1 ���� ������ ���� �Ϥ� �Ҥ� ��� �� {sunshine} {yang principle} {positive} {male} {heaven} {daytime} 
�� 4d5c U990a N3671 B123 C184 S15 G4 H2365 F731 P2-3-12 L1479 K605 ZPP2-2-13 ZPP2-6-9 ZPP2-8-7 I2o13.1 O2558 Wyang Yyang3 Yyang4 XJ15531 IN402 V6691 DR965 Q8073.2 MN44144 MP12.0394 E594 �襦 ��祦 �䤷��.�� T1 �� {foster} {bring up} {rear} {develop} {nurture} 
�� 4d61 U6d74 N2568 B85 S10 G4 H445 F1095 P1-3-7 L789 K1117 I3a7.18 O1064 Wyog Yyu4 IN1128 V3153 DR377 Q3816.8 MN17496 MP6.1158 E595 �襯 ��.�Ӥ� ��.�Ӥ��� T1 ���� ���� {bathe} {be favored with} {bask in} 
�� 4d68 U6765 N202 B4 C9 S7 G2 H3551 F105 P4-7-3 L1884 K113 I0a7.6 O538 Wrae Ylai2 XJ05054 IN69 V2565 DR1464 Q5090.0 MN14489 MP6.0168 E217 �饤 ���� ��.�� ����.�� ����.�� ��.���� ��.���� �� �� T1 ���� ���� ���� �� {come} {due} {next} {cause} {become} 
�� 4d6e U843d N4003 B140 S12 G3 H2318 F347 P2-3-9 L299 K393 I3k9.13 O1733 Wrag Yluo4 Yla4 Ylao4 IN839 V5130 DR1977 Q4416.4 MN31362P MP9.0768 E408 �饯 ��.���� ��.�� ��.�Ȥ� T1 ���� {fall} {drop} {come down} 
�� 4d78 U5229 N3264 B115 C18 S7 G4 H1114 F252 P1-5-2 L906 K219 I5d2.1 O436 Wri Yli4 IN329 V466 DR2243 Q2290.0 MN1932 MP2.0242 E596 �� ��.�� T1 ���� �� �Ȥ� �Τ� �� �ꤤ {profit} {advantage} {benefit} 
�� 4d7d U7406 N2942 B96 S11 G2 H970 F106 P1-4-7 L265 K95 I4f7.1 O1361 Wri Yli3 IN143 V3644 DR3172 Q1611.4 MN21014 MP7.0925 E220 �� ���Ȥ�� T1 ���� ������ ���� ���Ȥ� ���� ������ �Ȥ��� �� �Τ� �� �ޤ��� �ޤ� �ޤ��� �ޤ� �ߤ� �褷 {logic} {arrangement} {reason} {justice} {truth} 
Τ 4e24 U91cc N4813 B166 S7 G2 H3542 F1074 P4-7-1 L173 K1077 I0a7.9 O517 Wri Yli3 IN142 V6206 DR3672 Q6010.4 MN40131 MP11.0412 E219 �� ���� T1 �� {ri} {village} {parent's home} {league} 
Φ 4e26 U9678 N5005 B170 S11 G4 H543 F582 P1-3-8 L1513 K651 ZSP1-2-8 I2d8.4 O1312 Wryug Ylu4 Yliu4 IN647 V6461 DR3672 Q7421.4 MN41708 MP11.0912 E597 �ꥯ � ���� T1 ���� ���� �ߤ� �� ��� {land} 
Ω 4e29 U7acb N3343 B117 S5 G1 H1992 F57 P2-2-3 L431 K61 ZPP4-5-2 I5b0.1 O194 Wrib Yli4 IN121 V4223 DR473 Q0010.8 MN25721 MP8.0696 E73 ��� ��奦 ��åȥ� ��.�� -��.�� ��.��- ��.�Ƥ� -��.�Ƥ� ��.��- ����- -��.�� -��.�� -��.�Ƥ� T1 ���� ���� ���� ���� �Ĥ� {stand up} 
ή 4e2e U6d41 N2576 B85 S10 G3 H441 F301 P1-3-7 L764 K296 I3a7.10 O1332 Wryu Yliu2 IN247 V3160 DR357 Q3411.3 Q3011.3 MN17572P MP6.1195 E409 ��奦 �� �ʤ�.��� �ʤ�.�� �ʤ�.�� -�ʤ�.�� T1 �� �ʤ��� �ᤰ�� {current} {a sink} {flow} {forfeit} 
ι 4e39 U65c5 N2088 B70 S10 G3 H922 F608 P1-4-6 L1048 K566 I4h6.4 O1073 Wryeo Ylu:3 IN222 V2396 DR465 Q0823.2 MN13644X MP5.0691 E410 ��� ���� {trip} {travel} 
