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<title>Enhancing Scribus PDF with JavaScript</title>
<h2>Enhancing Scribus PDF with JavaScript</h2>
<p>Scribus has very complete support for adding interactive features to PDF. This is enabled via dialog boxes in the field properties and by adding JavaScript based functions attached to PDF buttons and text fields. The best way to demonstrate this is via PDFs which have these features:</p>
<p>The "Javascripting PDF US Letter" or "Javascripting PDF A4" from are step by step guides for beginning to enhance PDF with Javascript.</p>
<p>After reading this PDF tutorial, the next section, PDF Web Forms walks you through the step by step creation of a web based PDF form with a sample .php snippet to read the submitted data.</p>
<p>This is best viewed by Acrobat Reader 5.x downloaded and run outside of a browser. You can typically right click the links to the PDF and <em>Save As.*</em>. to save the file locally. Other PDF viewers do not have the Javascript support to view this properly.</p>