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pg-partman 4.0.0-1
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  • area: main
  • in suites: buster
  • size: 8,976 kB
  • sloc: sql: 113,983; python: 1,286; ansic: 346; makefile: 39; sh: 22
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-- Fixed bug in script that could cause all new indexes to be added to the parent instead of the children. This was happening if the parent table's schema was in the search_path of the role that the script uses to connect to the database.
-- Removed any unneeded library imports in all python scripts.
-- Moved python scripts from "extras" folder to "bin" folder. Now that they're actually getting installed as part of "make install" they're not really extras anymore.
-- No code changes to core extension, however this file is required to update to pg_partman 1.4.5 and higher.