ξ 4e3e U4e21 N34 B1 S6 G3 H3518 F239 P4-6-1 L1168 K281 I0a6.11 O531 Wryang Yliang3 XJ05140 XJ13028 IN200 V23 DR3153 Q1022.7 MN46 MP1.0285 E411 ��祦 �Ƥ� �դ��� T1 ��� {both} {old Japanese coin} {no. of vehicles} {two} 
�� 4e41 U6599 N3468 B119 C68 S10 G4 H1292 F243 P1-6-4 L1178 K212 I6b4.4 Wryo Yliao4 IN319 V2374 DR1055 Q9490.0 MN13501 MP5.0611 E599 ��祦 {fee} {materials} 
�� 4e49 U826f N3885 B138 S7 G4 H3558 F558 P4-7-4 L1468 K520 ZPP3-5-2 I0a7.3 O767 Wryang Yliang2 IN321 V4954 DR865 Q3073.2 MN30597 MP9.0501 E598 ��祦 ��.�� -��.�� ��.�� -��.�� T1 �� �ʤ� �ޤ��� �褷 �� ��� � {good} {pleasing} {skilled} 
�� 4e4c U91cf N2141 B72 C166 S12 G4 H2471 F536 P2-4-8 L177 K544 I4c8.9 O1741 Wryang Yliang4 Yliang2 IN411 V6209 DR3872 Q6010.4 MN40138 MP11.0442 E600 ��祦 �Ϥ�.�� T1 ���� {quantity} {measure} {weight} {amount} 
�� 4e4f U529b N715 B19 S2 G1 H3371 F66 P4-2-4 L858 K69 I2g0.1 O11 Wryeog Yli4 IN100 V521 DR1645 Q4002.7 MN2288 MP2.0360 E74 ��祯 �ꥭ �ꥤ ������ T1 ������ �ĤȤ� {power} {strong} {strain} {bear up} {exert} 
�� 4e50 U7dd1 N3564 B120 S14 G3 H1377 F1170 P1-6-8 L1371 K1102 I6a8.15 O2535 Wrog Ylu:4 IN537 V4528 DR2742 Q2793.2 MN27541P MP8.1092 E412 ��祯 � �ߤɤ� {green} 
�� 4e53 U6797 N2210 B75 S8 G1 H861 F410 P1-4-4 L196 K420 I4a4.1 O633 Wrim Ylin2 IN127 V2590 DR1864 Q4499.0 MN14551 MP6.0228 E75 ��� �Ϥ䤷 T1 �� {grove} {forest} 
�� 4e58 U8f2a N4630 B159 S15 G4 H1589 F936 P1-7-8 L1822 K959 I7c8.4 O2316 Wryun Ylun2 IN1164 V5973 DR1553 Q5802.7 MN38400 MP10.1038 E601 ��� �� T1 �ʤ� �� {wheel} {ring} {circle} {link} {loop} {counter for wheels and flowers} 
�� 4e60 U985e N5138 B181 S18 G4 H1807 F682 P1-9-9 L931 K680 I9a9.1 O2755 Wryu Ylei4 IN226 V6647 DR1061 Q9148.6 MN43608P MP12.0292 E602 �륤 ����.�� {sort} {kind} {variety} {class} {genus} 
�� 4e61 U4ee4 N360 B9 S5 G4 H1995 F632 P2-2-3 L1401 K668 ZPP2-3-2 I2a3.9 O155 Wryeong Yling4 Yling2 Yling3 IN831 V121 DR2844 Q8030.7 Q8022.7 MN387 MP1.0615 E603 �쥤 T1 �Τ� ��礦 �� {orders} {ancient laws} {command} {decree} 
�� 4e63 U4f8b N428 B9 S8 G4 H89 F490 P1-2-6 L972 K508 I2a6.7 Wrye Yli4 IN612 V193 DR2143 Q2220.0 MN587 MP1.0749 E605 �쥤 ����.���� {example} {custom} {usage} {precedent} 
�� 4e64 U51b7 N642 B15 S7 G4 H80 F780 P1-2-5 L1404 K607 I2b5.3 O349 Wraeng Yleng3 IN832 V419 DR344 Q3812.7 MN1622 MP6.0952 E604 �쥤 �Ĥ�.���� ��.���� ��.�� ��.��䤫 ��.�䤹 ��.�䤫�� ��.��� ��.�ޤ� {cool} {cold (beer, person)} {chill} 
