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pg-partman 4.0.0-1
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  • area: main
  • in suites: buster
  • size: 8,976 kB
  • sloc: sql: 113,983; python: 1,286; ansic: 346; makefile: 39; sh: 22
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-- Fix "make install" to work in PostgreSQL 9.3.x without throwing an error.
-- "make install" now installs the python script files to <postgresql_install_prefix>/bin. They are now also executable and have the proper #! line at the top.
-- Updated the rest of the python scripts to use argparse library for options (thanks to Josh Berkus for the assistance on this).
  -- Some of the command line options have changed for the scripts. See the --help for each script to ensure you are using the correct parameters.
-- No code changes to core extension, however this file is required to update to pg_partman 1.4.3 and higher.