�� 4e69 U793c N3229 B113 S5 G3 H818 F1079 P1-4-1 L1087 K983 I4e1.1 O146 Wrye Yli3 XJ06339 IN620 V4061 DR656 Q3221.0 MN24626P MP8.0415 E413 �쥤 �饤 T1 ���� �ʤ� �Τ� �Ҥ �� {salute} {bow} {ceremony} {thanks} {remuneration} 
�� 4e72 U6b74 N835 B27 C77 S14 G4 H3019 F753 P3-2-12 L376 K692 I2p12.4 O2247 Wryeog Yli4 IN480 V2964 DR3373 Q7121.1 MN16334P MP6.0717 E606 �쥭 ��å� {curriculum} {continuation} {passage of time} 
�� 4e73 U5217 N2438 B78 C18 S6 S18 G3 H824 F837 P1-4-2 L812 K891 I2f4.4 O257 Wryeol Ylie4 IN611 V460 DR3143 Q1220.0 MN1901 MP2.0221 E414 ��� �� T1 ��� {file} {row} {rank} {tier} {column} 
�� 4e7d U7df4 N3565 B120 S14 G3 H1375 F623 P1-6-8 L1343 K704 I6a8.2 O2527 Wryeon Ylian4 IN743 V4530 DR2764 Q2599.6 MN27631P MP8.1114 E608 ��� ��.�� ��.�� T1 �ͤ� {practice} {gloss} {train} {drill} {polish} {refine} 
Ϣ 4f22 U9023 N4702 B162 S10 S9 G4 H3103 F79 P3-3-7 L287 K87 I2q7.2 O1238 Wryeon Ylian2 IN440 V6062 DR1555 Q3530.0 MN38902P MP11.0087 E607 ��� �Ĥ�.�ʤ� �Ĥ�.�ͤ� ��.��� -��.�� T1 ���� �Ĥ� ��餸 �� {take along} {lead} {join} {connect} {party} {gang} {clique} 
ϩ 4f29 U8def N4561 B157 S13 G3 H1533 F359 P1-7-6 L1282 XN4724 K367 I7d6.5 O1925 Wro Ylu4 IN151 V5876 DR3777 Q6716.4 MN37524 MP10.0916 E415 �� �� -�� �ߤ� {path} {route} {road} {distance} 
ϫ 4f2b U52b4 N720 B19 S7 G4 H2548 F285 P2-5-2 L860 K309 ZPP2-3-4 I3n4.3 O491A Wro Ylao2 XJ05229 IN233 V531 DR945 Q3242.7 Q9042.7 MN2329 MP2.0381 E610 � �.���� ������.�� ����.���� �ͤ��� �Ĥ�.��� �ͤ���.�� {labor} {thank for} {reward for} {toil} {trouble} 
Ϸ 4f37 U8001 N3683 B125 S6 G4 H3197 F749 P3-4-2 L1251 K788 I2k4.5 O334 Wro Ylao3 IN543 V4696 DR1456 Q4471.1 MN28842 MP9.0142 E609 � ��.���� ��.���� T1 ���� ���� �� {old man} {old age} {grow old} 
ϻ 4f3b U516d N283 B8 C12 S4 G1 H1965 F27 P2-2-2 L6 K20 I2j2.2 O61 Wryug Yliu4 Ylu4 IN8 V371 DR461 Q0080.0 MN1453 MP2.0045 E76 � �ꥯ �� ��.�� ���.�� �त T1 �� ��� ��� ��� {six} 
Ͽ 4f3f U9332 N4879 B167 S16 G4 H1742 F470 P1-8-8 L1144 K416 I8a8.16 O2523 Wrog Wye Ylu4 IN538 V6298 DR2842 Q8713.2 MN40519P MP11.0560 E611 � {record} 
�� 4f42 U548c N3268 B115 S8 G3 H1130 F166 P1-5-3 L897 K151 I5d3.1 O638 Whwa Yhe2 Yhe4 Yhuo2 Yhuo4 Yhuo5 Yhai1 Yhe5 XJ16D61 IN124 V770 DR2277 Q2690.0 MN3490 MP2.0969 E416 �� �� �� ���.�餰 ���.�餲�� �ʤ�.�� �ʤ�.�䤫 T1 ���� ���� ���� ���� ���Ĥ� ���� ���� �� �Ȥ� �� �ˤ� �ޤ� �䤹 �褷 ��� ����� ��� {harmony} {Japanese style} {peace} {soften} {Japan} 
�� 4f43 U8a71 N4358 B149 S13 G2 H1527 F151 P1-7-6 L344 K133 I7a6.8 Whwa Yhua4 IN238 V5608 DR3077 Q0266.4 MN35441 MP10.0454 E221 �� �Ϥ�.�� �Ϥʤ� {tale} {talk}